Dr. Frank & Jesse Ransom, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

Dr. Frank & Jesse Ransom, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

This combines two live performance broadcasts from my KPSU years, both from 2006. The first is when Dr. Frank hung out on May 24th, to read and play a couple songs. The other is from June 6th, when Jesse Ransom played a few tunes live, and the we DJed his favorite cuts the rest of the time. Both of these were very fun shows.



Book of Maps & The Prids, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

Book of Maps & The Prids, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

This combines two live performance broadcasts from my KPSU years hosting Live Friday, from 2005 and 2006. The first is Book of Maps, performing on  11 November 2005. The other is The Prids, performing on 7 July 2006. Both bands were / are Portland legends, but The Prids are the only of the two who are still together.



Krandroid The Friendly Robot AND George & Caplin, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

Krandroid The Friendly Robot AND George & Caplin, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

This combines two live performance broadcasts from my KPSU years, from 2005 and 2006. The first is Krandroid The Friendly Robot, performing on Live Friday on  1 July 2005. The other is a show where I engineered the sound for George & Caplin, perfoming on “What’s This Called?” on 5 August 2006.) Both excellent electronic / sequenced hybrid performers.





Straitjacket & The-Front, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

Straitjacket & The-Front, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

This combines two live punk performance broadcasts from my KPSU years, from 2005 and 2006. The first is Straitjacket (from 14 October 2005), and the second is The-Front (from 21 March 2006). I’m a sucker for DIY punk nonsense, and both of these bands deliver in spades.





The Best of Live Friday, Expanded Edition (KPSU Years)

The Best of Live Friday, Expanded Edition (KPSU Years)

This combines two broadcasts from my KPSU years, in 2005 and 2006, both from my stint on Live Friday, and both “best of” shows, where I featured Live Performances from either of my shows. The dates are: 24 June 2005 and 3 March 2006. Here’s a rough idea of what the “songs” were.


Hour 1.

01.) What Have You Done * The Mayonnaise vs. Venn Demonstrational
02.) I Never Said * Bugs Of Lightning
03.) Girls On Bikes * Miraflores
04.) It’s Snowling On TV Again * The Pink Snowflakes
05.) 51 / 7 * Camper Van Beethoven
06.) Ballad Of The Space Chimp * Tijuana Homers
07.) Straight Out Of Clackamas * Courage
08.) One Hand * Dance Card
09.) Kitty * The Human Genome Project
10.) Apocalyptic Girl * Empty Room
11.) The Oblivion * Devotchka
12.) Gut Feeling / Slap Your Mammy Down * Radicchio & Tet Soy

Hour 2.

01.) Sleeper (Rise Over Run recorded on 07/22/05)
02.) A New Disaster (Straitjacket recorded on 10/14/05)
03.) Hot Lava (Courage recorded on 12/10/04)
04.) Stooge (Dance Card recorded on 12/16/05)
05.) Dangerous Degree (The Mayonaise vs. Venn recorded on 04/26/05)
06.) [untitled] (If If, Was Was… recorded on 12/20/05)
07.) I’m On Nine (The Bugs Of Lightning recorded on 08/05/05)
08.) Doorway (Empty Room recorded on 07/15/05)
09.) Triforce Of Boom (Krandroid The Friendly Robot recorded on 07/01/05)
10.) Robot Affliction (The Human Genome Project recorded on 09/17/04)
11.) Lose The Noose While It’s Loose (The Undoing of David Wright recorded on 08/16/05)
12.) [untitled] (Avery Bell recorded on 02/25/05)
13.) Exhibit A Burns A Hole In The Sky With Her Death Stare (Book Of Maps recorded on 11/11/05)
14.) Let’s Get Drunk And Watch TV (The Juanita Family & Friends recorded on 06/10/05)
15.) With A One (The Headliners recorded on 11/18/05)
16.) I Was Bowling Through The End Of The World (Tijuana Homers recorded on 11/30/04)
17.) Summer’s End (Gordon Taylor recorded on 12/17/05)

The Juanita Family & Friends, & Thee Headliners, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

The Juanita Family & Friends, & Thee Headliners, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

This combines two broadcasts from my KPSU years, in 2005. The first is a live performance by The Juanita Family & Friends (from 10 June 2005). The second is a live performance by Thee Headliners (from 18 November 2005). Both performances have a sort of country vibe to them, but of course, with their own particular perspectives. I really enjoy both of these shows.




The Roxy Epoxy Show & The Lana Rebel Show (KPSU Years)

The Roxy Epoxy Show & The Lana Rebel Show (KPSU Years)

This combines two broadcasts from my KPSU years, in 2005. Roxy Epoxy joined me for a DJ Show, to discuss an upcoming Album Release party for The Epoxies (10 May 2005). The Lana Rebel joined me, for another DJ show, and to talk about her career making music.


John Rambo & The Pink Snowflakes, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

John Rambo & The Pink Snowflakes, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

This combines two broadcasts from my KPSU years, in 2005, from the Live Friday program. John Rambo (28 January 2005) was a local instru-metal band, where The Pink Snowflakes (3 June 2005) are a heavy psyche-rock group a la The Flaming Lips.




Interviews w/ Murph (of Dinosaur Jr.) & The Minibosses (KPSU Years)

Interviews w/ Murph (of Dinosaur Jr.) & The Minibosses (KPSU Years)

This combines two broadcasts from my KPSU years, in 2005. In one case, we arranged for Murph of Dinosaur Jr. help promote the reunion show / reissues that had just come out. In another, the band The Minibosses dropped into the studio, to talk about touring, and to debut a new recording that had not been heard yet… at that time.

Murph / Dinosaur Jr. tribute was on 23 August 2005

The Minibosses were interviewed on 26 August 2005



Camper Van Beethoven & Devotchka, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

Camper Van Beethoven & Devotchka, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

This combines two broadcasts from my KPSU years, in 2005. In one case, we arranged for Camper Van Beethoven to play in the studio, and I helped host. In the second case, Devotchka came to play on my show, and our music director joined me for the interview.

Camper Van Beethoven played on 4 November 2004

Devotchka played on 9 November 2004


The Human Genome Project & Empty Room, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

The Human Genome Project & Empty Room, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

This combines two episodes of “Live Friday,” a show I started hosting in 2004. This was a weekly, live radio show that featured local and touring bands.

The Human Genome Project played on 17 September 2004

Empty Room played on 24 September 2004



The End of Fake Noose (Ghost Stories 2019 Part 5) (#173)

The End of Fake Noose (Ghost Stories 2019 Part 5) (#173)

It’s always nice to visit with friends when you’re having a party like this, at to wrap up our Holiday broadcasts this month, we have the incomparable DJ Victrola, joining us to help clean up the studio, and catch up regrading all things spooky.

We play lots of music and stories relating to ghosts and All Soul’s Day, and we check in with her about her program, and how you can hear it now. I love spending time with DJ Victrola, and this is an excellent and casual show that was a ton of fun.

We close with the timely, “Nov. 1st,” by Crackerbash, a song I listen to every year on Nov. 1st, for as long as I’ve known about this song.

We’re getting ready for that OTHER holiday season, so stay tuned.



The End of Fake Noose 


01.) Introduction * Austin Rich * 11 October 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)





Part IV: 







The Last Radio Station On The Left (Ghost Stories 2019 Part 4) (#172)

The Last Radio Station On The Left (Ghost Stories 2019 Part 4) (#172)

Join us for a very cool and rare treat: a re-creation of an electronic music radio program from the late ’80s and early ’90s, which was infamous for their Halloween Shows! Brian Magill is no stranger to our show, and has been making electronic music since the early ’80’s. As part of this work, Brian eventually hosted a radio program at KLCC, Another Green World, as part of their attempt to cater to the interests of electronic music fans and artists, that was on the rise.

However, once a year – on or near Halloween – Another Green World would get… weird. Long sound collages and other forms of musique concrete would take over their broadcasts, often the last things that would air on the station before it would go off the air for the night. The show quickly became infamous, and casual listeners would think something was wrong with the radio. Instead, they were merely catching a glimpse into the musical work that Brian and his co-host, Nathan Griffith, would create, in the moment, on the air.

Tonight’s show is an effort to recreate Another Green World as best as we can, just in time for the show to offer a typical Halloween show, as you might have heard almost 30 years ago. Brian brought in records from his collection, stuff that he would have played on the show then. I actually took a step back, and let him run the board; aside from an interview setting up the concept at the beginning, this is all Brian, and you get to hear something that no one else has heard in three decades.

In Hour 1, settle in for hearing what a typical episode of Another Green World might have been like 30 years ago. Then, strap in for Hour 2, where Brian takes us on a sound collage journey through his favorite artists, and what radio used to sound like.

Along the way, we get heavy doses of Fervent Torpor, AND a number of unreleased, unavailable, and previously unheard recordings by Brian from over the years. If you ever thought to yourself, “I bet that artist has a ton of other recordings I haven’t heard yet,” This is just the tip of the iceberg. Brian could have done two hours of his own unreleased material, which would have been as good as the stuff on his record, “1000 Years of Solitude.” Instead, you get to hear it in this show, tonight.

Shows like this are something special, and you cannot (and will not) hear stuff like this anywhere else. This is a very unique Halloween Performance / Broadcast, and it’s this kind of show that makes me excited to keep bringing you radio like this.



The Last Radio Station On The Left


01.) Introduction * Austin Rich * 11 October 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)





Part IV: 







The Sunday Morning Hangover (8 September 2019)

The Sunday Morning Hangover (8 September 2019)

Join me for a guest appearance on The Sunday Morning Hangover, hosted by The Reverend Marc Time!

Marc and I have done a few shows like this, and it’s always a lot of fun to join him. But this time, it was just the two of us, and we decided to zero in on something that is near and dear to both of our hearts: synthesizer music! We play some records, talk about our favorite acts, and then we jam out in the second hour to an ELP song!

All that, and more, in this two-hour block of radio that must be heard to be believed.





10:01 AM Suicide Ghost Rider Suicide Mute, a BMG Company
10:07 AM Pere Ubu Non-Alignment Pact The Modern Dance Fire Records
10:10 AM Silver Apples You and I Contact 2011 Start Entertainments Limited
10:14 AM Devo Snowball (backing track) Freedom of Choice
10:17 AM Devo Uncontrollable Urge Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
10:17 AM Kraftwerk Spacelab Die Mensch-Maschine
10:22 AM Neil Young Computer Age Trans 1983 Geffen
10:26 AM The Stranglers Waltzinblack (The Gospel According To) The Meninblack
10:29 AM Space Ponch Barefoot In Baltimore World Shopping With Space Ponch Flavour of Sound
10:34 AM A Flock of Seagulls Iran Best
10:36 AM Gary Numan Cars The Pleasure Principle  1979 Beggars Banquet
10:46 AM George Harrison Under the Mersey Wall Electronic Sound  UMC
10:47 AM Röyksopp Eple Melody A.M. 2006 PIAS/Wall Of Sound Electronic
10:50 AM Roger Powell Ictus: The Primordial Pulse Cosmic Furnace 1973                                               Warner Music Group – X5 Music Group Electronic
10:53 AM Tonto’s Expanding Head Band Cybernaut Zero Time 2012 ODL
10:56 AM Dick Hyman The Minotaur What is a Synthesizer?

11:03 AM Belle and Sebastian Electronic Renaissance Tigermilk  MatadorUS
11:10 AM The Moog Cookbook Black Hole Sun The Moog Cookbook
11:19 AM Emerson Lake and Palmer Lucky Man Marc Time Mix
11:19 AM Pilot 55 Degrees North 3 Degrees West Second Flight Parlophone
11:19 AM Cluster Rote Riki       Zuckerzeit  1974 Vertigo Berlin
11:21 AM Ralph Lundsten Robbie Is Dancing the Waltz – Heaven By Night In Ralph Lundsten’s Universe  Andromeda Music
11:25 AM Morton Subotnick The Wild Bull, Pt. B Morton Subotnick: Silver                                                         Apples of the Moon – The Wild Bull 2011 wergo Electronic
11:31 AM Terry Riley A Rainbow in Curved Air, Riley: A Rainbow in Curved                                                      Air 1969 Sony Classical
11:31 AM Bruce Haack and Miss Nelson Abracadabra Listen Compute
11:33 AM Grimes Genesis Visions 2012 Electronic
11:39 AM Imogen Heap Between Sheets Ellipse 2009 RCA Records Label
11:42 AM Lucifer Rite of Aida Black Mass
11:47 AM Bonzo Dog Band Noises for the Leg  A Dog’s Life – The Albums 1967-                                                                     1972  EMI UKUK
11:47 AM Walter Carlos Timesteps Clockwork Orange OST
11:54 AM Robert Fripp & Brian Eno Evening Star 2019 Discipline Global
11:56AM Gong Master Bulder You 1974 Virgin Records Electronic

Dryad Drone & Bast Awakening, LIVE! (#162)

Dryad Drone & Bast Awakening, LIVE! (#162)

This week on the program, we become both very Eugene-centric and Ellen-centric, as we feature a number of cool people and projects all born out of Eugene, OR, as well as connected to Ellen Klowden, the mastermind behind this particular broadcast. In many ways, I just came in and watched. She arranged everything, and I could certainly use more of that in my life.

We kick things off with a fantastic Set by DJ Refugium, the primary force behind the Ghost House events that happen in Eugene. Refugium provides a bit of the phenomenal decade of history of nurturing the Ghost House community, and embodies its sweet and welcoming flavor. Be sure to hop by Old Nick’s Sept 13-14 for Goth Weekend, which Refugium curates. Fri: Live performances by Xploding Boys (Cure cover band) and Devoured by Flowers. Sat: Dark Arts Market & Ghost House.

We follow that up with a full live performance by Dryad Drone, the brain-child of DJ Refugium & Ellen. Dryad Drone, as a musical entity and as a concept album, is entirely devoted to protection of forest ecosystems, which has also been lifework for both its members, Ellen via direct action and radical media, and Refugium via academic research and field work.

Then, in hour two, we offer the very first live performance by Bast Awakening, the combination of Ellen & I Died, also making his first visit to the KMUZ studios. Then, we close things out with the newly-named DEATH MUTATIONS, which, if I Died agrees, might be an entirely capitalized band name. We’re still deciding.

We conclude the program with a live set by Pavlovian Response, the combination of Ellen and Patrick Haenelt (of Ganesha Column, Electrosect, and Tubbs & Oates), recorded last week at the memorial for our fallen friend and centerpoint of experimentalia at Icky’s, the Merkin, and 7th & Washington House, Monty Ray Davis (of Neteru, Uncle Pinkeye, and Ventriloquist).

In many ways, this is a sequel to two previous episodes: our program with nOiZepHyZiX earlier in the year, with whom Ellen is in Psithurism, who will debut at a house party 9/21/19; and our program with I Died & Esperik Glare from even earlier. Sequels often make sense, as there are so many things that are not yet said; so, it was our hope that we were able to get to a little more than we did last time. Hopefully, with a little substance.

This one comes from the heart, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For additional information on various events and non-profits:

Fri – Sat., 9/13-14, Goth Weekend, coordinated by DJ Refugium, Old Nick’s: facebook.com/events/2458091747804846/

Ghost House: facebook.com/ghosthouseeug/

Sat., 9/14, show at Wandering Goat: Lidless Eye (homemade electronics vs. composted tapes by Knox Mitchell of Port Huron, MI); The Fearing Crumpet (musique drone concrit; first show in 17 years); Don; Heart Therapy (debut collab of Ellen and Arlan); Mini-Mutations.

Sat., 9/21, private house show: Debut of Psithurism (nOiZepHyZiX +  Ellen); Don; Elijah; [view]; Bast Awakening.

Tues., 9/24, show at Wandering Goat: Icky’s/Merkin/7th & Wash family reunion for Ellen’s birthday: Intended line-up, awaiting confirmation: Pavlovian Response; Blood Red; Ramen Blood Clot; solo vocal / electronic set by Patrick Haenelt; Arlan (possibly with Steamshovel Monkey, possibly Heart Therapy).

Sat., 9/28, show by Corvallis Experiments in Noise at Interzone will feature Dryad Drone.


Pavlovian Response: https://www.facebook.com/Pavlovian-Response-367070940567242/

(Pages will be created for Dryad Drone and Bast Awakening and posted as comments.)

Cascadia Forest Defenders: https://forestdefensenow.wordpress.com/

Cascadia Media Collective/ Cascadia Alive!:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAC7470769B3BF617

Eugene Food Not Bombs: facebook.com/foodnotbombseugene/

Icky’s Teahouse: facebook.com/ICKYSTEAHOUSE/




Dryad Drone & Bast Awakening, LIVE!


Part I: Dance

01.) ?? * Mini-Mutations * 16 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
02.) DJ Set * DJ Refugium * 16 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part II: Think

03.) Live Performance * Dryad Drone * 16 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


Part III:  

04.) Live Performance * Bast Awakening * 16 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part IV: 

05.) Live Performance * Death Mutations * 16 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part V: 

06.) Live Performance * Pavlovian Response * 9 August 2019 * Pavlovian Response (2019)


Hugo R. A. Paris & Derek Hunter Wilson, LIVE! (#160)

Hugo R. A. Paris & Derek Hunter Wilson, LIVE! (#160)

I first met Hugo a couple years ago, when he played a show at The Space to a fairly packed crowd, offering dance jams and soundscapes that really felt personal, and unique. But it’s been a while, and where he used to perform under a pseudonym – Lavender – Hugo had grown and matured with time, and as such, has embraced his own name. It only made sense that when he wanted to debut some new songs, in preparation for his upcoming tour, that we would try to get him back in at The Space, and on Mid-Valley Mutations, to show off what he’s done.

Joining him was his friend and labelmate, Derek Hunter Wilson, a pianist, composer, and performer who is often aligned with the experimental while playing some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever heard. He ALSO has a new album out, and both of these new albums were released TODAY, so we let Derek run wild, playing his pieces in hour two.

There’s a little of this and that filling in the spaces, and I gab away with my guests about their projects and the current state of music. But stick around until the very end, because all three of us jam together, improvising a little something new about the storm of comets that was plaguing Salem and KMUZ last night.

Three Live Performances! Interviews! Two In-Person Guests! This show has everything, and I’m very excited to bring it to you now.







Hugo R. A. Paris & Derek Hunter Wilson, LIVE!


Part I: Beyond Pluto’s Orbit

01.) Sagan’s Comets * Mini-Mutations * 2 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
02.) Springtime Linn * Clark * Flame Rave * Warp Records (2015)
03.) Blood Moon * Choir Boy * Passive With Desire * Dias Records (2016)

Part II: Paris

04.) LIVE * Hugo R. A. Paris * 2 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part III:  Majesty

04.) Interview * Hugo R. A. Paris * 2 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
05.) Dolls In The Dark * Drab Majesty * [Mutations Mix]


Part IV: Hunter

05.) Sagan’s Comets 2 * Mini-Mutations * 2 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
06.) LIVE * Derek Hunter Wilson * 2 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part V: Hunt

07.) Interview * Derek Hunter Wilson * 2 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part VI: Jam

08.) LIVE * Hugo R. A. Paris, Derek Hunter Wilson & Austin Rich * 2 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Dead Air Fresheners, LIVE! (#149)

Dead Air Fresheners, LIVE! (#149)

I first saw the Dead Air Fresheners in 2006, and since then have maintained a loose association with them, as they played on KPSU a number of times, and usually, on one of my shows, or with my engineering their sound somehow. Not only did I get to understand their particular brand of chance-determinist music, but as I got to know them better, it was only a matter of time before I started playing with them, too. (In April of 2013, to be exact, first as a featured vocalist, and then as one of those “behind the masks.”

While I was an “unofficial” member of the group for a few years (if one – even one who isn’t anonymous – can even be an official member), as time (and distance) has grown between us, I only get to meet them when we play a show together. Which, fortunately, has been more often, recently. While we had long-discussed the idea of getting them on the I-5 and on the radio here in Salem, the stars finally aligned, and it all worked out for this fantastic performance .

This show has it all. I jam away with some Mini-Mutations throughout the show, occasionally including samples of previous Dead Air releases, and other recordings, throughout. Then, the Dead Air Fresheners unleash a live jam, and a rare interview, talking about what they do, how they do it, and other bits and bobs here and there. Then, we close things out with a Mini-Dead-Air-Mutation, which was unlike almost all the other jams we’ve done before.

This was was a lot of fun, and it’s always good to see these guys in action. Now, it’s available for you, too.





Dead Air Fresheners, LIVE!


Part I: Living Stereo

01.) Stereophonic Tape * Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
02.) More Data * Negativland * More Data * Seeland Records (2019)
03.) Abyss [slooooo rmx] * Don Haugen / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
04.) Evidence of Superstructures II [Class Bully rmx] * Dead Air Fresheners / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part II: Live

05.) LIVE * Dead Air Fresheners * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part III: The Commodification of Play

06.) The Weather Computer * Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
07.) Apogey [mshp] * Chopstick / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
08.) The Commodification of Play * Dead Air Fresheners * The Commodification of Play * Dead Air Music (2019)


Part IV: The Set Behind The Set

09.) Interview * Dead Air Fresheners * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

  • New and old albums, Bob Bucko Jr. & Personal Archives, masks & lineups, chance determinism, noise vs. improv labels, instrumentation, release formats, having a sense of humor and, inevitably, Jandek.

Part V: The New Tape Cartridge Is At All Times Ready For Play.

10.) Brother Wind * Dead Air Fresheners * Brother Wind * Dead Air Music (2019)
11.) Side B [wthr rmx] * Le Petit Sac / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part VI: This Is What To Do / Not To Do

12.) LIVE * Dead Air Fresheners w/ Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
13.) Wrap-Up * Dead Air Fresheners / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
14.) Han Valen [Hgh Fdlty rmx] * Ryan A. Ray / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
15.) Soul Finger * The Bar-Kays * Soul Finger * Volt Records (1967)

Radio Lost & Found (11 April 2019)

Radio Lost & Found (11 April 2019)

Tune in for a live appearance on Rich Lindsay’s “Radio Lost & Found.” There’s a live Mini-Mutations performance, some interspersed interview bits, and both The Ramen City Kid & Rich Lindsay perform with me throughout the show. This was a ton of fun, and now you can enjoy it, too!

This was a live broadcast on KBOO-FM.




I Died vs. Esperik Glare, LIVE (#142)

I Died vs. Esperik Glare, LIVE (#142)

During a recent trip to Eugene, I had the pleasure of joining I Died & Esperik Glare in the I Died Batcave to record some live jams We all tried to approach this as if it were a radio session, but there were some obvious limitations. Still, we managed to create a make-shift radio studio rather quickly, and pretty soon we were all three able to perform and jam, just like at KMUZ.

Which is fortunate, because this week I’m actually in Corvallis. So, please adjust your signal to this wonderful performance by I Died, Esperik Glare and… Mini-Mutations, from… the past?



I Died vs. Esperik Glare


Part I: 

01.) Live * I Died * 16 February 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


Part II: 

02.) Live * Esperik Glare * 16 February 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


What Is Noise Fest? [Preview] (#140)

What Is Noise Fest? [Preview] (#140)

It is often difficult to explain to those who are not actively seeking out all of the various musical corner of our fair state, but the current experimental scene in Oregon is probably better now than it has ever been, and that is in part due to the efforts of a few key folks in the area who are constantly working to book shows, give new acts a chance, and in the end, who are willing to carve out places for this kind of art for those of us who really crave it.

Chris Durnin has been a tireless supporter of the Corvallis scene, something that if you haven’t been there, you really should check it out. The “Corvallis Experiments in Noise” group – which he organizes – has been assembling DIY shows and events where money is not a factor, people are not on their phones, and the incredible work that people do is finally on display. A two-day celebration of this is happening on March 29th at The Majestic Theater & March 30th at Whiteside Theater, where an ABSURD number of performers are gathering to put on a show the likes of which you have NEVER seen.

And we really need to emphasize the “seen” part of this event. While radio is a purely audio world, experimental music often takes the form of costumes, dances, and visual elements that cannot be captured in just one dimension. That is why there is streaming live video of the performers for this event, which you can watch over on the Mid-Valley Mutations MyFacester+ Twinstgramblr Page, or in our A/V Gallery of stuff shot during the show. (This may expand as more material comes my way… most everyone had a camera running at one point.)

So sit back as we feature six of the performers that will be doing their thing at the What Is Noise Fest? event at the end of March. (Six if you include Mini-Mutations.) And, stick around for a bonus performance at the end, where most of us get together for a while noise jam that is out of this world!



What Is Noise Fest? [Preview]


Part I: 

01.) Experimental News * Mini-Mutations * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part II: 

02.) Live * Deadly Discs * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part III: 

03.) Live * nOiZepHyZiX * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


Part IV: 

04.) Live * Coach Waters * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part V: 

05.) Live * Project Aisle * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part VI: 

06.) Live * Leash Kid * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


Part VII: 

07.) Noise Jam * Chris Durnin, Leash Kid, Deadly Discs, nOiZepHyZiX, Mini-Mutations * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
08.) Experimental News Epilogue * Mini-Mutations * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Hither & Yon w/ A Moment’s Sound (#132)

Hither & Yon w/ A Moment’s Sound (#132)

With politics as it is, artists passing away, and the entertainment world completely flipped on its head, sometimes there is nothing left to do but hop a train with a new friend, and play music well into the night, jamming along with the sound of the clack of the tracks.

Fortunately, A Moment’s Sound — Scott Eave to his just-met friends — is always game for a musical adventure. He’s been playing guitar for ages, exploring sounds in an improvised manner, and searching for ways to connect with other artists, and we immediately clicked when we met.

Strangely, this is the only time we’ve played together, which speaks to the free-and-easy sound that we both enjoy exploring. There’s something about hopping trains with someone where all of the stresses of the everyday world are no longer weighing upon us. Strangely, we approached this one quite differently than when I normally have a guest. We just jumped right into this one. We go live just after the top of the hour, A Moment’s Sound kicks in by the end of the first quarter of an hour, and we go all the way to Midnight. We do sort of stop around 11 to chat for a while, but it fit the mood of where we were going, and I think you’ll enjoy the way this all turns out.

So gather round the Hobo Jungle, and let me and Scott tell you a story about what it really is like to live in the world today… which begs the questions, why aren’t we all Riding The Rails?


Hither & Yon w/ A Moment’s Sound


Part I: 

01.) Hither * A Moment’s Sound & Mini-Mutations * 18 January 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


Part II: 

02.) Yon * A Moment’s Sound & Mini-Mutations * 18 January 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special! [2018 Edition] (#129)

A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special! [2018 Edition] (#129)

It’s funny how traditions get started. I caught Sadgasm at an Open Mic they showed up at, and they had instantly catchy hooks that not only betrayed the normal fare on this program, but immediately spoke to me. (Their tunes just got stuck in my head.) So we circled a few dates on the calendar, bounced a few ideas around, and 2017’s “New Year’s / New Tears Special” was born.

Well, a year has come and gone, and now were are here at the end of another year, trying and difficult as it has been, with even more questions about our relationships and romantic entanglements, the exact kind of problems that Sadgasm feature in their songs. Sort of like the ones in their new EP – I Don’t Like To Cry – which you can enjoy on Bandcamp or on this program, where we play tracks and they play LIVE! It’s pretty exciting.

On top of all of that, the majority of this show is dedicated to your calls. We do our best to get to the heart of the matter, and make genuine suggestions to help you in your romantic woes. And that is the majority of the show; the entire first hour, and the last 40 minutes or so, are dedicated to helping you in the relationship department, and we hope that it shows. Special thanks to Kylie Burbank, who kept the band hydrated and helped behind the scenes so we could pull off a show with a number of engineering challenges. You are incredible.

This is our last show of the year, and what a year it has been. I don’t have much else to say that I haven’t been for the last year, so I’ll end by saying: thank you. Doing this show means everything to me, and I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to do it every week.


Spinitron Playlist


A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special! (2018 Edition) (TBD)


Part I: “Try To Cure Insomnia.” 

The Software Are Fighting Again / Introduction & Setup / Where’s Austin?

Caller #1: Anonymous 1. “What are some good techniques to date the members of Sadgasm?”

Caller #2: Austin Antrican. “A lonely kind of sad.”

01.)  Surf Rock America * Sadgasm * I Don’t Like To Cry * Self-Released (2018)


Part II: “I Take ’em Crabbing.”

Caller #3: Donald. “Update: Less than a month later, Donald found himself a Honey. What should we do for our 1 Year Anniversary?” KBVR

Caller #4: Anonymous 2. “What if your partner hasn’t ‘taken you crabbing’ after a year and a half?”

Caller #5: Anonymous 3. “What if my cat likes my partner more than me?”

Part III: The Mullet is The Bullet… To Love

49046455_2191870297530896_942390595828056064_oyes-its-a-mullet_3629787504_oCaller #6: Alec. “I cut my hair into a mullet. How can I utilize that to enhance my love life?”

Caller #7: Anonymous 4. “My husband and my roommate’s partner spend a lot of time together. (They host a podcast together, etc.) How do I take all of this in?”

Caller #8: Anonymous 5. “I feel strong emotions toward someone. How do I spark up a conversation?”



02.) Eating Ash * Sadgasm * I Don’t Like To Cry * Self-Released (2018)
03.) It’s Better With Johnny Around (Live) * Sadgasm * 28 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)
03.) Interview Snippet 1 * Austin & Sadgasm * 28 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)

  • Topics Include: Home recorded, a more mature release, mono recording & one mic recording techniques.

04.) XX PainWarrior XX (Live) * Sadgasm * 28 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)

05.) Interview Snippet 2 * Austin & Sadgasm * 28 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)

  • Topics Include: Physical spaces in songs, the Sadgasm fun energy, making each other laugh.

Part V: Friend with a Capital F

Caller #9: Maddi. “I’m stuck in a love triangle. One is attractive and mean. One likes me and is nice but is a human red flag. What should I do?”

Caller #10: Anonymous 6. “My love life has run dry. Should I join ChristianMingle.com?”

Caller #11: Hubert. “I asked my partner, ‘Who had the ‘Greatest Hands’ (would win in a fight): Einstein or Da Vinci?’ and we didn’t agree. Now they haven’t responded to my messages in a few days. What should I do?”

Part VI: “I’m Gonna Tell You Something Right Now”

Caller #12: Anonymous 7. “After a year and a half of a relationship, I haven’t said ‘I love you.’ I feel comfortable with this, but my partner wants to take it to the next level. What should I do?”

Upcoming Sadgasm Shows: Jan 5th At The Speakeasy. Jan 23rd at Nearly Normal’s. Feb. 8th at The Space.

In The Studio: Austin. “I’ve blown through all my good date ideas after many years of marriage. Any suggestions for new date ideas?”


But what about the software…?

How Much Is That Juice Machine In The Window? (#127)

How Much Is That Juice Machine In The Window? (#127)

No home is complete without a full complement of modern appliances that will aid you as you navigate the holiday season. It is likely you’ll have to prepare a number of last-minute meals for 17 guests, or be required to suddenly prepare six dozen batches of cookies for a “required” office party.

That is why we are offering you a new Juice Machine, and just in time for the holiday season. This Juice Machine comes with everything you see here, and includes three different settings: “LIVE,” “INTERVIEW,” and the newest setting, only available on this program: “MUTATED.” One of these settings comes complete with A/V one-way interface, and with an item like this, each lovingly sculpted glitch is as much a part of the appliance as it is THE appliance itself.

UntitledYou will not want to fill your future mind with thoughts of the holiday season where you turned down this incredibly rare (and essential) kitchen item, and even worse, with new realizations with each successive year that you can only find it on eBay at very costly prices. That is why we are offering this LIVE Juice Machine performance… for free.

“FREE?!” you scream at your device, and yes, the answer is, “Yes.” FREE. But I think you must act now. This Juice Machine is something that only helps you when you have it in your home today, and that is why this incredible deal will, probably, as far as you know, go away… SOON, unless you take advantage of this incredible offer within the hour! (Or the next one… just make it SOON.)

So, to recap: you get the full two-hour show. You get the LIVE Juice Machine Performance. You get an interview with both Roger and Heather, PLUS selections from various recordings that are chopped and screwed in a fashion you cannot find anywhere else! And then, a collaborative Juice Machine product featuring a Mini-Mutations EXCLUSIVE to this free purchase.

It’s the way we like to celebrate the holiday season on the Mid-Valley Mutations Home Shopping Network.




How Much Is That Juice Machine In The Window?  (Playlist TBD)


Part I: Soundcheck

01.) Introduction (Live) * Mini-Mutations * 14 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)
02.) Recorded in Jan 2018 * Juice Machine * Some Things * Self-Released (2018)
03.) 1 * Hoodie Battle * FU * Hoodie Battle (2018)

Part II: Live Performance

04.) Live * Juice Machine * 14 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)
05.) 3 * Chefkirk * Big Disk * Self-Released (2018)

Part III: Interview

06.) Juice Machine Interview 1 * Mini-Mutations * 14 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)


Part IV: CQ CQ

07.) Mutation (Part I & II) * Aume * GQ CQ * Mobilization Records (2018)


07.) Mutation (Part I & II) * Aume * GQ CQ * Mobilization Records (2018)

Part VI: Interview 2

08.) Juice Machine Interview 2 * Mini-Mutations * 14 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)

09.) Sleigh Ride * The Ventures * The Ventures’ Christmas Album * Dolton Records (1970)



Juice Machine





Analog Love Letter (11 December 2018)

Analog Love Letter (11 December 2018)

Here is Mini-Mutations appearing on “Analog Love Letter,” a program on KDVS. This program includes an interview, some musical selections, as well as a live, holiday performance to close out the show.



Wobbly Tiny Tounge Bulbs/Wobbly Split 7″
Operation Re-Information Boolean Re-Operator Ultra Mundane ORI
Mini-Mutations Safety for the Holidays Track special to Analog Love Letter

KDVS Playlist


Ghost Stories 2018 (#121)

Ghost Stories 2018 (#121)

As the Halloween Season comes to a close, join us as we bust on vintage LPs and scary stories, told by guests to our very program!

Karen Holman (Hot Sheets, Cool Sheets & City of Pieces) and Denise Chelini (Holiday Special) each share their own incredible stories! This is one show you do not what to miss!



Ghost Stories 2018



01.) Halloween Horror * J. Robert Elliot * Halloween Horrors * A&M Records (1977)

02.) The Ghostly Hand of Spital House * Vincent Price * A Graveyard of Ghost Tales * Caedmon Records (1974)

03.) The Jogger * Karen Holman & Austin Rich * The Jogger * Live Broadcast (2018)



Part IV: 

04.) Intro / The Empty House on Haunted Hill * Ball Records Staff * Ghost Stories * Ball Records (1963)

05.) Sleep Paralysis * Denise Chelini & Austin Rich * Sleep Paralysis * Live Broadcast (2018)

06.) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow * Boris Karloff * Boris Karloff Narrates “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” / “Rip Van Winkle” * Mr. Pickwick (1977)


Northwest Notes (14 October 2018)

Northwest Notes (14 October 2018)

Tune in for a live Mini-Mutations performance on KMUZ.

This was a live broadcast with live performances to promote my tour.

Mini-Mutations performs three times, and there’s a fairly substantial interview, too. But Mick plays several records as well, and it is a fun show.



He Hates Music, He Loves Noise (25 September 2018)

He Hates Music, He Loves Noise (25 September 2018)

Tune in for a live Mini-Mutations performance on KDVS.

This was a live broadcast with live performances to promote the then-upcoming NorCal Noisefest.

Mini-Mutations performs near the beginning, over the phone.  There is also much talk and other performances throughout the show.

You can hear a direct recording from the Mini-Mutations studio here.



Eugene Noise Fest Preview (#115)

Eugene Noise Fest Preview (#115)

Started in 2005 by Don Haugen, the Eugene Noise Fest has been the place where the local experimental artists can get together and show off their stuff. In some ways modeled after the NorCal NoiseFest in Sacramento, the Eugene Noise Fest has made an effort to feature artists of every kind, sonically and culturally, keeping the event all ages, and out of bars. This year, it is being held at The WOW Hall for the first time ever, bringing this event to a bigger audience, and featuring an incredible line-up of amazing artists.

For more information about the show, I recommend checking out:

The Eugene Noise Fest Page (Line-Up, flier, etc.)

Advance Tickets ($8 in advance, or $10 on the day at the door)

In this show, I feature a number of performances by artists that will be playing at this show tomorrow, and in the second hour, stick around for a conversation with Don Haugen, as he calls in via Skype, to tells us about the event history, what to expect, and a little about the incredible artists, too.

And, if you like what you hear, meet us at The WOW Hall tomorrow. I’m actually playing as part of the line-up, too.



Eugene Noise Fest Preview


Part I: Swarm Descending

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Swarm Descending [Excerpt] * Aume * Swarm Descending * Self-Released (2016)
03.) Shallow * Esperik Glare * Shallow * Self-Released (2017)

Part II: Live

04.) It’s Not All That Bad (Live on KFJC Radio) [Excerpt] * Microwave Windows * It’s Not All That Bad * Self-Released (2016)
05.) World * Chefkirk * Make Post * Self-Released (2018)

Part III: Minor Miscalculation

06.) Minor Miscalculation * [view] * Orbit Decay * Self-Released (2006)


Part IV: Interview w/ Don Haugen

Topics Include:

History Lesson, started in 2005, on-again-off-again status, the venue dance, wanting it All Ages and not at a bar, The WOW Hall & Joshua Finch, The Line Up and assembling the groups, the age range and the sonic pallet, Eugene is an “older” scene with a lot of outsiders, putting the experiment in experimental music, and the benefits of limitations of DIY.

07.) FOUR FEET [Excerpt] * Deadly Discs * Bury Me Deep, For I Am Cursed * Self-Released (2017)
08.) Sangre-Katadesmos-No! (Live rehearsal) [Excerpt] * Sleeping With The Earth * Sangre * Self-Released (2008)
09.) Phalanx * Acre * New EP * Self-Released (2004)

Part V: Don & John

10.) Live Performance * Don Haugen & Klowd * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)

Part VI:  Depleted Your Live-ium

11.) Tarnish * Entresol * Tender Need(s) Tour Split * Self-Released (2018)
12.) Live Performance * Depleted Your Cranium * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Paste, LIVE on Northwest Notes

Paste, LIVE on Northwest Notes

It’s always a pleasure to get invited to guest on a KMUZ program that is not my own, and Northwest Notes is one of my faves. Mick is a dedicated music lover who is keyed into the local scene in a way that few others are. He not only features local music on his show every week, but actually brings the bands in to play, live. It’s a real joy as a listener, and this week was no exception, as Paste was the guest, and they were great.

I’m hoping to make my appearances more frequent, because hanging out with Mick is a lot of fun. I also managed to achieve my musical hat trick this week, getting Mick to play some vinyl, cassettes and CDs from my collection. Next time, I’ll bring in only .mp3s, and really throw him off.

We really get into the live performance / interview in Hour 1, and in the end, don’t play many recordings. But when we do, it’s on fire. And this is the Pledge Drive, so we talk that up, and urge you to make a donation. When you can still do, and should!

More than anything, enjoy these live tunes in a way that Paste normally doesn’t perform.


Paste Photoset

Spinitron Playlist


The Mother’s Day Special (w/ The Weatherman) (#101)

The Mother’s Day Special (w/ The Weatherman) (#101)

This Mother’s Day, we decided that there isn’t anything more appropriate than to discuss

the role mothers have played in our lives. And with that in mind, I called up David Wills (also known as The Weatherman), friend of the show and member of Negativland, to talk about just that.

But, as is often the case when we get to chatting, the conversation starts to veer in a much different direction, and pretty soon we’re addressing various elements of queer culture in the ’70’s and today, the various stereo systems and recordings that we have come to love, and exactly what kind of coffee The Weatherman enjoys when he’s just hanging out.

All that, and so much more.

For podcast listeners, please stick around for the third hour, which has about 20 minutes of bonus material (from the phone call between David and myself), and the entire Side B of the “Mother’s Day ’85” tape, where you can hear The Weatherman, his mother and his grandmother, all enjoying a quiet Mother’s Day in the mid-’80’s.

Austin’s Turntable that doesn’t work.

It’s the Mother’s Day Special, with The Weatherman! This is a program you can enjoy with the entire family!

Spinitron Playlist

Buddy Comments.jpg

The Mother’s Day Special

Two long pieces make up the bulk of this program:

A Phone Call with David Wills recorded by phone on 11 April 2018

“Spring” recorded on 6 May 2018 in the early morning.

32267048_244862549592413_3110298917854511104_n-1.jpgAlso included are large segments from The Weatherman’s Family Tapes, one labeled “Mother’s Day 1985,” and a few audio tidbits here and there.

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)


The Mark Hosler Interview Part II (#87)

The Mark Hosler Interview Part II (#87)

As promised, so long ago, here is Part II of my conversation with the incomparable Mark Hosler.

At this point, I feel like I have said and written quite a bit about these people and this band, and while I’m sure I could keep going on, I’ll consider brevity an important aesthetic choice this time around, and say that it was a real pleasure being able to conduct these interviews. For further Negativ-jams on this program, please consider the links below:

The Weather Report (#76): My conversation with The Weatherman.

The Mark Hosler Interview Part I (#78): The first half of my conversation with Mark Hosler.

Let’s Get Wobbly! (#79): My Conversation with Wobbly.

A link to all my Negativland-related Broadcasts: midvalleymutations.com/category/negativland/

As I mention on the show, this will probably be the last of the interviews (like this) that will appear on Mid-Valley Mutations. I have launched a new program, WTBC Radio, where those kinds of things will pop up from now on. That is our sister show, so to speak, and I’m really proud of the work I’m doing over there. Please, check back, as I think you’ll enjoy it as it evolves and develops, too.

Thanks again to Negativland, who not only inspire me to produce the work I do, but were kind enough to realize that all I wanted to do was talk, and that I was – hopefully – not gonna ask stupid questions.


Spinitron Playlist

The Mark Hosler Interview (Part II)


Part I: Almost 10 Weeks Ago

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)

Part II: “Getting every single thing just right”

03.) Interview Part 1 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Consuming art as it was intended, Negativland’s approach toward new material, sequencing, finishing work, Our Favorite Things DVD & Tim Maloney, the traps of being an artist, Peter Gabriel & The David Bowie story.

Part III: “Bringing something new to the table.”

04.) Interview Part 2 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
05.) This Thing Is Not Good * Negativland * It’s All In Your Head * Seeland Records (2014)
06.) Interview Part 3 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
07.) Richard Nixon Died Today * Negativland * Thigmotactic * Seeland Records (2008)
08.) Interview Part 4 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part IV: “We’re doing anything we want to do.”

09.) Interview Part 5 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
08.) God Bull * Negativland * No Business * Seeland Records (2005)


Part V: “Present Trump-matic Stress Disorder.”

09.) Interview Part 6 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
10.) [03] * Negativland * Negativland * Seeland Records (1980)

  • The selection process, Trump’s impact on the new Negativland record, Body English, Steven Colbert & John Oliver, Taylor Jessen, old Don material on new releases, live performances now, the modest goals of young Negativland.

Part VI: “I got to talk about this stuff in this way.”

11.) Interview Part 7 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
12.) Sycamore * Negativland * Escape From Noise * Seeland Records (1987)
13.) Interview Part 8 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Processing loss, What Would Don Joyce E-Mail?, Escape From Noise, Mark’s record collection.

Part VII: “We’re dumbing it up.”

14.) Interview Part 9 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
17.) Helter Stupid * Negativland * Helter Stupid * Seeland Records (1989)
18.) Interview Part 10 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Being misquoted, Helter Stupid, fake news, other kindred lost souls.

A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special! (#83)

A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special! (#83)

Closing off what has become an incredible year is my in-studio session with the sad boys of Sadgasm, a local Salem combo that has only been together a few months, and has already established themselves as the Sad Sac for the 21st Century.

In this show, we celebrate the new year, open the loveline, and take calls from people who are having actual relationship woes, and need advice. We also get to hear some of the songs on their upcoming record, Ramen, which is coming out soon, and in general, have an excellent time. You can find more information out about Sadgasm by visiting their websites: Instagram & Bandcamp, or by pestering them on their social media accounts: Gravy Brink, Andy Alvarez, Austin Antrican and Jon Garcia.

Special thanks is in order, to Kylie Burbank and Emma Douglas, who helped behind the scenes for this show, and are stand up folks in their own right.

Thanks for the incredible year. While it blew everywhere else, 2017 was great for Mid-Valley Mutations, and I thank all of you for being a part of it, and keeping this show going. You all are amazing.


Spinitron Playlist

A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special!


Part I: Backyardagins

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Barnyard Fun * Sadgasm * Ramen * Unreleased (2018)

Part II: Couples Massage

Caller #1: Donald. “How do you find someone to smooch on New Year’s Eve? How can I ask to get a couples massage?”

Caller #2: Prince. “What’s a nice, chill activity to do on a date instead of something insane?”

Caller #3: Anonymous. “What do you do when your partner calls you buddy after being intimate?”

Part III: “It makes me feel less alone.”

03.) Cum On (Live) * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
04.) Interview Part 1 * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part IV: “So many things I wanna say to you.”

05.) Makin’ Love in Three Four (Live) * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
06.) Interview Part 2 * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Caller #4: Roger. “What is your advice for sad people?”

Caller #5: Desmond. “What is a good first sex toy?”


Part V: Hats Off

07.) Trim Photo To Fit * Sadgasm * Ramen * Unreleased (2018)
08.) 2 AM (Live) * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
09.) Puke (Live) * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Caller #6: William. “Can you help me find a hat that will help me find the person for me? If you could drink any beer, what would it be?”

Part VI: “A flexible schedule.”

10.) Interview Part 3 * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Caller #7: Jordan. “What do you do when you don’t want a relationship but you get lonely?”

Caller #8: Mr. Smith. “What do you do when your partner has a lot of quirks? What if they don’t like broccoli?”

Caller #9: Anna. “What do you do when you find out that your boyfriend is married?”

Part VII: “It’s not the words but the heart I lack.”

11.) Eating Ash (Live) * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Caller #10: Anonymous 2. “What do you do about ghosting? What about a person in a bad relationship who doesn’t call you back?”

Caller #11: Mr. Smith. “She does not like brussel sprouts, or any green vegetables.”

A Lob Instagon NoiseFest Christmas! (#80)

A Lob Instagon NoiseFest Christmas! (#80)

When Lob Instagon begins to tell stories, listening becomes essential. A poet, an artist, a musician and an instigator, Lob has worn so many hats that it is sometimes difficult to remember the mystical origins of what he does. In this show, we do our best to uncover those origins and pay tribute to the man himself, his career, his connection to the NorCal NoiseFest, and just exactly how big his ear actually his.

I had an incredible time at NorCal NoiseFest this year, and my idea was to, initially, try and capture my favorite acts in a rambling, mutated form, but the chance to talk to Lob about his new album (Black Cactus) the evolution of Instagon (in all of it’s various forms), was just too excellent, and very soon this show morphed into being all about him.

And with good reason. To fully do Lob justice probably can’t be done is just one program, so we did our best to recreate a mini NoiseFest of our own in-studio. MKUltramegaphone gave Lob a radio tribute fitting of the man himself by jamming along with his music and his words, in a very holiday-centric style.

As mentioned during the program, Eden Mononym was scheduled to appear, but a combination of car and phone troubles threw a wrench into this plan. As of the end of the show, we were not sure what had happened, but I am happy to report that he is safe, and made it home okay in spite of below-freezing temperatures. Sorry we couldn’t have him on the program this week, but we are very glad that we can try and schedule something again for the future.

Regardless, here’s two hours of Lob, holiday style, all from Mid-Valley Mutations.


Spinitron Playlist

A NorCal NoiseFest Christmas! w/ Lob Instagon (#80)


Part I: The spirit of the season.

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Interview Part 1 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part II: “Recorded music is three generations in of people who think it’s free.”

03.) Interview Part 2 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Black Cactus, reclaiming physical media, the changing music industry, music as a forum of thought, playing collaboratively, the evolution of Instagon, starting out noise and becoming a jazz-jam hybrid, playing with Greg Ginn.

[horridus joins in at 19:30.]

Part III: “You’re missing what’s going on right now.”

04.) Interview Part 3 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • An evolving line-up, creating a live happening, how venues respond to noise, Luna’s Cafe & Juice Bar, noise as the new punk rock, the supportive NorCal NoiseFest scene, starting to organize the event in 2005, “it’s more like a convention,” the early NoiseFests in the mid-90’s, the tape trading scene of the ‘80’s feeding the ‘90’s noise scene, the Japanese noise scene, Masonna & Merzbow, Nurse With Wound, the school of punk rock, the Green Day wave (the post-Stiff Little Fingers wave), the Epitaph Sound, the vastness of noise as a genre.

Part IV: “…and he came at us again, with a samurai sword!”

05.) Interview Part 4 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)


Part V: The Temple of Psychic Youth.

06.) Interview Part 5 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Lob’s poetry & poetry readings, how Instagon got started, the metal band version of the group, The Temple of Psychic Youth, Instagon’s four initial faces, running out of places to play, the various phases of the group, discovering bass, becoming a band leader, Lost High Desert Tortoise, avoiding band drama.

Part VI: “I have a big ear.”

07.) Interview Part 6 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part VII: So This Is Christmas?

08.) So This Is Christmas? * Instagon & MKUltramegaphone * 8 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part VIII: The Rock & Roll Day of Reconing


An Interview w/ Ellen Cherry Charles!

CftBpK1yAn Interview w/ Ellen Cherry Charles!
(Tune in for an extended interview with the members of Ellen Cherry Charles, as they talk about their new album and what it’s like to try and make a living as an artist.)

Playlist & Footnotes: http://anywhereanywhen.com/2016/02/02/an-interview-w-ellen-cherry-charles

I met Paco Jones a number of years ago, when he came in to perform on What’s This Called? and I was running the sound.  Since then, Paco and I have become friends, and have supported each other’s work in whatever form it might take.  He has recorded several theme songs for our program over the years, and is quite the bang-up chap.

Most recently Paco has been collaborating with his wife Lara Jones and his friend Scott Pierce to produce Ellen Cherry Charles, not only something new for each of them creatively, but is an expression of their lives as artists, and as people who continue to challenge themselves, and each other.  During the interview we talk a great deal about making this record, and their art / life balance, as well as probe into other aspects of their lives.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Lara & Paco star in their own webseries, P L & M, which is not only one of the most unique and hilarious things I’ve seen in recent years, but Series 2 was being partially filmed during the interview itself.  I’ll be curious as to what parts were used for what.  I would also recommend checking out Paco’s Films, where you can find P L & M episodes, as well as his features and other film output.

Addionally, if you are interested in Monica Enderle Pierce‘s novels, she has six available, four of which are in paperback, and all of which are available as ebooks.  (A few are $0.99 a piece, a steal if ever I read about one.)



An Interview w/ Ellen Cherry Charles!

Side A: 

01.) Nostalgia Is For Loser (I Heart Nostalgia) * Ellen Cherry Charles * The Cherry Orchard
02.) The Universal Telephone Ring
03.) Interview w/ Ellen Cherry Charles * 16 January 2016 [Part I]
04.) The Days of Mayfield High * Ellen Cherry Charles * The Cherry Orchard

Side B: 

05.) Interview w/ Ellen Cherry Charles * 16 January 2016 [Part II]
06.) Rage * Ellen Cherry Charles * The Cherry Orchard
07.) Perfect * Ellen Cherry Charles * The Cherry Orchard

An Interview w/ MAC of The Antique Phonograph Music Program!

MAC-twohorns-cover-20150605-IMG_5184An Interview w/ MAC of The Antique Phonograph Music Program!
(This week, one of my DJ heroes MAC from WFMU’s The Antique Phonograph Music Program calls in to discuss his show, and the joys of collecting music from the earliest days of recorded sound.)

Playlist & Footnotes: http://anywhereanywhen.com/2015/11/17/an-interview-w-mac-of-the-antique-phonograph-music-program

For the last several years now I’ve been a fan of WFMU, a New Jersey based radio station that features a number of incredible programs that chart unique and unusual territory that most radio stations would never play.  Among the many programs that are not only unique, but entirely singular in the world of radio is The Antique Phonograph Music Program, where the host – MAC, a collector and music enthusiast – plays music from crank up machines to give you a taste of what pre-electricity music sounds like.

Incredibly, this program has now been running for over 20 years – 20 years, and two weeks as of this recording – and there is absolutely no sign that he is slowing down.  Celebrating this anniversary MAC recently had a huge blowout that was broadcast live on WFMU, and with a recent New York Times Profile and managing the Antique Phonograph Enthusiasts page on Facebook – where collectors new and old can get advice on machines and where to pick up records – MAC is a pretty busy guy.  This is why I was very excited that he managed to take time out of his busy schedule to chat about all things radio and collectable for our program today.

I’ll let MAC tell his story from here on out, but here are a couple of links that relate to our conversation:

The National Jukebox.  Managed and maintained by The Library of Congress, this is a massive collection of recordings that anyone can listen to right off their website.  However, it is a huge collection, and slightly unwieldy in terms of how to sift through it.  Good luck!

The UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive.  The University of California Santa Barbara Library maintains this incredible digitized collection of cylinders that, again, is quite a lot without an “entry point.”  My recommendation is to check out their front page, where they have a “Cylinder of The Day,” which is available to download or play right off the site.

The Internet Museum of Flexi / Cardboard / Oddity Records.  This is the page that we discuss that MAC manages, and it contains a wealth of information about disposable records.  These are things that were designed to have a very limited shelf life, either because they were made cheaply, or their intent was only to be a one or two time listening experience.  (For example: flexi-discs and postage-stamp records, or the kinds that you find on cereal boxes.)  This is a worthwhile site to troll when you have some time on your hands, and you will find some amazing gems if you dig around.

The Mechanical Music Extravaganza happens every six months, and if you are on the East Coast, is a great place to feed and / or begin your hobby, if you haven’t already found a good way to do so.  Plus: you can meet other amazing collectors.

Perfecting Sound Forever by Greg Milner.  This is the book I mentioned, that covers the entire history of recorded sound, starting with the original inventors in the late 19th Century, and ending with the most current technology that 2009 – the year of publication – had to offer.  I will say, the book is incredibly academic, and very dry, but offers a look into the beginning stages of recorded sound, and the challenges that existed in capturing sound, a challenge that people continue to to face today.

Radio Boredcast.  We make a very brief reference to this 744-hour radio project that was assembled by WFMU DJ (and artist) People Like Us, aka Vicki Bennett.  Mac contributed this hour of programming to the month-long broadcast.


It was a real pleasure to talk with MAC, as both a fan of this era of music and his program, and I urge you to check his program, and discover a world of music that is unlike anything that you would hear these days.  Music changes and trends shift every few months, and it is easy to forget that music has a 100+ year history, with over half of that history taking place before The Beatles were even a glimmer in your parents eyes.  Hopefully this conversation will pique your interest in checking out this incredible and excellent program.



An Interview w/ MAC of The Antique Phonograph Music Program!

Side A: 

01.) The Antique Phonograph Music Program [Excerpt] * WFMU * 30 September 2015
02.) Telephone Lines * Eric Hausmann * Solo Traveller
03.) The Universal Telephone Ring
04.) Interview w/ MAC * 16 November 2015 [Part I]

Side B: 

05.) Interview w/ MAC * 16 November 2015 [Part II]
09.) On The Radio * Cheap Trick * Heaven Tonight

Getting Nervous

The Nervous
The Nervous

Getting Nervous
(Featuring an interview with new local band, The Nervous, which includes the world premier of their music on this very podcast!)

I have known Chris and Jesse from The Nervous for years, and the band they’d started in the ’90’s back in Eugene – Mondale – was a rare treat for the few who got to rock out to them.  Now, in this far-flung, post-apocalyptic year of 2013, we encounter their newest musical endeavor, a trio (rounded out by their drummer, Splinters), which is offering some of the greatest Nerd Rock anthems guaranteed to start promptly at every performance.

In preparation for their impending live gigs, I was invited down to the compound where The Nervous hone their craft, and managed to sit down with the guys afterward in their comfortable “Living Room” to chat about pursuing music as a hobby, and what its like to be in really terrible bands with assholes.  Interspersed throughout the interview are songs that inspire them, two never-before heard songs from their current set, and an old Mondale tune (or two) to round things out.

Long-time listeners may remember a live performance by Jesse Ransom (featured in The Nervous) in 2006.  This episode is also available to stream or download at this time, accompanied by a playlist and photos.  Jesse Ransom 06 June 2006.  It’s an oldie, but a goodie, and it gives you an acoustic taste of what he brings to the party.

Special thanks to Chris, Jesse and Spinters, not only for being stand up guys and great musicians, but for trusting me to record them in their natural habitat.  You guys are fantastic, and I can’t wait for more people to hear you.


MyFacester+ Photoset (with video footage of the band rehearsing on 30 December 2012).


Getting Nervous

01.) Get Out Of Our Way, We’re A-Comin’ Through * Mondale * Square Roots Radicals * Self-Released
02.) Interview w/ The Nervous Part I * 30 December 2012
03.) Musical Interlude * Shadowy Men on A Shadowy Planet * Savvy Show Stoppers * Cargo Records
04.) High Impact Smart Girls * Mondale * Square Roots Radicals * Self-Released
05.) Interview w/ The Nervous Part II * 30 December 2012
06.) Gates Of Steel * Devo * Freedom Of Choice * Warner Bros.
07.) Sex Mad * Nomeansno * Sex Mad * Alternative Tentacles Records
08.) Interview w/ The Nervous Part III * 30 December 2012
09.) Theme From EEVIAC * Man… Or Astro-Man? * EEVIAC: Operational Index and Reference Guide, Including Other Modern Computational Devices * Touch & Go Records
10.) Entry Level Position * The Nervous * Unreleased Practice Recording
11.) Interview w/ The Nervous Part IV * 30 December 2012
12.) Little Girls * Oingo Boingo * Only A Lad * A&M Records
13.) You Look Good In Glasses * The Nervous * Unreleased Practice Recording
14.) Interview w/ The Nervous Part V * 30 December 2012
15.) 21st Century Digital Boy * Bad Religion * Stranger Than Fiction * Atlantic Records

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud, LIVE!

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud
Here Comes A Big Black Cloud

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud, LIVE!

(Live Friday 077)

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud, Guest Hosted by Arya Imig



01.) Notion * Hurah Hurah * Love IP

(Band Performance)

02.) Purple Winos In The Rain * John Callahan * Purple Winos In The Rain
03.) Ignite, Ignite, Goodnight * Holy Ghost Revival * Bleeding Light
04.) Werewolves Of London * Mangolia Electric Co. * Hard To Love A Man

KPSU Playlist

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn (Live Friday)

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn
The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn, LIVE! (Live Friday 051)

“Eating Solid Foods Since 1981.”  Born on a napkin at the Alibi Family Restaurant and Tiki Lounge, The Mayonnaise has run rampant through the streets, stealing ears from our heads and dollars from our wallets with little or no repercussions.  But now, Radicchio and Arugula Venn have taken it upon themselves to wage unending battle against the omnipresent Mayonnaise to protect the rest of us from being emulsified into mediocrity. With love, support and musical contributions from the rest of Venn family, they labor day and night so that you may rest assured that the world is, and always will be, a safe and harmonious place to listen. And now, you can do so, here on Live Friday.

Gordon Taylor (Live Friday)

A Gordon Taylor
A Gordon Taylor

Gordon Taylor, LIVE! (Live Friday 041)

Gordon Taylor are four protein-derived life-forms that play songs about science, history and medical oddities. Having only been around a short period of time, they’ve already formed quite a name for themselves with the few blow-out performances they’ve allowed us to witness. An upstanding bunch of young striplings, they wax melodic and rock geodesic. Formed out of the smoldering chunks of Rise Over Run (formerly Lina Alba) and assisted by Johnny-Cat on drums, Gordon Taylor are on their way to taking Portland by storm that will leave you soaked and satisfied as you trudge through our streets. If they were a body part, it’d be the pancreas. A chord? F-sharp. A Max Stop? Ruby Junction… Playing on KPSU? Right now…

The Draft, LIVE!

The Draft
The Draft

The Draft, LIVE!

(Live Friday 039)

For Immediate Release: The Draft Bio! (As Told By Them) Look no further than a biography and you will find the beginning of a series of distractions. We will travel so far as to forget where we are. We imagine that we are where we are not. Our dark city is a kingdom of music. We advertise doubt as disciples of insecurity. We are for sale. We are art thugs with electric weapons, squirming in a gang of noise. We will pretend that we are magic until we become magic. Even a lie can come true when you deliver a believer. Our performance is a reflection of the social meltdown and technological advancement growing in the midst of obsession with convenience and entertainment. We are the music zoo and a spectacle of industry. Our hypocritical nature struggles for senselessness. Your reaction is dictated by your previous behavior and environment. Your accumulated knowledge and pattern of thought will react in a familiar manner to these words. You will try to make some prediction of what we will sound like based on your memories of previous musical events and of these descriptions. We exercise our influences and plagiarize our experiences because without this formality we may never meet. This a confession of guilt and a declaration of participation. There is a fortune in things you can’t touch and undiscovered reasons to feel no better. These words are proof of our existence. Let them be a reference of mutual sentiments.

Ferocious Eagle, LIVE!

Ferocious Eagle
Ferocious Eagle

Ferocious Eagle, LIVE!

(Live Friday 038)

Ferocious Eagle started two hundred years ago and have just started playing shows within the last fifty years. Their set is really crazy and fast just like a huricane. Eric Jensen plays the drums and such, Jon Andersen plays his guitar since 1996, and Greg Dalbey holds the band back from “really progressing.” Nonetheless, their set is not to be missed for fans of their math metal prowess and their eliptical lyrical content.


To round out the hour, we let the members of the band pick out a handful of tunes by their friends, influences, and side projects. Here’s what they picked:

01.) We Are: Special Forces (Calling All Monsters) *
02.) Handful Of Pennies Standing In The Cold (Yeltsin) *
03.) Aces (Dragging An Ox Through Water) *
04.) Bands [Don’t Want Me To Dance] (The Foxx) *
05.) Hot Night (The Maybe Happening) *
06.) Incredible (Tractor Operator)

Robert Deeble, LIVE!

Robert Deeble
Robert Deeble

Robert Deeble, LIVE!

(Live Friday 037)

No stranger to KPSU, Robert Deeble came in and recorded a live set of music on December 17th, which we’ll be bringing to you today for your pre-Christmas entertainment. “This Bar Has No One Left,” his last album, is an emotional, last call at 2am, a slow burning rock record. Deeble delivers six rhythmic observations of a life gone mad, beautiful and harsh in their portrayals of characters attempting to find solace from a shipwreck filled with sadness, loneliness and addiction. If you needed any evidence that Christmas is the loniliest time of the year, then all you need to do is listen to Deeble’s music to get in the right mindset. Tune in, won’t you? (Note: Due to some sort of editing / recording mixup, this broadcast is a little surreal to listen to. Before you download it, you’ve been warned.)

If If, Was Was… Live!

If If, Was Was...
If If, Was Was…

If If, Was Was… Live!

(KPSU Phase I Episode 078)

“Special Two-Week Christmas Gift To Portland”

Featured Artist: If If, Was Was…

As part two of my Christmas Gift to the city of Portland, If If, Was Was… joins me at KPSU for some lo-fi rock music the likes of which you’ve never heard before. Slowly making a name for himself around PDX by playing at Billy Rays dive, he has an ear for songcraft that is unique unto itself, while being careful to pay tribute to everything the he, himself, was weened on. But unlike a lot of singer-songwriters on the market these days, he has a sense of humor that gives him an edge; the CD he’s released of home-recorded tracks is entitled, “Another Word For Thesaurus,” and that alone makes it – and his music – quite entertaining. Joining us for this performance are his brother Thomas on drums, and their friend Megan on Violin. Tune in for some fun.  (This show aired from 5 P.M. – 6 P.M.)

Gordon Taylor, Live!


Gordon Taylor, Live!

(KPSU Phase I Episode 077)

“Special Two-Week Christmas Gift To Portland”

As part of my Christmas Gift to the city of Portland, I’ve lined up two weeks of music on my show guaranteed to knock your socks off. This week, I have the up-and-coming rock outfit, Gordon Taylor, risen out of the ashes of Rise Over Run and The Mayonaise vs. Venn Demonstrational. With beautiful lyrics and a slight wink-and-nod to some of the emo greats of the past, they have fantastic songs that will draw you in and make you want to dance.  (This show aired from 5 P.M. – 6 P.M.)