The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn (Live Friday)

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn
The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn, LIVE! (Live Friday 051)

“Eating Solid Foods Since 1981.”  Born on a napkin at the Alibi Family Restaurant and Tiki Lounge, The Mayonnaise has run rampant through the streets, stealing ears from our heads and dollars from our wallets with little or no repercussions.  But now, Radicchio and Arugula Venn have taken it upon themselves to wage unending battle against the omnipresent Mayonnaise to protect the rest of us from being emulsified into mediocrity. With love, support and musical contributions from the rest of Venn family, they labor day and night so that you may rest assured that the world is, and always will be, a safe and harmonious place to listen. And now, you can do so, here on Live Friday.

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