The Roxy Epoxy Show & The Lana Rebel Show (KPSU Years)

The Roxy Epoxy Show & The Lana Rebel Show (KPSU Years)

This combines two broadcasts from my KPSU years, in 2005. Roxy Epoxy joined me for a DJ Show, to discuss an upcoming Album Release party for The Epoxies (10 May 2005). The Lana Rebel joined me, for another DJ show, and to talk about her career making music.


John Rambo & The Pink Snowflakes, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

John Rambo & The Pink Snowflakes, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

This combines two broadcasts from my KPSU years, in 2005, from the Live Friday program. John Rambo (28 January 2005) was a local instru-metal band, where The Pink Snowflakes (3 June 2005) are a heavy psyche-rock group a la The Flaming Lips.




Interviews w/ Murph (of Dinosaur Jr.) & The Minibosses (KPSU Years)

Interviews w/ Murph (of Dinosaur Jr.) & The Minibosses (KPSU Years)

This combines two broadcasts from my KPSU years, in 2005. In one case, we arranged for Murph of Dinosaur Jr. help promote the reunion show / reissues that had just come out. In another, the band The Minibosses dropped into the studio, to talk about touring, and to debut a new recording that had not been heard yet… at that time.

Murph / Dinosaur Jr. tribute was on 23 August 2005

The Minibosses were interviewed on 26 August 2005



Camper Van Beethoven & Devotchka, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

Camper Van Beethoven & Devotchka, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

This combines two broadcasts from my KPSU years, in 2005. In one case, we arranged for Camper Van Beethoven to play in the studio, and I helped host. In the second case, Devotchka came to play on my show, and our music director joined me for the interview.

Camper Van Beethoven played on 4 November 2004

Devotchka played on 9 November 2004


The Human Genome Project & Empty Room, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

The Human Genome Project & Empty Room, LIVE! (KPSU Years)

This combines two episodes of “Live Friday,” a show I started hosting in 2004. This was a weekly, live radio show that featured local and touring bands.

The Human Genome Project played on 17 September 2004

Empty Room played on 24 September 2004



The Future of Love: Lulu! (Valentine’s Retrocast)

il_340x270.307488975The Future of Love: Lulu! (Valentine’s Retrocast)
(Featuring the NBC classic X Minus 1, with the episode “Lulu,” originally broadcast on 31 October 1957.)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we bring you a special presentation of an X Minus 1broadcast from 1957! It’s all part of that little piece of joy we like to think of as our weekly radio show. Ob-soive:

We rarely consider Valentine’s Day a radio-friendly holiday, but this year the combination of Sci-Fi and creepy love songs was just too irresistible to pass up.

(This show originally aired on KPSU in 2011.)


Track * Artist * Album * Label

01.) Part I * X Minus 1 * Lulu (31 October 1957) * NBC Radio
02.) Love Dance * Martin Denny
03.) Part II * X Minus 1 * Lulu (31 October 1957) * NBC Radio
04.) Interplanetary Love * Acid Mother’s Temple
05.) Modern Love Waltz * Philip Glass
06.) Love In (December) * Hal Blaine
07.) Part III * X Minus 1 * Lulu (31 October 1957) * NBC Radio
08.) A Disappointing Love * 101 Strings Orchestra * Astro Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000 * Scamp Records
09.) Satelite of Love * Lou Reed
10.) Love Song of the Saroo * Joe Meek & The Blue Men
11.) Love Cry * Albert Ayler
12.) Love Call (Alternate Version) * Ornette Coleman

KPSU Playlist

History Lesson: Before ’75 (2011 Retrocast)

History Lesson: Before ’75 (2011 Retrocast)
(Featuring a near-chronological overview of the origins of punk music.  Originally broadcast on KPSU on 3 September 2011, & podcast on 31 August 2015.)

As someone who grew up in the ’80’s and ’90’s, Punk was already transmuting into a plethora of other kinds of music by the time I reached musical consciousness.  While I came to appreciate everything that spawned from it, I had a real interest in where it came from, which has informed my musical sensibilities in that time.  While my interests now may range far and wide, the net that is cast embodies all that is punk, in the way that I define it.

This episode features edited samples from the IFC film Punk Attitude mixed with a variety of music that helped get the ball rolling.  I also include a few clips from other sources, to help flesh out the story when needed.  If you look at “punk” as a mode of music making, the genesis itself lies in The Blues, leading to Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Punk music is often steeped in the roots of Chuck Berry riffs, but as an ethos, encompasses so much more.  I try to provide as much musical insight as I have into the music that was bubbling under the surface when 1975, an important year for Punk Rock, was in full swing.

I open the show with the fantastic Pere Ubu version of “Final Solution.”  In a lot of ways, Punk was about searching for a Final Solution.  Music needed to be forever affected by something new in order to break away from some of the mainstream crimes that had been committed.  But the people themselves, desperate and hungry for something else, were also looking for a social Final Solution, a way to put behind them all the pain and horror that the world could inflict.  While Punk may not have made any massive, or permanent changes that could be considered “Final,” I think this song really sets the tone for the kind of people that made punk possible.  They were those who were searching for that Solution, and punk is the story of what came of their efforts.

This show was a real pleasure to make, and it features some of my favorite music that has ever been recorded.  While this is the only show that is completed in this form, I hope to continue this series much more frequently in the near future.  The Grumpy Punk has been reawakened in a way that I cannot sated with a mere two hour show.  I wouldn’t be surprised, October and future guests not withstanding, that this will be the foreseeable format of the show for the time being.

There is a lot that could be said of the artists in this show, and I could wax poetic for pages.  But I’ll let the radio do the talking.  It tells the story much better than I could, that’s for sure.  I will say that, before the show even started, I was getting comments and e-mail from people who wanted to make sure that I didn’t leave stuff out.  And, of course, I did.  Humorously enough, I managed to fit one or two in at the last minute.  There is an out-of-chronology Kinks song, sadly, but getting “Louie Louie” in near the front was a wise, wise move.  I have plans, after I finish the initial run of this show, to go back and plug all the holes, and expand on the work I did in this show.  Hopefully, I don’t loose motivation by then.

That’s it for this week.

See you in seven.


History Lesson: Before ’75

Part I

01.) Part 01 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
02.) Final Solution (Cleveland, Ohio, 76) * Pere Ubu * Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection * Rough Trade Records
03.) Louie Louie * The Kingsmen * “Louie Louie” b/w “Haunted Castle” * Wand Records
03.) Part 02 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
04.) “What Have You Got?” * Marlon Brando * The Wild Ones * Columbia Pictures
04.) Search & Destroy (Ann Arbor, Michigan, 73) * Iggy & The Stooges * Raw Power * Columbia Records
05.) Part 03 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
06.) Maybellene * Chuck Berry * The Chess Story: 1947 – 1975 * Chess Records
07.) Part 04 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
08.) Incense And Peppermints * Strawberry Alarm Clock * Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965–1968 * Rhino Records

Part II

09.) Part 05 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
10.) 96 Tears * ? & The Mysterians * “96 Tears” b/w “Midnight Hour” * Pa Go Go Records
11.) Part 06 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
12.) Strychnine * The Sonics * Here Are The Sonics!!! * Norton Records
13.) Part 07 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
14.) Riot on Sunset Strip * The Standells * The Best of the Standells * Rhino Records
15.) Part 08 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
16.) Psychotic Reaction * The Count Five * “Psychotic Reaction” b/w “They’re Gonna Get You” * Double Shot Records
17.) The Gift (Edit) * The Velvet Underground * Peel Slowly And See * Polydor Records
18.) Part 09 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
19.) Lou Reed on Andy Warhol * Lou Reed * Interview *
20.) All Tomorrow’s Parties (1965) * The Velvet Underground * Peel Slowly And See * Polydor Records

Part III

21.) Pushin’ Too Hard * The Seeds * The Seeds * GNP Crescendo
22.) Part 10 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
23.) Boy In The Sandbox (1968) * Michael Yonkers Band * Microminiature Love * Sub Pop Records
24.) Part 11 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
25.) White Responsibility * Huey Newton    Punk Attitude * The Complete Malcom X on DVD *
26.) Feel It (1970) * It’s All Meat * It’s All Meat * New Music Records
27.) Part 12 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
28.) Kick Out the Jams (1969) * MC5 * Kick Out the Jams * Elektra Records
29.) Part 13 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
30.) Helium Head (I Got A Love) (1970) * Sir Lord Baltimore * Kingdom Come * Anthology Recordings

Part IV

31.) Queen Of Stars (Loop) * Kim Fowley / Austin Rich * Unreleased * Blasphuphmus Radio
32.) Part 14 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
33.) Light My Fire (Edit) (Live) * The Doors * Alive, She Cried * Elektra Records
34.) Part 15 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
35.) Long Way To Go (71) * Alice Cooper * Love It To Death * Warner Bros. Records
36.) Part 16 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
37.) Not Right (1969) * The Stooges * The Stooges * Elektra Records
38.) Part 17 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
39.) Buick Mackane (72) * Marc Bolan & T.Rex * The Slider * Reprise Records

Part V

40.) Politicians In My Eyes (Loop) * Death / Austin Rich * Unreleased * Blasphuphmus Radio
41.) Part 18 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
42.) Hang On To Yourself (72) * David Bowie * The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars * RCA Records
43.) Part 19 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
44.) Space Age Love (LA 74) * Zolar-X * Timeless * Alternative Tentacles Records
45.) Part 20 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
46.) Vietnamese Baby (NYC, 73) * The New York Dolls * The New York Dolls * Island Records
47.) Part 21 Vietnamese Baby
48.) One Way Spit (Chickasha, Oklahoma, 75) * Debris * Static Disposal * Anopheles Records
49.) You Really Got Me * The Kinks * “You Really Got Me” b/w “It’s All Right” * Reprise Records

Part VI

50.) Part 22 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
51.) You’re A Prisoner (Detroit, Michigan, 75) * Death * …For The Whole World To See * Drag City
52.) Part 23 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
53.) Master Race (NYC, 75) The Dictators * The Dictators Go Girl Crazy! * Epic Records
54.) We Ended Up * The Mumps * How I Saved The World * Sympathy For The Record Industry
55.) Part 24 * Interviews * Punk Attitude * Shout! Factory
56.) The Gift (Instrumental Edit) * The Velvet Underground / Austin Rich * Unreleased * Blasphuphmus Radio
57.) Ain’t It Fun (Cleveland, Ohio, 75) * Peter Laughner * Take The Guitar Player For A Ride * Tim Kerr Records

Popcorn Party PM

Popcorn Party PM w/ Isosceles Diego!
(Featuring a wide array of songs from the personal collection of Isosceles Diego.)

I’m pretty sure I say this ever time, but I really do love having guests on my show. And when you have one as good as Isosceles Diego, it really doesn’t get any better. He’s been making appearances on my show since the beginning, and between his various jaunts to Europe, he likes to make me incredible mix CDs and read books about languages I’ve never heard of. You may remember his appearance from over a year ago. This particular week he wanted to bring you a good long dose on New Wave from around the globe, and as usual, he delivered.

This will probably be the only time Dexy’s Midnight Runners got playing on the radio, and it wasn’t “Come On Eileen.” But that’s not all. Hidden gems like The Method Actors and Scars make appearances, as well as a healthy dose of the Rhino Records release, Crime Jazz. This is a pretty great BBQ kind of show, so bump this one to a CD and enjoy.

On a technical note: There was a problem with the turntable during The Twinkeyz song near the beginning of the show, and we were only getting sound out of one channel. Once Isosceles transitioned to his next song, I was able to fix the needle. From that point on, we got stereo. I should also mention that, on the whole, I did very little work on this show. Isosceles is a radio veteran from over 10 years ago, and I was basically just there to keep him company and eat an apple. If you like his style, why not send you e-mails that say as much, so I can use them to help get him back on the air.

See ya in seven.

Popcorn Party PM
# Track * Artist * Album * Label
01.) The Wild One * Shorty Rogers & His Orchestra * Crime Jazz * Rhino Records
02.) Frankie Machine [Excerpt] * Elmer Bernstein & Orchestra * Crime Jazz * Rhino Records
03.) Aliens In Our Midst * The Twinkeyz * “Aliens In Our Midst” b/w “One Thousand Reasons” 7″ * Grok Records
04.) Ilya Kuryakin Looked At Me * Cleaners From Venus * Living With Victoria Grey * Cherry Red Records
05.) I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass * Nick Lowe * Pure Pop For Now People * Columbia Records
06.) Neobičan Dan * Haustor * Treći Svijet * Jugoton Records
07.) Dancing Underneath * The Method Actors * Rhythms Of You * Armageddon Records
08.) Kitchen Person * The Associates * Fourth Drawer Down * V2 Music
09.) Your Attention Please * Scars * Author! Author! * Pre Records
10.) No Place Called Home * The June Brides * Every Conversation: The Story of The June Brides & Phil Wilson * Cherry Red Records
11.) Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow * Felt * “Penelope Tree” b/w “Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow” 7″ Test Pressing * Cherry Red Records
12.) The Associate [Excerpt] * The Associates * Fourth Drawer Down * V2 Music
13.) The Funniest Thing * The Verlaines * “The Funniest Thing” b/w “You Forget Love” 7″ * Flying Nun Records
14.) Bad Year At UCLA * Game Theory * Distortion of Glory * Alias Records
15.) Tell Me When My Light Turns Green * Dexy’s Midnight Runners * It Was Like This * EMI Records
16.) Staccato’s Theme [Excerpt] * Buddy Morrow & His Orchestra * Crime Jazz * Rhino Records
17.) Video Video Hot Dog * Monty Cantsin First Aid Brigade * Panic Panic * Planetarium Records

KPSU Playlist

Live From Circus Minimus!

Live From The Circus Minimus w/ Isosceles Diego
(One of the long-lost radio personalities, back from his airport planespotting adventure.)

Check out today’s spine-tingling radio show, ready in popular “monophonic .mp3 download” format.  As many of you probably know, this man has the coolest taste in music, is the most attractive man in the Portland area, and my oldest and dearest friend in the whole wide world. I wouldn’t be half the man I am without him. (The good half, that is.) We busted out an hour’s worth of tunes that you won’t soon forget, so download it now and be the first on your block to experience


Or something.

See ya in seven.

The Isosceles Diego Pledge Drive Show

Isosceles Diego (Pledge Drive) (KPSU Phase I Episode 151)

At this time, our program was on from 9 PM – 10 PM.

01.) Germ of Youth * Comet Gain * 7″
02.) Theresa * Bodines * ep
03.) Graveyard * Antietam * Rope-a-Dope
04.) Orange Moon * Eleventh Dream Day * Ursa Major
05.) Gather Up Your Wings and Fly * Felt * ep
06.) Every Conversation * June Brides * Every Conversation
07.) Roxy Girls * Yummy Fur * Night Club
08.) Fiesty Faust * Lumiere * it seemed like a good idea at the time
09.) Ala Bala * Revyu * Revyu
10.) Jr * Codeine * Barely Real

KPSU Playlist

Isosceles Diego

Isosceles Diego
Isosceles Diego

Isosceles Diego (KPSU Phase I Episode 147)

At this time, our program was on the air from 9 – 10 PM.

01.) Pierwszy * Wakacje w Rzymie * 7″
02.) Orange Song * Antietam * S/T
03.) Insincere Inspiration * Eleventh Dream Day * Zeroes and Ones
04.) You Can’t Be Funky * Bush Tetras * Boom in the Night
05.) You * Au Pairs * 7″
06.) Careen * Embarrassment * Heyday
07.) Really Strange and Weird Things * Sein Sah Thin * Princess Nicotine
08.) Nataque tempo * Pixinguinha * —
09.) Hoy amanecio * Los Gatos * Obras cumbres
10.) Que pasara * Cafe Tacuba * Cuatro caminos
11.) The Boogie Monster * Gnarls Barkley * St. Elsewhere
12.) For Your Infarmation * The Cedars * 7″
13.) O, O, O * Sarlo Akrobata * Bistriji ili tuplji
14.) Modern Modes * The Brogues * 7″
15.) I Had an Excellent Dream * The Dentists * Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It’s All Over It Is Now
16.) Gdy Nie Ma Dzieci * Kult

KPSU Playlist

Isosceles Diego’s Valentine’s Day Special

Isosceles Diego’s Valentine’s Day Special (KPSU Phase I Episode 140)

Recreated using playlist information and the full hour that exists from this show, the original form of this broadcast was a two-hour special, featuring pre-recorded segments from the DJ after me, who would “appear” to discuss his VD plans with his girlfriend.  Those segments, minus a handful of voice overs, are missing from this presentation.

However, what you do get is a fantastic DJ set by my friend Isosceles Diego, and the complete first hour, in all of it’s majesty and wonder.  Thanks again buddy!  You totally delivered a show when I was not ready to do one.


Isosceles Diego’s Valentine’s Day Special

01.) Cudna suma * Disciplina Kicme * Ove ruke nisu male
02.) Pregenerate * June of 44 * In The Fishtank
03.) Treci vavilon * Darkwood Dugb * U nedogled
04.) Heroina savremenog doba * Jarboli * Budanje prolece
05.) Anarhija all over Bascarsija * Zabranjeno pusenje * Walter go brani sarajevo
06.) Voda u moru * Elektricni orgazam * Elektricni orgazam
07.) Ritam u kojem stojis * Presing * 600 nebo
08.) Generate * June of 44 * In the Fishtank
09.) Five Weetbix and Toast * Bird Nest Roys * –
10.) Wednesday She’s Coming Round * Able Tasmans * –
11.) Ash Grey * Verlaines * Hallelujah All the Way Home
12.) Crazy to Exist * josef k * entomology
13.) Oko moje glave * Sarlo Akrobata * Beograd – Paket Aranzman
14.) In the Fishtank * June of 44 * Modern Hereditary Dance
15.) Valentine * Tsunami * Deep End
16.) Valentine * Lois * Butterfly Kiss
17.) Valentine Card / Kantina / Were, Are And Was Or Is * Unwound * Fake Train
18.) Sing Blue Silver Interlude [Missing]
19.) Mozda ce pasti * Jarboli * Budanje prolece
20.) Gubitnik * Partibrejkers * Partibrejkers
21.) Sweet Smell * Eleventh Dream Day * Prairie School Freakout
22.) Mravalzhamieri * Choir of Shilda * Drinking Horns and Gramaphones
23.) You’ve Got To Be Modernistic * James P Johnson * King of Stride Piano
24.) Sleeping Through Heaven * Game Theory * Distortion of Glory
25.) Mocskos ido * Európa Kiadó * Love 82
26.) Sing Blue Silver Interlude [Missing]
27.) Fado Lisboa * Ercilia Costa * Ercilia Costa and Armandinho

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn (Live Friday)

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn
The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn, LIVE! (Live Friday 051)

“Eating Solid Foods Since 1981.”  Born on a napkin at the Alibi Family Restaurant and Tiki Lounge, The Mayonnaise has run rampant through the streets, stealing ears from our heads and dollars from our wallets with little or no repercussions.  But now, Radicchio and Arugula Venn have taken it upon themselves to wage unending battle against the omnipresent Mayonnaise to protect the rest of us from being emulsified into mediocrity. With love, support and musical contributions from the rest of Venn family, they labor day and night so that you may rest assured that the world is, and always will be, a safe and harmonious place to listen. And now, you can do so, here on Live Friday.

Gordon Taylor (Live Friday)

A Gordon Taylor
A Gordon Taylor

Gordon Taylor, LIVE! (Live Friday 041)

Gordon Taylor are four protein-derived life-forms that play songs about science, history and medical oddities. Having only been around a short period of time, they’ve already formed quite a name for themselves with the few blow-out performances they’ve allowed us to witness. An upstanding bunch of young striplings, they wax melodic and rock geodesic. Formed out of the smoldering chunks of Rise Over Run (formerly Lina Alba) and assisted by Johnny-Cat on drums, Gordon Taylor are on their way to taking Portland by storm that will leave you soaked and satisfied as you trudge through our streets. If they were a body part, it’d be the pancreas. A chord? F-sharp. A Max Stop? Ruby Junction… Playing on KPSU? Right now…