Senior Citizens, Expanded Edition (KPSU Years)

Senior Citizens, Expanded Edition (KPSU Years)

This combines two broadcasts from my KPSU years, both from 2006. In the first, I join another KPSU DJ, Tim, where we read many selections from Richard Brautigan’s “Revenge of The Lawn.” In the second show, I’m joined by kiisu d’salyss, who performs a tune as “Neutered Prunes,” then together we improvise two pieces under the name “The Black Noise Orchestra.” Further shenanigans ensue. The dates: 27 March and 26 July.


Hour 1: Revenge of The Lawn

Hour 2: w/ kiisu d’salyss

01.) La Cucaracha (Long Version) * Eastside Connection * La Cucaracha 12″
02.) By The Mark * Danava * Invaders

03.) Hank * Neutered Prunes * Performed Live
04.) (piece 1) * The Black Noise Orchestra * Performed Live
05.) (piece 2) * The Black Noise Orchestra * Performed Live

06.) Buffalo Gas Works * The Hataway Family Plot * MySpace

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