Austin Rich

Who is Austin Rich?  

UnknownAustin grew up in a number of small towns throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon, listening to the radio and writing as a kid.  In 1993 he began self-publishing ‘zines, began writing and performing in bands in 1994, began radio broadcasting in 1998, began web-publishing and blogging in 2000, began podcasting in 2004, and began making videos in 2013.

In that 20 plus years, Austin has applied a magical-realist-meets-punk-rock philosophy toward his work, with the main thrust being that anyone and everyone is creating media –
all the time – even if they aren’t sure they are. To this end, why not share this work with the world?  Isn’t the media we create for ourselves as important as the public media we consume so voraciously?  Austin’s work is DIY and very personal, exactly the way he would like it.untitled

Austin has been through some rather unusual events.  After loosing 10 years of his life due to a time-slip, he now claims he doesn’t really remember being Austin anymore, but merely carries some of his memories and interests.  Austin works part time as a detective for hire between his various creative jobs, and continues the life his old self once had, but with a new mature focus.  Austin currently resides in Salem, OR, with his wife and their cat.