logoYou can listen to Mid-Valley Mutations in a number of ways:

1.) Follow our page on Social Media ( MidValleyMutations/). Every Sunday, at 8 AM to 10 AM, we are streaming the show live, as it is being produced. That is your chance to catch the show before everyone else.

11253235_780049185425894_998524242835980830_n2.) You can also hear us live in Split, Croatia on, where you can stream the show on Wednesdays at 12 AM CET (that’s Wednesday at 3 PM PST). This is when we air the program that’s recorded Sunday Morning, and it’s the primary way most people hear the show now. This is going to be late-night fare in different parts of the world for many of you, but for all of you US office drones out there, you can close your shift with Mid-Valley Mutations on Wednesday afternoons.

3.) You can subscribe to the show as a podcast in iTunes using this link: (if you search for “mid-valley mutations” in the iTunes Store under “podcasts,” it’s the only thing that comes up). The show is available at 3 PM PST on Wednesdays. If you’re the kind of person that listens to your pods the moment the drop, you can hear us at the same time KLFM listeners do.

4.) Or you can use this feed in any other podcatcher you may prefer using, and achieve the same results:

A number of other pod-cathing services seem to also have our program available. If you are having trouble finding it in your favorite means of audio consumption, let me know ( We’re working hard to be heard, as far and as wide as we can.

* * * * * *

In the past, you could hear this program this way:

Tune in to the program at 10 PM on Friday Evenings on a traditional radio dial in Marion & Polk Counties, in the Salem / Keizer area, in the heart of The Oregon Territory.

13254357_282668362071156_7065617948185033388_n.jpg88.5 FM is the signal for KMUZ-FM, and our coverage range is seen in the map to the left.  Turner is where the license originates from.

13239125_282668368737822_211795323872480383_n.jpg100.7 FM is KMUZ-FM‘s translator signal (K264AA-FM), and its range is seen the the map to the right.

You can find a Google-Map of our coverage, where you can drop a pin and make a note about what you can hear, and where.

You can also stream the program live at at 10 PM on Fridays, using a computer, your phone, or another other thing connected to the Inter-Web-A-Tron.