Popcorn Party PM

Popcorn Party PM w/ Isosceles Diego!
(Featuring a wide array of songs from the personal collection of Isosceles Diego.)

I’m pretty sure I say this ever time, but I really do love having guests on my show. And when you have one as good as Isosceles Diego, it really doesn’t get any better. He’s been making appearances on my show since the beginning, and between his various jaunts to Europe, he likes to make me incredible mix CDs and read books about languages I’ve never heard of. You may remember his appearance from over a year ago. This particular week he wanted to bring you a good long dose on New Wave from around the globe, and as usual, he delivered.

This will probably be the only time Dexy’s Midnight Runners got playing on the radio, and it wasn’t “Come On Eileen.” But that’s not all. Hidden gems like The Method Actors and Scars make appearances, as well as a healthy dose of the Rhino Records release, Crime Jazz. This is a pretty great BBQ kind of show, so bump this one to a CD and enjoy.

On a technical note: There was a problem with the turntable during The Twinkeyz song near the beginning of the show, and we were only getting sound out of one channel. Once Isosceles transitioned to his next song, I was able to fix the needle. From that point on, we got stereo. I should also mention that, on the whole, I did very little work on this show. Isosceles is a radio veteran from over 10 years ago, and I was basically just there to keep him company and eat an apple. If you like his style, why not send you e-mails that say as much, so I can use them to help get him back on the air.

See ya in seven.

Popcorn Party PM
# Track * Artist * Album * Label
01.) The Wild One * Shorty Rogers & His Orchestra * Crime Jazz * Rhino Records
02.) Frankie Machine [Excerpt] * Elmer Bernstein & Orchestra * Crime Jazz * Rhino Records
03.) Aliens In Our Midst * The Twinkeyz * “Aliens In Our Midst” b/w “One Thousand Reasons” 7″ * Grok Records
04.) Ilya Kuryakin Looked At Me * Cleaners From Venus * Living With Victoria Grey * Cherry Red Records
05.) I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass * Nick Lowe * Pure Pop For Now People * Columbia Records
06.) Neobičan Dan * Haustor * Treći Svijet * Jugoton Records
07.) Dancing Underneath * The Method Actors * Rhythms Of You * Armageddon Records
08.) Kitchen Person * The Associates * Fourth Drawer Down * V2 Music
09.) Your Attention Please * Scars * Author! Author! * Pre Records
10.) No Place Called Home * The June Brides * Every Conversation: The Story of The June Brides & Phil Wilson * Cherry Red Records
11.) Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow * Felt * “Penelope Tree” b/w “Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow” 7″ Test Pressing * Cherry Red Records
12.) The Associate [Excerpt] * The Associates * Fourth Drawer Down * V2 Music
13.) The Funniest Thing * The Verlaines * “The Funniest Thing” b/w “You Forget Love” 7″ * Flying Nun Records
14.) Bad Year At UCLA * Game Theory * Distortion of Glory * Alias Records
15.) Tell Me When My Light Turns Green * Dexy’s Midnight Runners * It Was Like This * EMI Records
16.) Staccato’s Theme [Excerpt] * Buddy Morrow & His Orchestra * Crime Jazz * Rhino Records
17.) Video Video Hot Dog * Monty Cantsin First Aid Brigade * Panic Panic * Planetarium Records

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