A Northwest Quatrain (1 of 2) w/ Xeres of Xeron!

A Northwest Quatrain (1 of 2) w/ Xeres of Xeron!

Xeres of Xeron is no stranger to KMUZ, and he and I have done some great radio together. But when Mick asked me to cover for Northwest Notes, and Xeres and I had already been bonding on some of the secret gems of the Northwest that are only available on poorly distributed physical media, we felt like it was a good idea to bring you four hours of rarities and gems from Xeres’ collection of tapes and records, and from a few other sources here and there.

This show contains rare recordings by artists you have heard of that you can’t hear anywhere else… mostly because they were only released on tapes that have never made it to other formats. We don’t talk about these tunes much, but below are some extensive show notes by Xeres himself, that address some of the more interesting (and lesser-known) elements of this very amazing scene.

This show also contains special weather reports by The Ramen City Kid.

We hope our walk through the music of the Northwest adds to the work that Mick does on this show, but offers a flavor that is 100% Xeres of Xeron.

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A Northwest Quatrain (1 of 2) w/ Xeres of Xeron!


Part I: Rural Ruminations

01.) Oregon (I Can’t Go Home) * Blackhawk County * “Oregon” b/w “Helplessly” * Seagull Records (1974)

  • This was a hit single in 1974, #16 on Billboard, and #1 in the NW for 9 weeks. It’s about U of O student Joann McDaniels from Coos Bay, who was in a Turkish prison at the time. The band Blackhawk County is from Monmouth, Oregon. The whole story can be found using this link.

02.) Ol’ Coos Bay [Live] * Christopher Todd Davis * Live * Christopher Todd Davis (2014)

  • Seattle based country folk-rock artist, originally from Coos Bay.

03.) Goin’ Huntin’ * Griffin, Fard & Furd * End of the World in D-Minor * Griffin, Fard & Furd (1978)

  • Home recording done in Coos Bay, 1978.

04.) Ford Fairlane 500 * Billy Dwayne & the Creepers * Billy Dwayne & the Creepers * Billy Dwayne & the Creepers (2000)

  • Seattle based rockabilly performer, originally from Coos Bay. He’s currently looking for a new stand-up bass player!

05.) Beer Run * Todd Snider * New Connection * Oh Boy Records (2002)

  • Country & folk singer, born in Portland. At 15 he ran away from home in Houston back to Portland.

06.) Small Still Voice * Ben Bochner * Heartland * Ben Bochner (2012)

  • Ben Bochner (1956-2018), Eugene based singer-songwriter, was just beginning to get known in the Austin, TX circuit – perhaps on the brink of national recognition – when he died last spring. In 1987 Ben took part in Ken Kesey’s novel writing class at U of O, which resulted in the collaboratively written 1990 novel Caverns by O. U. Levon (which is backwards for Novel U of O.) The whole story of Ben’s role in that process can be found at this link.

07.) Birth of a Stream * Michael Harrison * Collected Recordings * Michael Harrison (1980)

  • Michael Harrison grew up in Eugene, studied composition at U of O, and could often be heard improvising on the piano in the student union hall. He went on to release recordings on the Windham Hill label. He became known for tuning his piano using Just Intonation (as opposed to Equal Temperment.) However, this piece was recorded prior to Harrison’s interest in just intonation.

08.) Naiads * Oregon * Music of Another Present Era * Vanguard (1972)

  • Two of this jazz fusion group’s founders had first met and collaborated as students at U of O in the early 60s.

Part II: Panic Favorites

This segment is intended to expand upon a recent interview of Jeff Cellers, founder and curator of the Panic on 13th blog, which is devoted to archiving Eugene’s music scene from 1980 to 1995. The interview was conducted by Austin Rich, and can be found at this link.

Most of these tunes were downloaded from the Panic on 13th blog, along with some related material from my own collection. This playlist does not necessarily highlight the best or most representative selections from the Panic blog, which deserves much more exploration. These are just a few of my personal favorite tunes and bands. The Panic on 13th blog can be found at this link

09.) Anorexia * Headhunters * Tioga Studio tape * Panic On 13th (1985)

  • This delightfully politically incorrect tune was a local favorite, and got some airplay on KRVM, Eugene around 1985. When this band relocated to Austin, Texas in 1985, they re-named themselves Voice of Reason.

10.) New World Babies * Moose Lodge * New World Babies * Moose Lodge (1984)
11.) Liberals * White Liberals * Cat Behavior * Solid Citizens Records (1985)
12.) Short Narrative * Snakepit * Panic on 13th * Dunghill Records (1986)
13.) Treasure in the Pity City * Moment’s Notice w/ Elizabeth Rieman * Moment’s Notice * Moment’s Notice (1990)

  • A song about Robert Christie of Snakepit.

14.) Bad Boy (Live) * Los Xploreres * Live * Los Xploreres (1981)

  • Featuring another Coos Bay homey, the incomparable Marlin Reiber on vocals.

15.) Work * Stick Against Stone w/ HR * HR Sessions * Stick Against Stone (1986)

  • Stick Against Stone was founded in Pittsburg, PA, but moved around a lot. While in New York, they established a friendship with the band Bad Brains. In 1984 and ’85, Stick Against Stone settled in Eugene for a spell. In 1986, in San Francisco, Stick Against Stone began to make some recordings with Bad Brains vocalist HR. Due to personal disagreements, these recordings were never completed or released.

16.) Life on the Farm * Michael Billings * Old Shorteyes Is Back * Dunghill (1988)
17.) Old Shirt * Bunny Summer * Failure… An Instructional Tape * Disgraceland (1996)

  • The host of the Panic blog is Jeff Cellers, and he was in this band called Bunny Summer.

18.) Spaztech Culture * Sow Belly * Sow Belly * Sow Belly (1990)
19.) Hard and Heavy * Stick Against Stone w/ HR * HR Sessions * Stick Against Stone (1986)

  • Another unobtainable piece featuring HR of the Bad Brains, combined with ex-Eugenians, Stick Against Stone.

20.) Someone Else * A Few Chairs * demo * A Few Chairs (1986)
21.) Pollution in Disguise * Insidious Menace * Get Paid Somewhere Else * Insidious Menace (1991)
22.) Every Band Sucks (But the Drills) * the Drills * Every Band Sucks (But the Drills) * Every Band Sucks (But the Drills) (1983)
23.) Ode to a Motorhome * E-13 * No Mercy for Swine * Fatal Erection (1986)
24.) Misguided Missile Youth * E-13 * No Mercy for Swine * Fatal Erection (1986)
25.) Eddie * E-13 * No Mercy for Swine * Fatal Erection (1986)
26.) Sport Pack * E-13 * No Mercy for Swine * Fatal Erection (1986)
27.) Humor Demons * E-13 * No Mercy for Swine * Fatal Erection (1986)
28.) Free the Cheese * E-13 * No Mercy for Swine * Fatal Erection (1986)
29.) Swizzle Stick * E-13 * No Mercy for Swine * Fatal Erection (1986)
30.) Clowns Are Experts at Making Us Laugh * E-13 * No Mercy for Swine * Fatal Erection (1986)
31.) Pankreatitis * E-13 * Drinking Is Great * Fatal Erection (1985)
32.) Quest for Gilligan * E-13 * Quest for Gilligan * Fatal Erection (1984)
33.) Cheesehead Alert * E-13 * Quest for Gilligan * Fatal Erection (1984)

  • E-13 was Eugene’s most legendary punk band. This is a collection of their material from the No Mercy for Swine EP, the Quest for Gilligan 7″, and the Drinking Is Great compilation. Tracks 27 – 31 Above are “podcast only” inclusions, that were not aired on KMUZ due to FCC Regulations.

34.) Hospital * KPANTS * “Love” b/w “Hospital” * Grinning Idiot Records (1995)

  • The K is silent. This is the only selection in this show that was selected by Austin, as it is one of his favorite bands from Eugene, and he quite enjoys this rendition of a Johnathan Richman tune.

Part III: Switched Off Eugene

This segment is intended to expand upon recent interviews of Brian Magill (aka Phyllyp Vernacular) and Peter Thomas, co-founders of the Eugene Electronic Music Collective, and both featured on the new compilation album Switched-On Eugene released by Numero Group. These interviews were conducted by Austin Rich.

These are some tunes that were not included on the Switched-On Eugene compilation. But some of these could have been, while others are included as an update on the more current electronic music scene in Eugene and the Northwest.

35.) Self-Regulation I * Carl Juarez * Confessions of a Mobile Intelligence Unit * Glass Onion (1985)

  • The compilation album features Self-Regulation II. So I wanted to complete the picture here by playing Self-Regulation I.

36.) Soil Count * David Stuart * The Laundry * David Stuart (1988)

  • David worked at an industrial laundry, and sonically emulated his experience using broken guitars and stacks of effects boxes. A scant few copies of this cassette were released in 1988 and put on consignment at House of Records. While perhaps not among the earliest pioneers of industrial music, the genre was not yet well known or well liked, so David was gutsy to put this out at that time. Not to be confused with the guy from the Eurythmics, David Stewart (different spelling!)

37.) Lost City * Derryl Parsons * Free Fall * Eugene Electronic Music Collective (1984)

  • The inspiration for the Switched-On Eugene compilation was a prior self-released cassette compilation by the Eugene Electronic Music Collective called Free Fall. This is a selection by the late Derryl Parsons, taken from the Free Fall album.

38.) Shadow * Onomatopoiea * Womb * 13 Records (1996)

  • Electro-industrial wizards of trance dance ritual Onomatopoiea were not involved in the EEMC, but clearly influenced and were influenced by them.

39.) Saragosso * Heather Perkins * Little Humans * Land-O-Newts Records (2008)

  • Heather’s early work is featured on the Switched-On Eugene album. This is an example of her somewhat more recent work.

40.) As Our Bodies Die * Entrail * 100 Years Remaining * Flossless Audio (2017)

  • Experimental violinist, vocalist, and electronic noise-maker Entrail was not around in the days of EEMC, but is included here to represent the current (2017) evolution of Northwest electronica. Entrail originated in Eugene, but is currently living and performing in Olympia, WA.


The Return of The Ramen City Kid! (#133)

The Return of The Ramen City Kid! (#133)

Going back to the beginning of my radio career in 1998, The Ramen City Kid has been appearing as a guest on some version of this program. But our history together even goes back further than that. He’s one of those people in my life who has consistently revealed musical joys at the perfect moment, and has shared so much of my non-radio life with me that it seems a shame to mention that it has been over 10 Years since his last appearance.

Part of that has to do with his own incredible life. A master of many languages, a musician and writer, who is well traveled and well read, The Ramen City Kid is a busy gent. So it was refreshing to get him back on the radio. It was, in some ways, a reflection of the show he used to do (and I used to listen to), and while I think none of those shows were recorded, someone remembers them fondly, and this is as close as we can get to it these days.

This show is obviously a bit of a departure from what we usually do, but as you listen, I think you’ll notice that while the show initially seems like a standard DJ set, there is certainly something happening here that is… different.

Key lighting, cue music. Our new sponsor, Bendix, seems a little sinister, don’t you think? Something ain’t right. It looks like there’s a case to look into, and as the night wears on, we are certainly gonna need something to eat. Can we can get the recipe — and the case — in a mere two hours?

It may take all the international new wave we can find to get us through the night.


The Return of The Ramen City Kid!


01.) Čudna šuma * Disciplina Kičme * Ove ruke nisu male 2 * Tom Tom Music (2004)
02.) Treći vavilon * Darkwood Dub * U nedogled * B92 (1996)
03.) Ulice su noćas * Beograd * Remek depo * PGP RTB (1983)
04.) Mace and Grenades * Hugh Masekela * “Mace And Grenades” b/w “Riot” * UNI Records (1969)
05.) Experimental Music is Consumer Fraud * Men’s Recovery Project * Today the Planet… Tomorrow the World 7” * Thin The Herd (1996)
06.) Asphixiation * Asphixiation * What Is This Thing Called ‘Disco?’ * Innocent Records (1981)
07.) Echophilia * Nocturnal Habits * New Skin for Old Children * Glacial Pace Records (2016)
08.) Graham St. Massacre * Hungry Ghost * Hungry Ghost * Hungry Ghost Records (2012)
09.) I Was More Of a Mess Then… * Comet Gain * “If Not Tomorrow” b/w “I Was More Of A Mess Then…” * Tapete Records (2018)
10.) Everybody Has a Dream * The Servants * Small Time / Hey Hey We’re The Manqués * Cherry Red Records (2012)
11.) Summer in a Small Town * Cleaners from Venus * Under Wartime Conditions * Captured Tracks (2013)
12.) A Girl With Cars In Her Eyes * Cleaners from Venus * On Any Normal Monday * Captured Tracks (2012)
13.) Ilya Kuryakin Looked At Me * Cleaners from Venus * Living With Victoria Grey * Captured Tracks (2014)
14.) Az égboltsapkájú * Tamás Cseh * Jóslat * Krém Records (1984)
15.) Cape of Good Hope * Half Eye * So You’re the Idiot Who Lives in That Stupid House * Pecho Grande (2017)


16.) Westward Ho!  Massive Letdown * Half Man Half Biscuit * Urge for Offal * Probe Plus (2014)
17.) Harsh Times in Umberstone Covert * Half Man Half Biscuit * No-one Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckin’ Hedge Cut * Probe Plus (2018)
18.) M-6-ster * Half Man Half Biscuit * This Leaden Pall * Probe Plus (1993)
19.) Bottleneck At Capel Curig * Half Man Half Biscuit * Trouble over Bridgwater * Probe Plus (2000)
20.) Housework * Carol Channing * Free to Be… You and Me * Bell Records (1972)
21.) Barnabas Collins * Lone Ranger * Barnabas Collins 7” * GG’s Records (1977)
22.) Crazy to Exist * Josef K * The Only Fun in Town * Postcard Records (1981)
23.) Hunger Food Nausea * Asphixiation * What Is This Thing Called ‘Disco?’ * Innocent Records (1981)
24.) El Tírili * Don Ramon y su orquesta * Pachuco Boogie * Arhoolie Records (2002)
25.) Yesterday’s Misery * Jackie Johnson & the Wheels “Yesterday’s misery” b/w “A million heartaches” * Satin Records (1971)
26.) U nedogled * Darkwood Dub * U nedogled * B92 (1996)
27.) Everybody Has a Dream (encore) * The Servants * Small Time / Hey Hey We’re The Manqués * Cherry Red Records (2012)
28.) Complete Works * The Servants * Small Time / Hey Hey We’re The Manqués * Cherry Red Records (2012)
29.) Sounds & Pressure * Hopeton Lewis * “Take It Easy” With The “Rock Steady” Beat * Merritone Records (1967)

Ramen City Radio

Ramen City Radio
(Featuring excerpts from the earliest days of our program featuring one of the most important figures in college radio history: The Ramen City Kid.)

As we continue our journey through the nostalgic origins of this program for our 14th Anniversary, we cannot overlook the influence of none other than The Ramen City Kid. Roommate, zinester, bread baker, and much much more, I met him in 1994, and we’ve been friends (and often roommates) ever since. His taste has affected my interest in film, music, radio, people, books, and everything in between, and without him, I would not be the person (or DJ) I am today. It is to him that this episode is dedicated, as we listen to edited highlights from five of his recorded appearances on this program in 1998.

There were others, of course, but time has not been kind, and many of these programs went un-recorded, or lost in the years since. Still, these excerpts serve to give you a sense of what the program was like in those days, with and ear for emphasizing his voice and musical selections as best as possible. None of these shows exist in their complete forms, but I’ve done my best to present the spirit of these shows for a modern audience. I hope you enjoy the results.

As a point of order: aside from the spots, and voice overs, all the music heard in this program were taken from the original broadcasts as listed below. Those songs were actually played that night. I’ve created loops for the voice overs, but those songs really were heard on those days.

This one is a concentrated blast of nostalgic radio, without any of the bells and whistles. Hopefully there will be more bells and whistle in future shows.

See you in seven!

Ramen City Radio

Part I: Introducing The Ramen City Kid (17 June 1998)

01.) The Dr. Who Theme Music
02.) High School Is A Prison * Mojo Nixon
03.) Sunday [Excerpt] * Sonic Youth
04.) Start! * The Jam
05.) Vampire Girl * KPANTS
06.) DIY * Screeching Weasel
07.) The Dreams Of A Working Girl * Comet Gain
08.) godheadSilo [Excerpt]
09.) Polish Cabaret Record

Part II: Skate Rock (01 July 1998)

10.) The World Wasn’t Built In A Day [Excerpt] * Nomeansno
11.) Rendezvous Service * Hungaria
12.) The Kids At The Club * Comet Gain
13.) Save The Children! * Sam & Joe
14.) Let’s Go Get Cokes! * The Faction
15.) In The Kingdom #19 * Sonic Youth

Part III: Emo (08 July 1998)

16.) Frankie Carle [Excerpt I]
17.) Creep In The Celar * The Butthole Surfers
18.) Another Weekend * Comet Gain
19.) The Switch Is Down * Universal Order Of Armageddon
20.) Fake Fake Eyes * …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
21.) Frankie Carle [Excerpt II]

Part IV: The Naked Show (22 July 1998)

22.) In The Air Tonight [Excerpt] * godheadSilo
23.) Rah Rah Replica * Bikini Kill
24.) Kill All The White Man [Live] * NOFX
25.) Oregon * The Western Front
26.) D&D Fantasy * KARP
27.) Talent, OR * Fuck
28.) Anatomically Correct * God Is My Co-Pilot

Part V: The Crazy Show (16 September 1998)

29.) Teenagers Are Boring [Excerpt] * Red Monkey
30.) 49er Stomp * 9th Life
31.) “There’s Always Time To Heal” * Batman Animated Series
32.) “Sinner” * Kult
33.) The Love Theme From Kiss * Adam Woodrow
34.) Beers, Steers & Queers [Excerpt] * Revolting Cocks
35.) Tighten Up * Comet Gain
36.) Carousel of Madonnas * Eva Demarcheck
37.) Rearranged * Crimpshrine

Popcorn Party PM

Popcorn Party PM w/ Isosceles Diego!
(Featuring a wide array of songs from the personal collection of Isosceles Diego.)

I’m pretty sure I say this ever time, but I really do love having guests on my show. And when you have one as good as Isosceles Diego, it really doesn’t get any better. He’s been making appearances on my show since the beginning, and between his various jaunts to Europe, he likes to make me incredible mix CDs and read books about languages I’ve never heard of. You may remember his appearance from over a year ago. This particular week he wanted to bring you a good long dose on New Wave from around the globe, and as usual, he delivered.

This will probably be the only time Dexy’s Midnight Runners got playing on the radio, and it wasn’t “Come On Eileen.” But that’s not all. Hidden gems like The Method Actors and Scars make appearances, as well as a healthy dose of the Rhino Records release, Crime Jazz. This is a pretty great BBQ kind of show, so bump this one to a CD and enjoy.

On a technical note: There was a problem with the turntable during The Twinkeyz song near the beginning of the show, and we were only getting sound out of one channel. Once Isosceles transitioned to his next song, I was able to fix the needle. From that point on, we got stereo. I should also mention that, on the whole, I did very little work on this show. Isosceles is a radio veteran from over 10 years ago, and I was basically just there to keep him company and eat an apple. If you like his style, why not send you e-mails that say as much, so I can use them to help get him back on the air.

See ya in seven.

Popcorn Party PM
# Track * Artist * Album * Label
01.) The Wild One * Shorty Rogers & His Orchestra * Crime Jazz * Rhino Records
02.) Frankie Machine [Excerpt] * Elmer Bernstein & Orchestra * Crime Jazz * Rhino Records
03.) Aliens In Our Midst * The Twinkeyz * “Aliens In Our Midst” b/w “One Thousand Reasons” 7″ * Grok Records
04.) Ilya Kuryakin Looked At Me * Cleaners From Venus * Living With Victoria Grey * Cherry Red Records
05.) I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass * Nick Lowe * Pure Pop For Now People * Columbia Records
06.) Neobičan Dan * Haustor * Treći Svijet * Jugoton Records
07.) Dancing Underneath * The Method Actors * Rhythms Of You * Armageddon Records
08.) Kitchen Person * The Associates * Fourth Drawer Down * V2 Music
09.) Your Attention Please * Scars * Author! Author! * Pre Records
10.) No Place Called Home * The June Brides * Every Conversation: The Story of The June Brides & Phil Wilson * Cherry Red Records
11.) Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow * Felt * “Penelope Tree” b/w “Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow” 7″ Test Pressing * Cherry Red Records
12.) The Associate [Excerpt] * The Associates * Fourth Drawer Down * V2 Music
13.) The Funniest Thing * The Verlaines * “The Funniest Thing” b/w “You Forget Love” 7″ * Flying Nun Records
14.) Bad Year At UCLA * Game Theory * Distortion of Glory * Alias Records
15.) Tell Me When My Light Turns Green * Dexy’s Midnight Runners * It Was Like This * EMI Records
16.) Staccato’s Theme [Excerpt] * Buddy Morrow & His Orchestra * Crime Jazz * Rhino Records
17.) Video Video Hot Dog * Monty Cantsin First Aid Brigade * Panic Panic * Planetarium Records

KPSU Playlist

Live From Circus Minimus!

Live From The Circus Minimus w/ Isosceles Diego
(One of the long-lost radio personalities, back from his airport planespotting adventure.)

Check out today’s spine-tingling radio show, ready in popular “monophonic .mp3 download” format.  As many of you probably know, this man has the coolest taste in music, is the most attractive man in the Portland area, and my oldest and dearest friend in the whole wide world. I wouldn’t be half the man I am without him. (The good half, that is.) We busted out an hour’s worth of tunes that you won’t soon forget, so download it now and be the first on your block to experience


Or something.

See ya in seven.

The Isosceles Diego Pledge Drive Show

Isosceles Diego (Pledge Drive) (KPSU Phase I Episode 151)

At this time, our program was on from 9 PM – 10 PM.

01.) Germ of Youth * Comet Gain * 7″
02.) Theresa * Bodines * ep
03.) Graveyard * Antietam * Rope-a-Dope
04.) Orange Moon * Eleventh Dream Day * Ursa Major
05.) Gather Up Your Wings and Fly * Felt * ep
06.) Every Conversation * June Brides * Every Conversation
07.) Roxy Girls * Yummy Fur * Night Club
08.) Fiesty Faust * Lumiere * it seemed like a good idea at the time
09.) Ala Bala * Revyu * Revyu
10.) Jr * Codeine * Barely Real

KPSU Playlist

Isosceles Diego

Isosceles Diego
Isosceles Diego

Isosceles Diego (KPSU Phase I Episode 147)

At this time, our program was on the air from 9 – 10 PM.

01.) Pierwszy * Wakacje w Rzymie * 7″
02.) Orange Song * Antietam * S/T
03.) Insincere Inspiration * Eleventh Dream Day * Zeroes and Ones
04.) You Can’t Be Funky * Bush Tetras * Boom in the Night
05.) You * Au Pairs * 7″
06.) Careen * Embarrassment * Heyday
07.) Really Strange and Weird Things * Sein Sah Thin * Princess Nicotine
08.) Nataque tempo * Pixinguinha * —
09.) Hoy amanecio * Los Gatos * Obras cumbres
10.) Que pasara * Cafe Tacuba * Cuatro caminos
11.) The Boogie Monster * Gnarls Barkley * St. Elsewhere
12.) For Your Infarmation * The Cedars * 7″
13.) O, O, O * Sarlo Akrobata * Bistriji ili tuplji
14.) Modern Modes * The Brogues * 7″
15.) I Had an Excellent Dream * The Dentists * Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It’s All Over It Is Now
16.) Gdy Nie Ma Dzieci * Kult

KPSU Playlist

Isosceles Diego’s Valentine’s Day Special

Isosceles Diego’s Valentine’s Day Special (KPSU Phase I Episode 140)

Recreated using playlist information and the full hour that exists from this show, the original form of this broadcast was a two-hour special, featuring pre-recorded segments from the DJ after me, who would “appear” to discuss his VD plans with his girlfriend.  Those segments, minus a handful of voice overs, are missing from this presentation.

However, what you do get is a fantastic DJ set by my friend Isosceles Diego, and the complete first hour, in all of it’s majesty and wonder.  Thanks again buddy!  You totally delivered a show when I was not ready to do one.


Isosceles Diego’s Valentine’s Day Special

01.) Cudna suma * Disciplina Kicme * Ove ruke nisu male
02.) Pregenerate * June of 44 * In The Fishtank
03.) Treci vavilon * Darkwood Dugb * U nedogled
04.) Heroina savremenog doba * Jarboli * Budanje prolece
05.) Anarhija all over Bascarsija * Zabranjeno pusenje * Walter go brani sarajevo
06.) Voda u moru * Elektricni orgazam * Elektricni orgazam
07.) Ritam u kojem stojis * Presing * 600 nebo
08.) Generate * June of 44 * In the Fishtank
09.) Five Weetbix and Toast * Bird Nest Roys * –
10.) Wednesday She’s Coming Round * Able Tasmans * –
11.) Ash Grey * Verlaines * Hallelujah All the Way Home
12.) Crazy to Exist * josef k * entomology
13.) Oko moje glave * Sarlo Akrobata * Beograd – Paket Aranzman
14.) In the Fishtank * June of 44 * Modern Hereditary Dance
15.) Valentine * Tsunami * Deep End
16.) Valentine * Lois * Butterfly Kiss
17.) Valentine Card / Kantina / Were, Are And Was Or Is * Unwound * Fake Train
18.) Sing Blue Silver Interlude [Missing]
19.) Mozda ce pasti * Jarboli * Budanje prolece
20.) Gubitnik * Partibrejkers * Partibrejkers
21.) Sweet Smell * Eleventh Dream Day * Prairie School Freakout
22.) Mravalzhamieri * Choir of Shilda * Drinking Horns and Gramaphones
23.) You’ve Got To Be Modernistic * James P Johnson * King of Stride Piano
24.) Sleeping Through Heaven * Game Theory * Distortion of Glory
25.) Mocskos ido * Európa Kiadó * Love 82
26.) Sing Blue Silver Interlude [Missing]
27.) Fado Lisboa * Ercilia Costa * Ercilia Costa and Armandinho

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn (Live Friday)

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn
The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn, LIVE! (Live Friday 051)

“Eating Solid Foods Since 1981.”  Born on a napkin at the Alibi Family Restaurant and Tiki Lounge, The Mayonnaise has run rampant through the streets, stealing ears from our heads and dollars from our wallets with little or no repercussions.  But now, Radicchio and Arugula Venn have taken it upon themselves to wage unending battle against the omnipresent Mayonnaise to protect the rest of us from being emulsified into mediocrity. With love, support and musical contributions from the rest of Venn family, they labor day and night so that you may rest assured that the world is, and always will be, a safe and harmonious place to listen. And now, you can do so, here on Live Friday.

Gordon Taylor (Live Friday)

A Gordon Taylor
A Gordon Taylor

Gordon Taylor, LIVE! (Live Friday 041)

Gordon Taylor are four protein-derived life-forms that play songs about science, history and medical oddities. Having only been around a short period of time, they’ve already formed quite a name for themselves with the few blow-out performances they’ve allowed us to witness. An upstanding bunch of young striplings, they wax melodic and rock geodesic. Formed out of the smoldering chunks of Rise Over Run (formerly Lina Alba) and assisted by Johnny-Cat on drums, Gordon Taylor are on their way to taking Portland by storm that will leave you soaked and satisfied as you trudge through our streets. If they were a body part, it’d be the pancreas. A chord? F-sharp. A Max Stop? Ruby Junction… Playing on KPSU? Right now…

Gordon Taylor, Live!


Gordon Taylor, Live!

(KPSU Phase I Episode 077)

“Special Two-Week Christmas Gift To Portland”

As part of my Christmas Gift to the city of Portland, I’ve lined up two weeks of music on my show guaranteed to knock your socks off. This week, I have the up-and-coming rock outfit, Gordon Taylor, risen out of the ashes of Rise Over Run and The Mayonaise vs. Venn Demonstrational. With beautiful lyrics and a slight wink-and-nod to some of the emo greats of the past, they have fantastic songs that will draw you in and make you want to dance.  (This show aired from 5 P.M. – 6 P.M.)

The Crazy Show

The Crazy Show (w/ The Ramen City Kid & Josephus of Sinkhole) (KWVA Episode 023)

At this time, our program was on from 4 A.M. – 6 A.M.

Partial Playlist:

01.) Fast Cars (Buzzcocks) *
02.) ?? (??) *
03.) Stupid Band (Fuck) *
04.) 49er Stomp (9th Life) *
05.) “There’s Always Time To Heal.” * Batman The Animated Series
06.) Teenagers Are Boring (Red Monkey) *
07.) ?? (??) *
08.) Do It All (Andre Williams) *
09.) Moon Cycle (Bill Nye The Science Guy) *
10.) ?? (Misfits) *
11.) Devoid (Unwound) *
12.) ?? (Melvins) *
13.) ?? (Metroshifter) *
14.) Grzesznik (KULT) *
15.) Up My Ass (King Missile III) *
16.) Get Up And Use Me (Fire Engines) *
17.) Barefootin’ At Yer Own Risk (Cathead) *
18.) ?? (Red Elvises) *
19.) The Love Theme From Kiss (Adam Woodrow) *
20.) Fuck It Up (Pigface) *
21.) By Design (Rites Of Spring) *
22.) Theme From A Big 10-8 Place (Negativland) *
23.) Beers, Steers & Queers (Revolting Cocks) *
24.) Popa Zit (Ween) *
25.) ?? (??) *
26.) Tighten Up (Cometgain) *
27.) Carousel Of Madonnas (Ewa Demarczyk) *
28.) Let’s Go Let’s Go Away (Wipers) *
29.) All Music Is Shit To God (Men’s Recovery Project) *
30.) [untitled] (Tool) *
31.) ?? (Unwound) *
32.) Fly Eye (Daniel Johnston) *
33.) Rearranged (Crimpshrine) *
34.) ?? (Snog)

The Naked Show w/ The Ramen City Kid (or, The Cow Punk Show)

The Naked Show w/ The Ramen City Kid (or, The Cow Punk Show) (KWVA Episode 015)

At this time, our program was on from 4 A.M. – 6 A.M.

Partial Playlist:

01.) One Fine Day (NOMEANSNO) *
02.) Horror Hotel (The Misfits) *
03.) It’s Over (Daniel Johnston) *
04.) Al Miller (Bruce McCullouch) *
05.) I’m In Luck (Tight Bros. From Way Back When) *
06.) Your Powers Are Weak Old Man (Supergenius) *
07.) Rah! Rah! Replica (Bikini Kill) *
08.) Three (??) *
09.) Kill All The White Man [Live] (NOFX) *
10.) Get In Line (The Bomboras) *
11.) Man Hole (Men’s Recovery Project) *
12.) Enjoy Life (Men’s Recovery Project) *
13.) ?? (Yo La Tengo) *
14.) I Can Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight (godheadSilo) *
15.) I Wish I Were A Single Girl Again (Blood On The Saddle) *
16.) Buffalo Girls (Malcolm McLaren) *
17.) Homine Grits (??) *
18.) ?? (Billy Childish) *
19.) Orygun (The Western Front) *
20.) Pier Angelie (Cometgain) *
21.) Octoberfleshed (KARP) *
22.) Halo Benders (The Halo Benders) *
23.) ?? (Guitar Wolf) *
24.) ?? (Teengenerate) *
25.) ?? (The El Cincos) *
26.) Talent, OR (Fuck) *
27.) Anatomically Correct (God Is My Co-Pilot)

Emo w/ The Ramen City Kid

Emo w/ The Ramen City Kid (KWVA Episode 013)

At this time our program was on the air from 4 A.M. – 6 A.M.

Partial Playlist:

01.) Boogie Woogie (Frankie Carle) *
02.) Orgasm Addict (Buzzcocks) *
03.) New Radio (Bikini Kill) *
04.) Let’s Wait For The Blackout (The Damned) *
05.) In A Jar (Dinosaur Jr.) *
06.) Media Blitz (The Germs) *
07.) Acid Caller (Bruce McCullouch) *
08.) Fucking Secretaries (The Humpers) *
09.) Sundays (The Varicoasters) *
10.) I’m Not Gonna Play This Game (??) *
11.) Skateboard (JFA) *
12.) Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies) *
13.) “Sunsine” (Earth Crisis) *
14.) Creep In The Celar (Butthole Surfers) *
15.) I Can’t Stop Talking (NOMEANSNO) *
16.) Another Weekend (Cometgain) *
17.) ?? (Clikatat Ikatowi) *
18.) ?? (Rites Of Spring) *
19.) ?? (Antiok Arrow) *
20.) ?? (Shopmaker) *
21.) ?? (One-Eyed Richard And The Goddamn Liars) *
22.) The Switch Is Down (Universal Order Of Armageddon) *
23.) Everything Is Weird (Unwound) *
24.) Fake Fake Eyes (…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead) *
25.) ?? (Bomboras) *
26.) $400 (The Reverend Horton Heat) *
27.) Gigantic (The Pixies) *
28.) ?? (The Warmers) *
29.) Halloween (The Misfits) *
30.) ?? (??) *
31.) ?? (Man… Or Astro-Man?) *
32.) ?? (Frankie Carle)

Skate Rock w/ The Ramen City Kid

Skate Rock w/ The Ramen City Kid (KWVA Episode Episode 012)

At this time our program was on from 4 A.M. – 6 A.M.  

Partial Playlist:

01.) The World Wasn’t Built In A Day (NOMEANSNO) *
02.) ?? (The Bomboras) *
03.) Take You Higher (Tight Bros. From Way Back When) *
04.) Sushi Bar (Shonen Knife) *
05.) ?? (Slayer) *
06.) Rendezvous Service (Hungaria) *
07.) The Wizdom Of Yoda (Supergenius) *
08.) ?? (The Red Aunts) *
09.) I Hate My Life (Youth Brigade) *
10.) Kids In The Club (Cometgain) *
11.) ?? (The Fugs) *
12.) 40 Housewives (Bruce McCullouch) *
13.) Save The Children (Sam & Joe) *
14.) Do The Robot (The Saints) *
15.) Mouse In The House (Some Velvet Sidewalk) *
16.) Sundail (McRad) *
17.) Let’s Go Get Cokes (The Faction) *
18.) I Saw Your Mommy… (Suicidal Tendencies) *
19.) I Think I’m Elvis (Skate Death) *
20.) The Awakening (Fitz Of Depression) *
21.) Blueblud (KARP) *
22.) Walk Together, Rock Together (7 Seconds) *
23.) Nervous Assistant (Beastie Boys) *
24.) ?? (God Is My Co-Pilot) *
25.) Fuck The Rules (Kicking Giant) *
26.) Re-Enact The Crime (Unwound) *
27.) New Rose (The Damned) *
28.) Sex With You (King Missile) *
29.) The Kingdom #19 (Sonic Youth)

Introducing The Ramen City Kid

Introducing The Ramen City Kid (KWVA Episode 010)

At this time, our program was on from 4 A.M. – 6 A.M.  

Partial Playlist:

01.) I’m An Asshole (NOMEANSNO) *
02.) Sunday (Sonic Youth) *
03.) ?? (??) *
04.) ?? (Slayer) *
05.) ?? (Ray Condo) *
06.) ?? (Red Aunts) *
07.) Tatooine Breakdown (Supergenius) *
08.) ?? (Wire) *
09.) ?? (The Halo Benders) *
10.) U-Stink-By-I-[Heart]-U (Billy And The Boingers) *
11.) Vampire Girl (KPANTS) *
12.) That Dooed It (James Brown) *
13.) Believe In Me (Beastie Boys) *
14.) Hello Kitty (Cub) *
15.) Charles In Charge Theme *
16.) D.I.Y. (Screeching Weasel) *
17.) Dreams Of A Working Girl (Cometgain) *
18.) Ratbite (Unwound) *
19.) ?? (??) *
20.) Southern Western (Dead Moon) *
21.) ?? (??) *
22.) Telepathic Love (The Wipers) *
23.) Girls Ruin Everything (??) *
24.) Dr. Who Theme * Life Worth Living (Uncle Tupelo) *
25.) Alien Girl (The Crabs) *
26.) Harry To The Ferry (Negativland) *
27.) ?? (??) *
28.) I’m A Boinger (Billy And The Boingers) *
29.) ?? (Minor Threat) *
30.) Lo Batt (Man… Or Astro-Man?) *
31.) Romeo (The Wipers) *
32.) Ventriloqueef / Birthday Sandwich (godheadSilo) *
33.) ?? (??)