The Return of The Ramen City Kid! (#133)

The Return of The Ramen City Kid! (#133)

Going back to the beginning of my radio career in 1998, The Ramen City Kid has been appearing as a guest on some version of this program. But our history together even goes back further than that. He’s one of those people in my life who has consistently revealed musical joys at the perfect moment, and has shared so much of my non-radio life with me that it seems a shame to mention that it has been over 10 Years since his last appearance.

Part of that has to do with his own incredible life. A master of many languages, a musician and writer, who is well traveled and well read, The Ramen City Kid is a busy gent. So it was refreshing to get him back on the radio. It was, in some ways, a reflection of the show he used to do (and I used to listen to), and while I think none of those shows were recorded, someone remembers them fondly, and this is as close as we can get to it these days.

This show is obviously a bit of a departure from what we usually do, but as you listen, I think you’ll notice that while the show initially seems like a standard DJ set, there is certainly something happening here that is… different.

Key lighting, cue music. Our new sponsor, Bendix, seems a little sinister, don’t you think? Something ain’t right. It looks like there’s a case to look into, and as the night wears on, we are certainly gonna need something to eat. Can we can get the recipe — and the case — in a mere two hours?

It may take all the international new wave we can find to get us through the night.


The Return of The Ramen City Kid!


01.) Čudna šuma * Disciplina Kičme * Ove ruke nisu male 2 * Tom Tom Music (2004)
02.) Treći vavilon * Darkwood Dub * U nedogled * B92 (1996)
03.) Ulice su noćas * Beograd * Remek depo * PGP RTB (1983)
04.) Mace and Grenades * Hugh Masekela * “Mace And Grenades” b/w “Riot” * UNI Records (1969)
05.) Experimental Music is Consumer Fraud * Men’s Recovery Project * Today the Planet… Tomorrow the World 7” * Thin The Herd (1996)
06.) Asphixiation * Asphixiation * What Is This Thing Called ‘Disco?’ * Innocent Records (1981)
07.) Echophilia * Nocturnal Habits * New Skin for Old Children * Glacial Pace Records (2016)
08.) Graham St. Massacre * Hungry Ghost * Hungry Ghost * Hungry Ghost Records (2012)
09.) I Was More Of a Mess Then… * Comet Gain * “If Not Tomorrow” b/w “I Was More Of A Mess Then…” * Tapete Records (2018)
10.) Everybody Has a Dream * The Servants * Small Time / Hey Hey We’re The Manqués * Cherry Red Records (2012)
11.) Summer in a Small Town * Cleaners from Venus * Under Wartime Conditions * Captured Tracks (2013)
12.) A Girl With Cars In Her Eyes * Cleaners from Venus * On Any Normal Monday * Captured Tracks (2012)
13.) Ilya Kuryakin Looked At Me * Cleaners from Venus * Living With Victoria Grey * Captured Tracks (2014)
14.) Az égboltsapkájú * Tamás Cseh * Jóslat * Krém Records (1984)
15.) Cape of Good Hope * Half Eye * So You’re the Idiot Who Lives in That Stupid House * Pecho Grande (2017)


16.) Westward Ho!  Massive Letdown * Half Man Half Biscuit * Urge for Offal * Probe Plus (2014)
17.) Harsh Times in Umberstone Covert * Half Man Half Biscuit * No-one Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckin’ Hedge Cut * Probe Plus (2018)
18.) M-6-ster * Half Man Half Biscuit * This Leaden Pall * Probe Plus (1993)
19.) Bottleneck At Capel Curig * Half Man Half Biscuit * Trouble over Bridgwater * Probe Plus (2000)
20.) Housework * Carol Channing * Free to Be… You and Me * Bell Records (1972)
21.) Barnabas Collins * Lone Ranger * Barnabas Collins 7” * GG’s Records (1977)
22.) Crazy to Exist * Josef K * The Only Fun in Town * Postcard Records (1981)
23.) Hunger Food Nausea * Asphixiation * What Is This Thing Called ‘Disco?’ * Innocent Records (1981)
24.) El Tírili * Don Ramon y su orquesta * Pachuco Boogie * Arhoolie Records (2002)
25.) Yesterday’s Misery * Jackie Johnson & the Wheels “Yesterday’s misery” b/w “A million heartaches” * Satin Records (1971)
26.) U nedogled * Darkwood Dub * U nedogled * B92 (1996)
27.) Everybody Has a Dream (encore) * The Servants * Small Time / Hey Hey We’re The Manqués * Cherry Red Records (2012)
28.) Complete Works * The Servants * Small Time / Hey Hey We’re The Manqués * Cherry Red Records (2012)
29.) Sounds & Pressure * Hopeton Lewis * “Take It Easy” With The “Rock Steady” Beat * Merritone Records (1967)

2 thoughts on “The Return of The Ramen City Kid! (#133)

  1. “Accrington Stanley? Who are they, then?” You know! That team that Luca Crolla used to play for…Lost to Citeh in the FA Cup in 1937, they did.


  2. Shoulda drunk their milk before the match, eh? (I see Carlisle gave a thrashing to Clapton Orient before succumbing to wily Swansea that year).


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