Dead Air Fresheners, LIVE! (#149)

Dead Air Fresheners, LIVE! (#149)

I first saw the Dead Air Fresheners in 2006, and since then have maintained a loose association with them, as they played on KPSU a number of times, and usually, on one of my shows, or with my engineering their sound somehow. Not only did I get to understand their particular brand of chance-determinist music, but as I got to know them better, it was only a matter of time before I started playing with them, too. (In April of 2013, to be exact, first as a featured vocalist, and then as one of those “behind the masks.”

While I was an “unofficial” member of the group for a few years (if one – even one who isn’t anonymous – can even be an official member), as time (and distance) has grown between us, I only get to meet them when we play a show together. Which, fortunately, has been more often, recently. While we had long-discussed the idea of getting them on the I-5 and on the radio here in Salem, the stars finally aligned, and it all worked out for this fantastic performance .

This show has it all. I jam away with some Mini-Mutations throughout the show, occasionally including samples of previous Dead Air releases, and other recordings, throughout. Then, the Dead Air Fresheners unleash a live jam, and a rare interview, talking about what they do, how they do it, and other bits and bobs here and there. Then, we close things out with a Mini-Dead-Air-Mutation, which was unlike almost all the other jams we’ve done before.

This was was a lot of fun, and it’s always good to see these guys in action. Now, it’s available for you, too.





Dead Air Fresheners, LIVE!


Part I: Living Stereo

01.) Stereophonic Tape * Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
02.) More Data * Negativland * More Data * Seeland Records (2019)
03.) Abyss [slooooo rmx] * Don Haugen / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
04.) Evidence of Superstructures II [Class Bully rmx] * Dead Air Fresheners / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part II: Live

05.) LIVE * Dead Air Fresheners * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part III: The Commodification of Play

06.) The Weather Computer * Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
07.) Apogey [mshp] * Chopstick / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
08.) The Commodification of Play * Dead Air Fresheners * The Commodification of Play * Dead Air Music (2019)


Part IV: The Set Behind The Set

09.) Interview * Dead Air Fresheners * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

  • New and old albums, Bob Bucko Jr. & Personal Archives, masks & lineups, chance determinism, noise vs. improv labels, instrumentation, release formats, having a sense of humor and, inevitably, Jandek.

Part V: The New Tape Cartridge Is At All Times Ready For Play.

10.) Brother Wind * Dead Air Fresheners * Brother Wind * Dead Air Music (2019)
11.) Side B [wthr rmx] * Le Petit Sac / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part VI: This Is What To Do / Not To Do

12.) LIVE * Dead Air Fresheners w/ Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
13.) Wrap-Up * Dead Air Fresheners / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
14.) Han Valen [Hgh Fdlty rmx] * Ryan A. Ray / Mini-Mutations * 17 May 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
15.) Soul Finger * The Bar-Kays * Soul Finger * Volt Records (1967)


What’s This Called? (13 April 2019)

What’s This Called? (13 April 2019)

I’ve had a long relationship with Ricardo Wang and his program, “What’s This Called?” and it always feels good to be involved with his show. But this is the very first time that I’ve “performed” on his show like this. I mean, we did one collaboration which you can hear here, but that was well before things began to Mutate as they do these days. But playing a double-header like this – with Office Products, live on the radio – was pretty cool, and felt like a big accomplishment. Here’s the entire show, with both of our performances and other DJ bit in-between.

How cool was this?

This was a live broadcast on KFFP-FM.



Radio Lost & Found (11 April 2019)

Radio Lost & Found (11 April 2019)

Tune in for a live appearance on Rich Lindsay’s “Radio Lost & Found.” There’s a live Mini-Mutations performance, some interspersed interview bits, and both The Ramen City Kid & Rich Lindsay perform with me throughout the show. This was a ton of fun, and now you can enjoy it, too!

This was a live broadcast on KBOO-FM.




I Died vs. Esperik Glare, LIVE (#142)

I Died vs. Esperik Glare, LIVE (#142)

During a recent trip to Eugene, I had the pleasure of joining I Died & Esperik Glare in the I Died Batcave to record some live jams We all tried to approach this as if it were a radio session, but there were some obvious limitations. Still, we managed to create a make-shift radio studio rather quickly, and pretty soon we were all three able to perform and jam, just like at KMUZ.

Which is fortunate, because this week I’m actually in Corvallis. So, please adjust your signal to this wonderful performance by I Died, Esperik Glare and… Mini-Mutations, from… the past?



I Died vs. Esperik Glare


Part I: 

01.) Live * I Died * 16 February 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


Part II: 

02.) Live * Esperik Glare * 16 February 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


What Is Noise Fest? [Preview] (#140)

What Is Noise Fest? [Preview] (#140)

It is often difficult to explain to those who are not actively seeking out all of the various musical corner of our fair state, but the current experimental scene in Oregon is probably better now than it has ever been, and that is in part due to the efforts of a few key folks in the area who are constantly working to book shows, give new acts a chance, and in the end, who are willing to carve out places for this kind of art for those of us who really crave it.

Chris Durnin has been a tireless supporter of the Corvallis scene, something that if you haven’t been there, you really should check it out. The “Corvallis Experiments in Noise” group – which he organizes – has been assembling DIY shows and events where money is not a factor, people are not on their phones, and the incredible work that people do is finally on display. A two-day celebration of this is happening on March 29th at The Majestic Theater & March 30th at Whiteside Theater, where an ABSURD number of performers are gathering to put on a show the likes of which you have NEVER seen.

And we really need to emphasize the “seen” part of this event. While radio is a purely audio world, experimental music often takes the form of costumes, dances, and visual elements that cannot be captured in just one dimension. That is why there is streaming live video of the performers for this event, which you can watch over on the Mid-Valley Mutations MyFacester+ Twinstgramblr Page, or in our A/V Gallery of stuff shot during the show. (This may expand as more material comes my way… most everyone had a camera running at one point.)

So sit back as we feature six of the performers that will be doing their thing at the What Is Noise Fest? event at the end of March. (Six if you include Mini-Mutations.) And, stick around for a bonus performance at the end, where most of us get together for a while noise jam that is out of this world!



What Is Noise Fest? [Preview]


Part I: 

01.) Experimental News * Mini-Mutations * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part II: 

02.) Live * Deadly Discs * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part III: 

03.) Live * nOiZepHyZiX * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


Part IV: 

04.) Live * Coach Waters * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part V: 

05.) Live * Project Aisle * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part VI: 

06.) Live * Leash Kid * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


Part VII: 

07.) Noise Jam * Chris Durnin, Leash Kid, Deadly Discs, nOiZepHyZiX, Mini-Mutations * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
08.) Experimental News Epilogue * Mini-Mutations * 16 March 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Hither & Yon w/ A Moment’s Sound (#132)

Hither & Yon w/ A Moment’s Sound (#132)

With politics as it is, artists passing away, and the entertainment world completely flipped on its head, sometimes there is nothing left to do but hop a train with a new friend, and play music well into the night, jamming along with the sound of the clack of the tracks.

Fortunately, A Moment’s Sound — Scott Eave to his just-met friends — is always game for a musical adventure. He’s been playing guitar for ages, exploring sounds in an improvised manner, and searching for ways to connect with other artists, and we immediately clicked when we met.

Strangely, this is the only time we’ve played together, which speaks to the free-and-easy sound that we both enjoy exploring. There’s something about hopping trains with someone where all of the stresses of the everyday world are no longer weighing upon us. Strangely, we approached this one quite differently than when I normally have a guest. We just jumped right into this one. We go live just after the top of the hour, A Moment’s Sound kicks in by the end of the first quarter of an hour, and we go all the way to Midnight. We do sort of stop around 11 to chat for a while, but it fit the mood of where we were going, and I think you’ll enjoy the way this all turns out.

So gather round the Hobo Jungle, and let me and Scott tell you a story about what it really is like to live in the world today… which begs the questions, why aren’t we all Riding The Rails?


Hither & Yon w/ A Moment’s Sound


Part I: 

01.) Hither * A Moment’s Sound & Mini-Mutations * 18 January 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


Part II: 

02.) Yon * A Moment’s Sound & Mini-Mutations * 18 January 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special! [2018 Edition] (#129)

A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special! [2018 Edition] (#129)

It’s funny how traditions get started. I caught Sadgasm at an Open Mic they showed up at, and they had instantly catchy hooks that not only betrayed the normal fare on this program, but immediately spoke to me. (Their tunes just got stuck in my head.) So we circled a few dates on the calendar, bounced a few ideas around, and 2017’s “New Year’s / New Tears Special” was born.

Well, a year has come and gone, and now were are here at the end of another year, trying and difficult as it has been, with even more questions about our relationships and romantic entanglements, the exact kind of problems that Sadgasm feature in their songs. Sort of like the ones in their new EP – I Don’t Like To Cry – which you can enjoy on Bandcamp or on this program, where we play tracks and they play LIVE! It’s pretty exciting.

On top of all of that, the majority of this show is dedicated to your calls. We do our best to get to the heart of the matter, and make genuine suggestions to help you in your romantic woes. And that is the majority of the show; the entire first hour, and the last 40 minutes or so, are dedicated to helping you in the relationship department, and we hope that it shows. Special thanks to Kylie Burbank, who kept the band hydrated and helped behind the scenes so we could pull off a show with a number of engineering challenges. You are incredible.

This is our last show of the year, and what a year it has been. I don’t have much else to say that I haven’t been for the last year, so I’ll end by saying: thank you. Doing this show means everything to me, and I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to do it every week.


Spinitron Playlist


A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special! (2018 Edition) (TBD)


Part I: “Try To Cure Insomnia.” 

The Software Are Fighting Again / Introduction & Setup / Where’s Austin?

Caller #1: Anonymous 1. “What are some good techniques to date the members of Sadgasm?”

Caller #2: Austin Antrican. “A lonely kind of sad.”

01.)  Surf Rock America * Sadgasm * I Don’t Like To Cry * Self-Released (2018)


Part II: “I Take ’em Crabbing.”

Caller #3: Donald. “Update: Less than a month later, Donald found himself a Honey. What should we do for our 1 Year Anniversary?” KBVR

Caller #4: Anonymous 2. “What if your partner hasn’t ‘taken you crabbing’ after a year and a half?”

Caller #5: Anonymous 3. “What if my cat likes my partner more than me?”

Part III: The Mullet is The Bullet… To Love

49046455_2191870297530896_942390595828056064_oyes-its-a-mullet_3629787504_oCaller #6: Alec. “I cut my hair into a mullet. How can I utilize that to enhance my love life?”

Caller #7: Anonymous 4. “My husband and my roommate’s partner spend a lot of time together. (They host a podcast together, etc.) How do I take all of this in?”

Caller #8: Anonymous 5. “I feel strong emotions toward someone. How do I spark up a conversation?”



02.) Eating Ash * Sadgasm * I Don’t Like To Cry * Self-Released (2018)
03.) It’s Better With Johnny Around (Live) * Sadgasm * 28 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)
03.) Interview Snippet 1 * Austin & Sadgasm * 28 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)

  • Topics Include: Home recorded, a more mature release, mono recording & one mic recording techniques.

04.) XX PainWarrior XX (Live) * Sadgasm * 28 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)

05.) Interview Snippet 2 * Austin & Sadgasm * 28 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)

  • Topics Include: Physical spaces in songs, the Sadgasm fun energy, making each other laugh.

Part V: Friend with a Capital F

Caller #9: Maddi. “I’m stuck in a love triangle. One is attractive and mean. One likes me and is nice but is a human red flag. What should I do?”

Caller #10: Anonymous 6. “My love life has run dry. Should I join”

Caller #11: Hubert. “I asked my partner, ‘Who had the ‘Greatest Hands’ (would win in a fight): Einstein or Da Vinci?’ and we didn’t agree. Now they haven’t responded to my messages in a few days. What should I do?”

Part VI: “I’m Gonna Tell You Something Right Now”

Caller #12: Anonymous 7. “After a year and a half of a relationship, I haven’t said ‘I love you.’ I feel comfortable with this, but my partner wants to take it to the next level. What should I do?”

Upcoming Sadgasm Shows: Jan 5th At The Speakeasy. Jan 23rd at Nearly Normal’s. Feb. 8th at The Space.

In The Studio: Austin. “I’ve blown through all my good date ideas after many years of marriage. Any suggestions for new date ideas?”


But what about the software…?

How Much Is That Juice Machine In The Window? (#127)

How Much Is That Juice Machine In The Window? (#127)

No home is complete without a full complement of modern appliances that will aid you as you navigate the holiday season. It is likely you’ll have to prepare a number of last-minute meals for 17 guests, or be required to suddenly prepare six dozen batches of cookies for a “required” office party.

That is why we are offering you a new Juice Machine, and just in time for the holiday season. This Juice Machine comes with everything you see here, and includes three different settings: “LIVE,” “INTERVIEW,” and the newest setting, only available on this program: “MUTATED.” One of these settings comes complete with A/V one-way interface, and with an item like this, each lovingly sculpted glitch is as much a part of the appliance as it is THE appliance itself.

UntitledYou will not want to fill your future mind with thoughts of the holiday season where you turned down this incredibly rare (and essential) kitchen item, and even worse, with new realizations with each successive year that you can only find it on eBay at very costly prices. That is why we are offering this LIVE Juice Machine performance… for free.

“FREE?!” you scream at your device, and yes, the answer is, “Yes.” FREE. But I think you must act now. This Juice Machine is something that only helps you when you have it in your home today, and that is why this incredible deal will, probably, as far as you know, go away… SOON, unless you take advantage of this incredible offer within the hour! (Or the next one… just make it SOON.)

So, to recap: you get the full two-hour show. You get the LIVE Juice Machine Performance. You get an interview with both Roger and Heather, PLUS selections from various recordings that are chopped and screwed in a fashion you cannot find anywhere else! And then, a collaborative Juice Machine product featuring a Mini-Mutations EXCLUSIVE to this free purchase.

It’s the way we like to celebrate the holiday season on the Mid-Valley Mutations Home Shopping Network.




How Much Is That Juice Machine In The Window?  (Playlist TBD)


Part I: Soundcheck

01.) Introduction (Live) * Mini-Mutations * 14 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)
02.) Recorded in Jan 2018 * Juice Machine * Some Things * Self-Released (2018)
03.) 1 * Hoodie Battle * FU * Hoodie Battle (2018)

Part II: Live Performance

04.) Live * Juice Machine * 14 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)
05.) 3 * Chefkirk * Big Disk * Self-Released (2018)

Part III: Interview

06.) Juice Machine Interview 1 * Mini-Mutations * 14 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)


Part IV: CQ CQ

07.) Mutation (Part I & II) * Aume * GQ CQ * Mobilization Records (2018)


07.) Mutation (Part I & II) * Aume * GQ CQ * Mobilization Records (2018)

Part VI: Interview 2

08.) Juice Machine Interview 2 * Mini-Mutations * 14 December 2018 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2018)

09.) Sleigh Ride * The Ventures * The Ventures’ Christmas Album * Dolton Records (1970)



Juice Machine




Analog Love Letter (11 December 2018)

Analog Love Letter (11 December 2018)

Here is Mini-Mutations appearing on “Analog Love Letter,” a program on KDVS. This program includes an interview, some musical selections, as well as a live, holiday performance to close out the show.



Wobbly Tiny Tounge Bulbs/Wobbly Split 7″
Operation Re-Information Boolean Re-Operator Ultra Mundane ORI
Mini-Mutations Safety for the Holidays Track special to Analog Love Letter

KDVS Playlist


Northwest Notes (14 October 2018)

Northwest Notes (14 October 2018)

Tune in for a live Mini-Mutations performance on KMUZ.

This was a live broadcast with live performances to promote my tour.

Mini-Mutations performs three times, and there’s a fairly substantial interview, too. But Mick plays several records as well, and it is a fun show.



He Hates Music, He Loves Noise (25 September 2018)

He Hates Music, He Loves Noise (25 September 2018)

Tune in for a live Mini-Mutations performance on KDVS.

This was a live broadcast with live performances to promote the then-upcoming NorCal Noisefest.

Mini-Mutations performs near the beginning, over the phone.  There is also much talk and other performances throughout the show.

You can hear a direct recording from the Mini-Mutations studio here.



UB Radio Salon (7 October 2018)

UB Radio Salon (7 October 2018)

Tune in for a live Mini-Mutations performance on UB Radio Salon.

This was a live broadcast from NorCal NoiseFest, and was originally 5 Hours. This version is a two hour edit.

Mini-Mutations performs near the 20 Minute Mark, but there are Performances by a number of other acts from Day Three of the event.



Enviornments (#119)

Enviornments (The Organization of Sound: field recordings and musique concrète Part III) (#119)
Picking up where we left off last time, we are continuing our journey through field recordings with two more hours of atmospheres and thoughtful soundscapes.

The centerpiece of hour one is something from a new discovery I’m enjoying, the “Environments” LPs, which was very much the inspiration for this show. The recording of the Be-In from 1969 is not only a wonderful time-capsule of a different era, but it paints a wonderful picture through sound of an era that feels so long ago. This recording gives it weight and presence that is worth hearing all the way through.

In hour two, Mini-Mutations takes over, to deliver an hour of field recordings that are mixed and remixed to create a continuous hour or sounds.

And, of course, the podcast version has almost 25 minutes of bonus material. So you know you wanna check that out.

Can you feel the fall setting in?



This episode contains excerpts from the videos ‘The Field Recordist’ by Sonic Fields & ‘Microphone Basics’ by Akash Thakkar.


Part I: 

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Sonarchy (Live 17 March 2007) * Seattle Phonographers Union *Seattle Phonographers Union * and/OAR ‎/ Mimeomeme Records (2009)

Part II: 

03.) [track 1] * Hal McGee * Halzine #11 * Self-Released
04.) Be-In (A Psychoacoustic Experience 6 April 1969) [Part 1] * Irv Teibel * Enviornments 3 * Atlantic Records (1971)

Part III: 

05.) Be-In (A Psychoacoustic Experience 6 April 1969) [Part 2] * Irv Teibel * Enviornments 3 * Atlantic Records (1971)
06.) Azalea Woods Office Complex * Doug Haire * Myrtle Beach Professional Park * Self-Released (2009)


Part IV: 

07.) Environments [Live] * Mini-Mutations

Reflection (#118)

Reflection (#118)

The release of People Like Us‘ new album The Mirror got me thinking about reflections, and what the do and do not say about us and our state of mind. As I begin to prepare for an incredible voyage to make new friends and travel far, I am compelled to take a similar trip through music and sound, hoping to stumble upon something that works.

In hour one, I continue to mine the joy that comes from new music that I have come across recently. This is a great mix, with a lot of cool stuff that I do not announce during the show, so please, read the notes below.

Then, in hour two, Mini-Mutations sort of busts open the idea of reflection with an hour-long jam on the subject itself. Samples (manipulated with a MicroGranny & a pair of Numark CDJs), bass, and a delay pedal.

And you were there!




The Unbearable Reflections by CBS Radio Mystery Theater (15 August 1975) and The Man In The Mirror by The Macabre (27 November 1961).


Part I: 

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Flake * Inspector 22 * Friendship Cemetery Revisited (1997 – 2003) * Therapy Tapes (2014)
03.) Most Big * Chefkirk * Big Disc * Self-Released

Part II: 

04.) We Bask In The Radiance of Dear Leader’s Omnipotent Excellence * Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble * Taxidermy Frogs Copulating * Butte County Free Music Society (2018)
05.) Ego Death * The Viper * Art For Pain’s Sake * Self-Released (2016)
06.) Polydactyly * The Conduits * Descending Order * Chair Chair Tapes (2016)
07.) Not Who I Was * Lawrence Crane * Craniostomy 1981 – 1987 Vol One * Butte County Free Music Society (2016)

Part III: 

08.) False Memories * Jen Sandwich * Electronic Cottage 004 * (2018)
09.) I Don’t Believe In Color * Idler Arms * Kubelik Unbugged * Self-Released (2012)
10.) [track 3] * Hal McGee * Halzine #11 * Self-Released (2018)
11.) Do You See What I Hear * People Like Us * The Mirror * Self-Released (2018)


Part IV: 

18.) Reflection [Live Performance] * Mini-Mutations

Vanished! (#117)

Vanished! (#117)

Sometimes, radio can seem different when you’ve vanished. Hopefully, this is a good way of meeting everyone much more directly – with live mixing and a performance – to cause the notion that I’ve vanished to disappear.

Hour one is all jams I’ve been into lately. Hour two is a mix of samples (manipulated with a MicroGranny & a pair of Numark CDJs), bass, a delay pedal.




This program features samples throughout from The Case of the Vanished Detective (1955) and “The Man Who Vanished” by The Mysterious Traveler (06 July 1948)


Part I: 

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Disappearer * Sonic Youth * Goo
03.) Merlin’s Gesture * Phillip Klampe * Electronic Cottage 004
04.) Anywhere Driving * Eric Hausmann * Invisible films
05.) It’s not the light, it’s the silence * Don Haugen

Part II: 

06.) [track 4] * Jocko Homomorphism * A Notational Distinction + SoundCloud Goodies
07.) Vanishing Cliffs of Tilden, Nebraska * Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble * The Armless Marvel
08.) Endless Highways * Leonard, Skrowaczewski, Zappa * Visions
09.) Obituary of The Unknown * Thollem / Clauser / Chase * Dub Narcotic Session Vol II

Part III: 

10.) Feb 2018 * Juice Machine * Some Things
11.) Panoptikon * Nathan Derr * Music From The Film Acide Noire


Part IV: 

18.) VANISHED! [Live Performance] * Mini-Mutations

A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special! (#83)

A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special! (#83)

Closing off what has become an incredible year is my in-studio session with the sad boys of Sadgasm, a local Salem combo that has only been together a few months, and has already established themselves as the Sad Sac for the 21st Century.

In this show, we celebrate the new year, open the loveline, and take calls from people who are having actual relationship woes, and need advice. We also get to hear some of the songs on their upcoming record, Ramen, which is coming out soon, and in general, have an excellent time. You can find more information out about Sadgasm by visiting their websites: Instagram & Bandcamp, or by pestering them on their social media accounts: Gravy Brink, Andy Alvarez, Austin Antrican and Jon Garcia.

Special thanks is in order, to Kylie Burbank and Emma Douglas, who helped behind the scenes for this show, and are stand up folks in their own right.

Thanks for the incredible year. While it blew everywhere else, 2017 was great for Mid-Valley Mutations, and I thank all of you for being a part of it, and keeping this show going. You all are amazing.


Spinitron Playlist

A Sadgasm New Year’s / New Tears Special!


Part I: Backyardagins

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Barnyard Fun * Sadgasm * Ramen * Unreleased (2018)

Part II: Couples Massage

Caller #1: Donald. “How do you find someone to smooch on New Year’s Eve? How can I ask to get a couples massage?”

Caller #2: Prince. “What’s a nice, chill activity to do on a date instead of something insane?”

Caller #3: Anonymous. “What do you do when your partner calls you buddy after being intimate?”

Part III: “It makes me feel less alone.”

03.) Cum On (Live) * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
04.) Interview Part 1 * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part IV: “So many things I wanna say to you.”

05.) Makin’ Love in Three Four (Live) * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
06.) Interview Part 2 * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Caller #4: Roger. “What is your advice for sad people?”

Caller #5: Desmond. “What is a good first sex toy?”


Part V: Hats Off

07.) Trim Photo To Fit * Sadgasm * Ramen * Unreleased (2018)
08.) 2 AM (Live) * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
09.) Puke (Live) * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Caller #6: William. “Can you help me find a hat that will help me find the person for me? If you could drink any beer, what would it be?”

Part VI: “A flexible schedule.”

10.) Interview Part 3 * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Caller #7: Jordan. “What do you do when you don’t want a relationship but you get lonely?”

Caller #8: Mr. Smith. “What do you do when your partner has a lot of quirks? What if they don’t like broccoli?”

Caller #9: Anna. “What do you do when you find out that your boyfriend is married?”

Part VII: “It’s not the words but the heart I lack.”

11.) Eating Ash (Live) * Sadgasm * 29 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Caller #10: Anonymous 2. “What do you do about ghosting? What about a person in a bad relationship who doesn’t call you back?”

Caller #11: Mr. Smith. “She does not like brussel sprouts, or any green vegetables.”

Happy New Year! (w/ Empire Rocket Machine, Steak Knife! & Foster Pussy Cat, LIVE!)

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Happy New Year! (w/ Empire Rocket Machine, Steak Knife! & Foster Pussy Cat, LIVE!)
(In our very first-ever VideoZine, we bring you an hour of highlights from a basement show hosted on 31 December 2014 featuring Empire Rocket Machine, Steak Knife! & Foster Pussy Cat!)

In an effort to offer a new twist on something we all know and love, I bring you the first in a series of VideoZine podcasts, multi-media experiences presented in the lowest-of-tech forms.  For our first endeavor, we bring you highlights from a New Year’s Eve Party at Casa De Bang Bang, where they put on a drunken mess of a basement show that was lovingly captured – warts and all – by the Blasphuphmus Radio production team.  

Now, you can view this sixty minute film, and relive this incredible evening here and now.  We are also presenting it in a number of formats.  For those of you who prefer our audio podcasts, we are offering the soundtrack to this film in that format.  We also have a YouTube Version available on our Channel therein, and a free iTunes Version available, too.  I wanted to offer this film in a number of ways, and there will even be a limited DVD Edition available, too.  My hope is that if there is a way you prefer these kinds of shows, I would like to be able to deliver it to you.   

To make this film, I essentially had to give myself a crash course in making movies, in my spare time, in addition to bringing you all the regular stuff we’ve been delivering.  But now that I am sitting on quite a bit of video, it made sense to find a way to get this stuff out.  There will be more films like this in the future, and my goal is to keep them at 60 minutes.  (This one clocks in at 60:05.)

And now, enjoy the show.


Happy New Year!: A Blasphuphmus Radio Production
Live At Casa De Bang Bang.  Hosted by Cheryl.  31 December 2013

Live performances by Empire Rocket Machine, Steak Knife! & Foster Pussy Cat.

Camera Operators: Melanie DeBellis, Isoceles Diego, Barbara Plummer & Austin Rich.

Live Sound Recording by The Bands & Austin Rich.

Produced & Edited by Austin Rich.

In making this film, and lot of material had to be cut to get everything down to sixty minutes.  That being said, below are links to uncut performances by all three bands.  These links will be available until the remaining content is used elsewhere.  In the meantime: Enjoy!

Part I: Empire Rocket Machine (First 20 Minutes.)

Part II: Steak Knife! (Second 20 Minutes)

Part III: Foster Pussy Cat (The Rest)

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud, LIVE!

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud
Here Comes A Big Black Cloud

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud, LIVE!

(Live Friday 077)

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud, Guest Hosted by Arya Imig



01.) Notion * Hurah Hurah * Love IP

(Band Performance)

02.) Purple Winos In The Rain * John Callahan * Purple Winos In The Rain
03.) Ignite, Ignite, Goodnight * Holy Ghost Revival * Bleeding Light
04.) Werewolves Of London * Mangolia Electric Co. * Hard To Love A Man

KPSU Playlist

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn (Live Friday)

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn
The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn

The Mayonnaise Vs. Venn, LIVE! (Live Friday 051)

“Eating Solid Foods Since 1981.”  Born on a napkin at the Alibi Family Restaurant and Tiki Lounge, The Mayonnaise has run rampant through the streets, stealing ears from our heads and dollars from our wallets with little or no repercussions.  But now, Radicchio and Arugula Venn have taken it upon themselves to wage unending battle against the omnipresent Mayonnaise to protect the rest of us from being emulsified into mediocrity. With love, support and musical contributions from the rest of Venn family, they labor day and night so that you may rest assured that the world is, and always will be, a safe and harmonious place to listen. And now, you can do so, here on Live Friday.

Gordon Taylor (Live Friday)

A Gordon Taylor
A Gordon Taylor

Gordon Taylor, LIVE! (Live Friday 041)

Gordon Taylor are four protein-derived life-forms that play songs about science, history and medical oddities. Having only been around a short period of time, they’ve already formed quite a name for themselves with the few blow-out performances they’ve allowed us to witness. An upstanding bunch of young striplings, they wax melodic and rock geodesic. Formed out of the smoldering chunks of Rise Over Run (formerly Lina Alba) and assisted by Johnny-Cat on drums, Gordon Taylor are on their way to taking Portland by storm that will leave you soaked and satisfied as you trudge through our streets. If they were a body part, it’d be the pancreas. A chord? F-sharp. A Max Stop? Ruby Junction… Playing on KPSU? Right now…

The Draft, LIVE!

The Draft
The Draft

The Draft, LIVE!

(Live Friday 039)

For Immediate Release: The Draft Bio! (As Told By Them) Look no further than a biography and you will find the beginning of a series of distractions. We will travel so far as to forget where we are. We imagine that we are where we are not. Our dark city is a kingdom of music. We advertise doubt as disciples of insecurity. We are for sale. We are art thugs with electric weapons, squirming in a gang of noise. We will pretend that we are magic until we become magic. Even a lie can come true when you deliver a believer. Our performance is a reflection of the social meltdown and technological advancement growing in the midst of obsession with convenience and entertainment. We are the music zoo and a spectacle of industry. Our hypocritical nature struggles for senselessness. Your reaction is dictated by your previous behavior and environment. Your accumulated knowledge and pattern of thought will react in a familiar manner to these words. You will try to make some prediction of what we will sound like based on your memories of previous musical events and of these descriptions. We exercise our influences and plagiarize our experiences because without this formality we may never meet. This a confession of guilt and a declaration of participation. There is a fortune in things you can’t touch and undiscovered reasons to feel no better. These words are proof of our existence. Let them be a reference of mutual sentiments.

Ferocious Eagle, LIVE!

Ferocious Eagle
Ferocious Eagle

Ferocious Eagle, LIVE!

(Live Friday 038)

Ferocious Eagle started two hundred years ago and have just started playing shows within the last fifty years. Their set is really crazy and fast just like a huricane. Eric Jensen plays the drums and such, Jon Andersen plays his guitar since 1996, and Greg Dalbey holds the band back from “really progressing.” Nonetheless, their set is not to be missed for fans of their math metal prowess and their eliptical lyrical content.


To round out the hour, we let the members of the band pick out a handful of tunes by their friends, influences, and side projects. Here’s what they picked:

01.) We Are: Special Forces (Calling All Monsters) *
02.) Handful Of Pennies Standing In The Cold (Yeltsin) *
03.) Aces (Dragging An Ox Through Water) *
04.) Bands [Don’t Want Me To Dance] (The Foxx) *
05.) Hot Night (The Maybe Happening) *
06.) Incredible (Tractor Operator)

Robert Deeble, LIVE!

Robert Deeble
Robert Deeble

Robert Deeble, LIVE!

(Live Friday 037)

No stranger to KPSU, Robert Deeble came in and recorded a live set of music on December 17th, which we’ll be bringing to you today for your pre-Christmas entertainment. “This Bar Has No One Left,” his last album, is an emotional, last call at 2am, a slow burning rock record. Deeble delivers six rhythmic observations of a life gone mad, beautiful and harsh in their portrayals of characters attempting to find solace from a shipwreck filled with sadness, loneliness and addiction. If you needed any evidence that Christmas is the loniliest time of the year, then all you need to do is listen to Deeble’s music to get in the right mindset. Tune in, won’t you? (Note: Due to some sort of editing / recording mixup, this broadcast is a little surreal to listen to. Before you download it, you’ve been warned.)

If If, Was Was… Live!

If If, Was Was...
If If, Was Was…

If If, Was Was… Live!

(KPSU Phase I Episode 078)

“Special Two-Week Christmas Gift To Portland”

Featured Artist: If If, Was Was…

As part two of my Christmas Gift to the city of Portland, If If, Was Was… joins me at KPSU for some lo-fi rock music the likes of which you’ve never heard before. Slowly making a name for himself around PDX by playing at Billy Rays dive, he has an ear for songcraft that is unique unto itself, while being careful to pay tribute to everything the he, himself, was weened on. But unlike a lot of singer-songwriters on the market these days, he has a sense of humor that gives him an edge; the CD he’s released of home-recorded tracks is entitled, “Another Word For Thesaurus,” and that alone makes it – and his music – quite entertaining. Joining us for this performance are his brother Thomas on drums, and their friend Megan on Violin. Tune in for some fun.  (This show aired from 5 P.M. – 6 P.M.)

Gordon Taylor, Live!


Gordon Taylor, Live!

(KPSU Phase I Episode 077)

“Special Two-Week Christmas Gift To Portland”

As part of my Christmas Gift to the city of Portland, I’ve lined up two weeks of music on my show guaranteed to knock your socks off. This week, I have the up-and-coming rock outfit, Gordon Taylor, risen out of the ashes of Rise Over Run and The Mayonaise vs. Venn Demonstrational. With beautiful lyrics and a slight wink-and-nod to some of the emo greats of the past, they have fantastic songs that will draw you in and make you want to dance.  (This show aired from 5 P.M. – 6 P.M.)