Ferocious Eagle, LIVE!

Ferocious Eagle
Ferocious Eagle

Ferocious Eagle, LIVE!

(Live Friday 038)

Ferocious Eagle started two hundred years ago and have just started playing shows within the last fifty years. Their set is really crazy and fast just like a huricane. Eric Jensen plays the drums and such, Jon Andersen plays his guitar since 1996, and Greg Dalbey holds the band back from “really progressing.” Nonetheless, their set is not to be missed for fans of their math metal prowess and their eliptical lyrical content.


To round out the hour, we let the members of the band pick out a handful of tunes by their friends, influences, and side projects. Here’s what they picked:

01.) We Are: Special Forces (Calling All Monsters) *
02.) Handful Of Pennies Standing In The Cold (Yeltsin) *
03.) Aces (Dragging An Ox Through Water) *
04.) Bands [Don’t Want Me To Dance] (The Foxx) *
05.) Hot Night (The Maybe Happening) *
06.) Incredible (Tractor Operator)

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