Robert Deeble, LIVE!

Robert Deeble
Robert Deeble

Robert Deeble, LIVE!

(Live Friday 037)

No stranger to KPSU, Robert Deeble came in and recorded a live set of music on December 17th, which we’ll be bringing to you today for your pre-Christmas entertainment. “This Bar Has No One Left,” his last album, is an emotional, last call at 2am, a slow burning rock record. Deeble delivers six rhythmic observations of a life gone mad, beautiful and harsh in their portrayals of characters attempting to find solace from a shipwreck filled with sadness, loneliness and addiction. If you needed any evidence that Christmas is the loniliest time of the year, then all you need to do is listen to Deeble’s music to get in the right mindset. Tune in, won’t you? (Note: Due to some sort of editing / recording mixup, this broadcast is a little surreal to listen to. Before you download it, you’ve been warned.)

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