Dryad Drone & Bast Awakening, LIVE! (#162)

Dryad Drone & Bast Awakening, LIVE! (#162)

This week on the program, we become both very Eugene-centric and Ellen-centric, as we feature a number of cool people and projects all born out of Eugene, OR, as well as connected to Ellen Klowden, the mastermind behind this particular broadcast. In many ways, I just came in and watched. She arranged everything, and I could certainly use more of that in my life.

We kick things off with a fantastic Set by DJ Refugium, the primary force behind the Ghost House events that happen in Eugene. Refugium provides a bit of the phenomenal decade of history of nurturing the Ghost House community, and embodies its sweet and welcoming flavor. Be sure to hop by Old Nick’s Sept 13-14 for Goth Weekend, which Refugium curates. Fri: Live performances by Xploding Boys (Cure cover band) and Devoured by Flowers. Sat: Dark Arts Market & Ghost House.

We follow that up with a full live performance by Dryad Drone, the brain-child of DJ Refugium & Ellen. Dryad Drone, as a musical entity and as a concept album, is entirely devoted to protection of forest ecosystems, which has also been lifework for both its members, Ellen via direct action and radical media, and Refugium via academic research and field work.

Then, in hour two, we offer the very first live performance by Bast Awakening, the combination of Ellen & I Died, also making his first visit to the KMUZ studios. Then, we close things out with the newly-named DEATH MUTATIONS, which, if I Died agrees, might be an entirely capitalized band name. We’re still deciding.

We conclude the program with a live set by Pavlovian Response, the combination of Ellen and Patrick Haenelt (of Ganesha Column, Electrosect, and Tubbs & Oates), recorded last week at the memorial for our fallen friend and centerpoint of experimentalia at Icky’s, the Merkin, and 7th & Washington House, Monty Ray Davis (of Neteru, Uncle Pinkeye, and Ventriloquist).

In many ways, this is a sequel to two previous episodes: our program with nOiZepHyZiX earlier in the year, with whom Ellen is in Psithurism, who will debut at a house party 9/21/19; and our program with I Died & Esperik Glare from even earlier. Sequels often make sense, as there are so many things that are not yet said; so, it was our hope that we were able to get to a little more than we did last time. Hopefully, with a little substance.

This one comes from the heart, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For additional information on various events and non-profits:

Fri – Sat., 9/13-14, Goth Weekend, coordinated by DJ Refugium, Old Nick’s: facebook.com/events/2458091747804846/

Ghost House: facebook.com/ghosthouseeug/

Sat., 9/14, show at Wandering Goat: Lidless Eye (homemade electronics vs. composted tapes by Knox Mitchell of Port Huron, MI); The Fearing Crumpet (musique drone concrit; first show in 17 years); Don; Heart Therapy (debut collab of Ellen and Arlan); Mini-Mutations.

Sat., 9/21, private house show: Debut of Psithurism (nOiZepHyZiX +  Ellen); Don; Elijah; [view]; Bast Awakening.

Tues., 9/24, show at Wandering Goat: Icky’s/Merkin/7th & Wash family reunion for Ellen’s birthday: Intended line-up, awaiting confirmation: Pavlovian Response; Blood Red; Ramen Blood Clot; solo vocal / electronic set by Patrick Haenelt; Arlan (possibly with Steamshovel Monkey, possibly Heart Therapy).

Sat., 9/28, show by Corvallis Experiments in Noise at Interzone will feature Dryad Drone.


Pavlovian Response: https://www.facebook.com/Pavlovian-Response-367070940567242/

(Pages will be created for Dryad Drone and Bast Awakening and posted as comments.)

Cascadia Forest Defenders: https://forestdefensenow.wordpress.com/

Cascadia Media Collective/ Cascadia Alive!:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAC7470769B3BF617

Eugene Food Not Bombs: facebook.com/foodnotbombseugene/

Icky’s Teahouse: facebook.com/ICKYSTEAHOUSE/




Dryad Drone & Bast Awakening, LIVE!


Part I: Dance

01.) ?? * Mini-Mutations * 16 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)
02.) DJ Set * DJ Refugium * 16 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part II: Think

03.) Live Performance * Dryad Drone * 16 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)


Part III:  

04.) Live Performance * Bast Awakening * 16 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part IV: 

05.) Live Performance * Death Mutations * 16 August 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part V: 

06.) Live Performance * Pavlovian Response * 9 August 2019 * Pavlovian Response (2019)


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