The Making of A Nation (#161)

The Making of A Nation (#161)

Summertime seems reminiscent to me of US History. Forth of July. All that America being decided 200+ years ago in the most intense heat imaginable. And with the environment trending the way it does, our summer’s will only be worse, so we have books about history to turn to – or, in some cases, records – to help us pass the time.

“The Making of A Nation” is a record from 1963, part of a Time / Life series, and occasionally you see them in thrift stores. What I put them on, what fascinated me is that it is a Whistle-Stop tour of US History, as I remember it being taught to me in the ’80’s. I guess it isn’t surprising that this story didn’t really change for decades. Certain things do not change. But if we compare the social change that has occurred in the last 20 years – since I graduated from High School – the story of our own history is so problematic that it would not be told in this same way again.

Listening to a history lesson from almost 60 years ago is, in many ways, not surprising. But what is surprising is how fabricated it really is. The story I grew up with – one that many of us know – was carefully edited, and manipulated to present a tale that sold one idea, and oppressed many others. While my particular re-presentation doesn’t actually re-contextualize any of this – that would be a project for another day – it offers a glimpse into our racist and sexist past that, here and now, seems far closer than the 60 years by which now and then are separated.

To accompany this, I have more excellent music from the infamous “Banker’s Box.” There’s so much new stuff that this will probably be the format of the show for a while, at least until I catch up and get a few more projects off my desk.



The Making of A Nation


Part I:  Interlude

01.) Interlude * S Hacek * S. Hacek * S. Hacek Music (2004)
02.) Chambers * Nova Scotian Arms * Sacred Drift * Sonic Meditations (2011)

Part II:  Chambers

02.) Chambers (cont.)

Part III:  The Energy Crisis Blues

03.) 3 AM at the Border of the Marsh from Okefenokee * Tangerine Dream * Stratosfear * Virgin Records (1976)
04.) Butterfuly Bones * Four Dimensional Nightmare * Crystallized Carbon * Four Dimensional Nightmare Music (2018)
05.) N-ER-GEE (Crisis Blues) * The Residents * Meet The Residents * Ralph Records (1974)


Part IV:  Become Legion

06.) [track 1] * Chemotroph * VIII * Chemotroph Music (2017)
07.) One Become Two Become Legion * The Ether Creeps * Skin Beetles x Dental Work x Ether Creeps x The Petit Sac – 4 Way Split * Placenta Recordings (2019)
08.) G.Z. * Arvo Zylo * Sequencer Works Volume Three * Personal Archives (2017)

Part V:  Unwanted

09.) Unwanted * Tim Maloney * Natsuko * Naked Rabbit Records (1997)
10.) 3 Judit, 4 Zsuzsa * Európa Kiadó * Love ’82 * Bahia Music (1997)
11.) [untitled] * Forrest Friends * [untitled] * Town Hall Deth (2018)

Part VI:  San Antonio Desert

12.) San Antonio Desert * The Memphis Goons * While Elvis Slept * Shangri-La Records (1998)
13.) Kopp Out * The Quaint * Political Songs * The Quaint Music (2019)
14.) Lonely Brunch In Perpetuity For The Man With No Personality * Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble * Being Happy All The Time Would Be Extremely Depressing * Butte County Free Music Society (2018)
15.) [track 2] * Хапчык * Sand Witch Hunt * Хапчык Music (2019)

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