The Mother’s Day Special (w/ The Weatherman) (#101)

The Mother’s Day Special (w/ The Weatherman) (#101)

This Mother’s Day, we decided that there isn’t anything more appropriate than to discuss

the role mothers have played in our lives. And with that in mind, I called up David Wills (also known as The Weatherman), friend of the show and member of Negativland, to talk about just that.

But, as is often the case when we get to chatting, the conversation starts to veer in a much different direction, and pretty soon we’re addressing various elements of queer culture in the ’70’s and today, the various stereo systems and recordings that we have come to love, and exactly what kind of coffee The Weatherman enjoys when he’s just hanging out.

All that, and so much more.

For podcast listeners, please stick around for the third hour, which has about 20 minutes of bonus material (from the phone call between David and myself), and the entire Side B of the “Mother’s Day ’85” tape, where you can hear The Weatherman, his mother and his grandmother, all enjoying a quiet Mother’s Day in the mid-’80’s.

Austin’s Turntable that doesn’t work.

It’s the Mother’s Day Special, with The Weatherman! This is a program you can enjoy with the entire family!

Spinitron Playlist

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The Mother’s Day Special

Two long pieces make up the bulk of this program:

A Phone Call with David Wills recorded by phone on 11 April 2018

“Spring” recorded on 6 May 2018 in the early morning.

32267048_244862549592413_3110298917854511104_n-1.jpgAlso included are large segments from The Weatherman’s Family Tapes, one labeled “Mother’s Day 1985,” and a few audio tidbits here and there.

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)


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