A Lob Instagon NoiseFest Christmas! (#80)

A Lob Instagon NoiseFest Christmas! (#80)

When Lob Instagon begins to tell stories, listening becomes essential. A poet, an artist, a musician and an instigator, Lob has worn so many hats that it is sometimes difficult to remember the mystical origins of what he does. In this show, we do our best to uncover those origins and pay tribute to the man himself, his career, his connection to the NorCal NoiseFest, and just exactly how big his ear actually his.

I had an incredible time at NorCal NoiseFest this year, and my idea was to, initially, try and capture my favorite acts in a rambling, mutated form, but the chance to talk to Lob about his new album (Black Cactus) the evolution of Instagon (in all of it’s various forms), was just too excellent, and very soon this show morphed into being all about him.

And with good reason. To fully do Lob justice probably can’t be done is just one program, so we did our best to recreate a mini NoiseFest of our own in-studio. MKUltramegaphone gave Lob a radio tribute fitting of the man himself by jamming along with his music and his words, in a very holiday-centric style.

As mentioned during the program, Eden Mononym was scheduled to appear, but a combination of car and phone troubles threw a wrench into this plan. As of the end of the show, we were not sure what had happened, but I am happy to report that he is safe, and made it home okay in spite of below-freezing temperatures. Sorry we couldn’t have him on the program this week, but we are very glad that we can try and schedule something again for the future.

Regardless, here’s two hours of Lob, holiday style, all from Mid-Valley Mutations.


Spinitron Playlist

A NorCal NoiseFest Christmas! w/ Lob Instagon (#80)


Part I: The spirit of the season.

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Interview Part 1 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part II: “Recorded music is three generations in of people who think it’s free.”

03.) Interview Part 2 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Black Cactus, reclaiming physical media, the changing music industry, music as a forum of thought, playing collaboratively, the evolution of Instagon, starting out noise and becoming a jazz-jam hybrid, playing with Greg Ginn.

[horridus joins in at 19:30.]

Part III: “You’re missing what’s going on right now.”

04.) Interview Part 3 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • An evolving line-up, creating a live happening, how venues respond to noise, Luna’s Cafe & Juice Bar, noise as the new punk rock, the supportive NorCal NoiseFest scene, starting to organize the event in 2005, “it’s more like a convention,” the early NoiseFests in the mid-90’s, the tape trading scene of the ‘80’s feeding the ‘90’s noise scene, the Japanese noise scene, Masonna & Merzbow, Nurse With Wound, the school of punk rock, the Green Day wave (the post-Stiff Little Fingers wave), the Epitaph Sound, the vastness of noise as a genre.

Part IV: “…and he came at us again, with a samurai sword!”

05.) Interview Part 4 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)


Part V: The Temple of Psychic Youth.

06.) Interview Part 5 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Lob’s poetry & poetry readings, how Instagon got started, the metal band version of the group, The Temple of Psychic Youth, Instagon’s four initial faces, running out of places to play, the various phases of the group, discovering bass, becoming a band leader, Lost High Desert Tortoise, avoiding band drama.

Part VI: “I have a big ear.”

07.) Interview Part 6 * Lob Instagon * 30 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part VII: So This Is Christmas?

08.) So This Is Christmas? * Instagon & MKUltramegaphone * 8 December 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part VIII: The Rock & Roll Day of Reconing


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