Raw Wobbly (#79a)

Raw Wobbly (#79a)

In this supplementary mini-mutation, I decided that it was worth presenting some of Wobbly’s music without any of my mixing and editing. It was nice to hear the interview with Jon, and I hope you have already listened to the primary show (which you can find here). But we did talk a lot about his music, and didn’t really present any of it for you to sample.

So, consider this a bite-sized sample, more or less covering the kind of work that he does as an artist. It’s pretty rockin’, it’s nice and loose, and if you stay tuned to the end, you can get a small sample of the new record he’s working on, which is not yet out (and probably won’t be until next year).


Raw Wobbly (#79a)

01.) 2 Pinna (9L) * Moebius Story Leidecker * Familiar * Bureau B Records (2016)
02.) Fertile * People Like Us & Wobbly * Music for the Fire * Illegal Art (2010)
03.) Live Performance * NegativWobblyLand * 27 August 2011 @ Zool in Oakland * Previously Unreleased (2011)
04.) The Booper Symphony [Excerpt] * Negativland * 23 September 2012 * Previously Unreleased (2012)
05.) Closest Living Relations * Sagan * Unseen Forces * Vague Terrain (2004)
06.) Excerpt * Wobbly * Monitress * Unreleased (2018)
07.) Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas * No-L * A Mutated Christmas * Illegal Art (2001)

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