Ghost Stories 2018 (#121)

Ghost Stories 2018 (#121)

As the Halloween Season comes to a close, join us as we bust on vintage LPs and scary stories, told by guests to our very program!

Karen Holman (Hot Sheets, Cool Sheets & City of Pieces) and Denise Chelini (Holiday Special) each share their own incredible stories! This is one show you do not what to miss!



Ghost Stories 2018



01.) Halloween Horror * J. Robert Elliot * Halloween Horrors * A&M Records (1977)

02.) The Ghostly Hand of Spital House * Vincent Price * A Graveyard of Ghost Tales * Caedmon Records (1974)

03.) The Jogger * Karen Holman & Austin Rich * The Jogger * Live Broadcast (2018)



Part IV: 

04.) Intro / The Empty House on Haunted Hill * Ball Records Staff * Ghost Stories * Ball Records (1963)

05.) Sleep Paralysis * Denise Chelini & Austin Rich * Sleep Paralysis * Live Broadcast (2018)

06.) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow * Boris Karloff * Boris Karloff Narrates “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” / “Rip Van Winkle” * Mr. Pickwick (1977)


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