Paste, LIVE on Northwest Notes

Paste, LIVE on Northwest Notes

It’s always a pleasure to get invited to guest on a KMUZ program that is not my own, and Northwest Notes is one of my faves. Mick is a dedicated music lover who is keyed into the local scene in a way that few others are. He not only features local music on his show every week, but actually brings the bands in to play, live. It’s a real joy as a listener, and this week was no exception, as Paste was the guest, and they were great.

I’m hoping to make my appearances more frequent, because hanging out with Mick is a lot of fun. I also managed to achieve my musical hat trick this week, getting Mick to play some vinyl, cassettes and CDs from my collection. Next time, I’ll bring in only .mp3s, and really throw him off.

We really get into the live performance / interview in Hour 1, and in the end, don’t play many recordings. But when we do, it’s on fire. And this is the Pledge Drive, so we talk that up, and urge you to make a donation. When you can still do, and should!

More than anything, enjoy these live tunes in a way that Paste normally doesn’t perform.


Paste Photoset

Spinitron Playlist


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