ubRadio salon (21 April 2019)

ubRadio salon (21 April 2019)

My appearance on the ubRadio salon with Big City Orchestra.

This was a live broadcast on dfm.nu.





What’s This Called? (13 April 2019)

What’s This Called? (13 April 2019)

I’ve had a long relationship with Ricardo Wang and his program, “What’s This Called?” and it always feels good to be involved with his show. But this is the very first time that I’ve “performed” on his show like this. I mean, we did one collaboration which you can hear here, but that was well before things began to Mutate as they do these days. But playing a double-header like this – with Office Products, live on the radio – was pretty cool, and felt like a big accomplishment. Here’s the entire show, with both of our performances and other DJ bit in-between.

How cool was this?

This was a live broadcast on KFFP-FM.



Radio Lost & Found (11 April 2019)

Radio Lost & Found (11 April 2019)

Tune in for a live appearance on Rich Lindsay’s “Radio Lost & Found.” There’s a live Mini-Mutations performance, some interspersed interview bits, and both The Ramen City Kid & Rich Lindsay perform with me throughout the show. This was a ton of fun, and now you can enjoy it, too!

This was a live broadcast on KBOO-FM.




Analog Love Letter (11 December 2018)

Analog Love Letter (11 December 2018)

Here is Mini-Mutations appearing on “Analog Love Letter,” a program on KDVS. This program includes an interview, some musical selections, as well as a live, holiday performance to close out the show.



Wobbly Tiny Tounge Bulbs/Wobbly Split 7″
Operation Re-Information Boolean Re-Operator Ultra Mundane ORI
Mini-Mutations Safety for the Holidays Track special to Analog Love Letter

KDVS Playlist


Northwest Notes (14 October 2018)

Northwest Notes (14 October 2018)

Tune in for a live Mini-Mutations performance on KMUZ.

This was a live broadcast with live performances to promote my tour.

Mini-Mutations performs three times, and there’s a fairly substantial interview, too. But Mick plays several records as well, and it is a fun show.



Paste, LIVE on Northwest Notes

Paste, LIVE on Northwest Notes

It’s always a pleasure to get invited to guest on a KMUZ program that is not my own, and Northwest Notes is one of my faves. Mick is a dedicated music lover who is keyed into the local scene in a way that few others are. He not only features local music on his show every week, but actually brings the bands in to play, live. It’s a real joy as a listener, and this week was no exception, as Paste was the guest, and they were great.

I’m hoping to make my appearances more frequent, because hanging out with Mick is a lot of fun. I also managed to achieve my musical hat trick this week, getting Mick to play some vinyl, cassettes and CDs from my collection. Next time, I’ll bring in only .mp3s, and really throw him off.

We really get into the live performance / interview in Hour 1, and in the end, don’t play many recordings. But when we do, it’s on fire. And this is the Pledge Drive, so we talk that up, and urge you to make a donation. When you can still do, and should!

More than anything, enjoy these live tunes in a way that Paste normally doesn’t perform.


Paste Photoset

Spinitron Playlist


Radio Exotica w/ Auntie Viviwa

Radio Exotica w/ Auntie Viviwa

Join Austin The Dapper Bum as he finally lands on the Island where Auntie Viviwa and I dig deep into our final collections of Tiki and vintage Exotica records, and bust out two hours of music and cocktail recipes.

Stay tuned, as we offer two drinks (and how you can make them) that really hit the spot on a show like this: The Broadcaster & The Puppeteer (a bourbon and a rum drink, respectively).

I mention my radio encounter with ? (in relation to talking about the Nuggets Night with Love Revisited), and here’s a link to that show, back on another station, over 10 years ago:

The Sugarlumps & Crack City Rockers LIVE, with an Interview with ? Himself! (9 May 2007)

As someone who has only just gotten to the Island of Radio Exotica, I’m very excited to be able to share my stash of music here. These is one of those shows that I think you will love to put on when you and your friends are on the patio this summer, and with that in mind, please tune in every week for a show like this, chock full of fun.




Spinitron Playlist


The Moonshine, LIVE on “Hello Cruel World” (#1.5)

IMG_7756-ANIMATIONThe Moonshine, LIVE on “Hello Cruel World” (2 June 2016) (#1.5) 

Radio is a small world, in many ways, and when the cards lined up and allowed for John B of Hello Cruel World and I to team up.  I happened to be in PDX; he happened to be hosting The Moonshine, a local bluegrass group that was looking to bring their sound to XRAY-FM.  Everything worked out, and since I had some free time and wanted to check out the KXRY studios, I jumped at the chance to help set up and engineer the band, and now you can hear the results!

John and I worked together at KPSU back in those days, where he helped train me as a newbie, and I was his Program Director for many years.  But for this outing, John asked me to help set up the group, and be his extra pair of arms for the show.  It worked out great, and in the end we got an hour of great radio, 30 minutes of live music, and a chance to stretch my radio wings to even further extremes.

Radio has been one of the most enduring things in my life, and I have come to love every chance I get to participate in broadcasts.  Why John and I never worked together is crazy; our shows were back to back for years.  I’m just happy we finally managed to make it work, and I really enjoyed the form it took.

You should really give John B’s show a chance.  “Hello Cruel World” is in its 10th year, and has been at three different stations (to my knowledge).  John’s show is heartfelt, offers music he knows and loves dearly, and carves out a niche in radio that you cannot find anywhere else.  The fact that he’s a stand-up gentleman of the highest caliber is just one of the many benefits of knowing him personally.

Most importantly, give it up for The Moonshine, who tore it up at KXRY.






Parting Shot (radio edit) * The Moonshine * The Cuckoo’s Crooked Path (bandcamp, 2016)
Rocket City (live) * The Moonshine * Hello Cruel World in-studio (XRAY.FM, 2016)
Can’t See (live) * The Moonshine * Hello Cruel World in-studio (XRAY.FM, 2016)
The Cuckoo (live) * The Moonshine * Hello Cruel World in-studio (XRAY.FM, 2016)
Depth Perception (live) * The Moonshine * Hello Cruel World in-studio (XRAY.FM, 2016)
Hang Me Out (live) * The Moonshine * Hello Cruel World in-studio (XRAY.FM, 2016)
The Magician * Andy Shauf * The Party (ANTI, 2016)
Crush * Lost Lander * Medallion (Glad I Did, 2015)
Monster Love (feat. Ariel Pink) * Soko * My Dreams Dictate My Reality (Because Music, 2015)
San Francisco Patrol * Robyn Hitchcock * The Man Upstairs (Yep Roc, 2014)
Dirge * Perfume Genius * Put Your Back N 2 It (Matador, 2012)
Purple Rain (Prince cover) * Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff * Purple Rain digital single (bandcamp, 2016)