Radio Exotica w/ Auntie Viviwa

Radio Exotica w/ Auntie Viviwa

Join Austin The Dapper Bum as he finally lands on the Island where Auntie Viviwa and I dig deep into our final collections of Tiki and vintage Exotica records, and bust out two hours of music and cocktail recipes.

Stay tuned, as we offer two drinks (and how you can make them) that really hit the spot on a show like this: The Broadcaster & The Puppeteer (a bourbon and a rum drink, respectively).

I mention my radio encounter with ? (in relation to talking about the Nuggets Night with Love Revisited), and here’s a link to that show, back on another station, over 10 years ago:

The Sugarlumps & Crack City Rockers LIVE, with an Interview with ? Himself! (9 May 2007)

As someone who has only just gotten to the Island of Radio Exotica, I’m very excited to be able to share my stash of music here. These is one of those shows that I think you will love to put on when you and your friends are on the patio this summer, and with that in mind, please tune in every week for a show like this, chock full of fun.




Spinitron Playlist


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