An Interview w/ Ellen Cherry Charles!

CftBpK1yAn Interview w/ Ellen Cherry Charles!
(Tune in for an extended interview with the members of Ellen Cherry Charles, as they talk about their new album and what it’s like to try and make a living as an artist.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

I met Paco Jones a number of years ago, when he came in to perform on What’s This Called? and I was running the sound.  Since then, Paco and I have become friends, and have supported each other’s work in whatever form it might take.  He has recorded several theme songs for our program over the years, and is quite the bang-up chap.

Most recently Paco has been collaborating with his wife Lara Jones and his friend Scott Pierce to produce Ellen Cherry Charles, not only something new for each of them creatively, but is an expression of their lives as artists, and as people who continue to challenge themselves, and each other.  During the interview we talk a great deal about making this record, and their art / life balance, as well as probe into other aspects of their lives.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Lara & Paco star in their own webseries, P L & M, which is not only one of the most unique and hilarious things I’ve seen in recent years, but Series 2 was being partially filmed during the interview itself.  I’ll be curious as to what parts were used for what.  I would also recommend checking out Paco’s Films, where you can find P L & M episodes, as well as his features and other film output.

Addionally, if you are interested in Monica Enderle Pierce‘s novels, she has six available, four of which are in paperback, and all of which are available as ebooks.  (A few are $0.99 a piece, a steal if ever I read about one.)



An Interview w/ Ellen Cherry Charles!

Side A: 

01.) Nostalgia Is For Loser (I Heart Nostalgia) * Ellen Cherry Charles * The Cherry Orchard
02.) The Universal Telephone Ring
03.) Interview w/ Ellen Cherry Charles * 16 January 2016 [Part I]
04.) The Days of Mayfield High * Ellen Cherry Charles * The Cherry Orchard

Side B: 

05.) Interview w/ Ellen Cherry Charles * 16 January 2016 [Part II]
06.) Rage * Ellen Cherry Charles * The Cherry Orchard
07.) Perfect * Ellen Cherry Charles * The Cherry Orchard

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