The Language & Music of The Wolves: A Momentary Lapse of Reason Retrospective

The Language & Music of The Wolves: A Momentary Lapse of Reason Retrospective (#239) (848)

Miss Rikki joins me for a trip through nostalgia and great mixes, as we replay some choice selections from a few of our finest radio moments together. We also catch up with Miss Rikki, to talk about all the things that she is involved in now.




Live Playlist & Comments





Our Lasting, Erroneous Impression

Robert Redford The Wolf You Never Knew [Excerpts] The Language and Music of The Wolves
Music behind DJ:

Paco Jones

A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Theme Song) Written For This Program in 2014.
The Thelonious Monk Quartet And Pee Wee Russell Blue Monk Miles & Monk At Newport
Peter Sellers [Excerpts] Hoffman
Salvador Dali [Excerpts] … on Paranoic Critical Method 1963
Orson Welles … discusses the effect of violent films Talk Collection BBC 4
splitting headache
[unidentified sample]
Patrick McGoohan [Excerpts] … interviewed by Warner Troyer for Ontario Educational Communications Authority, March 1977
Frank Zappa [Excerpt] On The Record Industry and MTV
The Mirror Scene Wings of Desire
Miles Davis Straight, No Chaser Miles & Monk At Newport
Katherine Hepburn [Excerpts] 60 Mins Interview with Morly Safer
Patrick McGoohan [Excerpts] … interviewed by Warner Troyer for Ontario Educational Communications Authority, March 1977
Peter Falk Scene Wings of Desire

On The Flip Side

Music behind DJ:

Martin Denny

Voodoo Dreams Hypnotique
Flip Wilson Twenty Minutes of Silence You Devil You
Vanilla Fudge Break Song Near the Beginning
Flip Wilson & Redd Foxx The Church of What’s Happening Now
The Firesign Theater 40 Great Unclaimed Melodies! Dear Friends
Albert Brooks “Real Life” Trailer
Richard Nixon Checkers Speech
George Carlin w/ Flip Wilson What’s Happening News
Lilly Tomlin Alexander Graham Bell This Is A Recording
Telephone Courtesy Educational Film
George Carlin w/ Flip Wilson WINO Radio

How To Win At Conversation With Mom

Music behind DJ:

Martin Denny

St. Louis Blues Hypnotique
Daniel Kibblesmith How To Win At Conversations With Mom
The Wayne Mason Trio [Most of A Side] LIVE! at the La Pesada
Kermit Schafer [Excerpts] All Time Great Bloopers (6 Record Set)
The Relaxed Wife Stress Relief With Tranquilizers
Etiquette Lessons Cindy Goes To A Party
Anita Bryant Drugs Are Like That
Man… Or Astro-Man? Evert 1 Pipkin Made From Technitium
Music behind DJ:

Man… Or Astro-Man?

Weightless In Zero Return Made From Technitium

All Of The Drugs My Parents Did Not Do

Glozell Green I Hate Cilantro, It’s Gross
[Excerpts From One Of Miss Rikki’s Musical LPs]
Pan Am Films Traveling Through Time
[Excerpts From One Of Miss Rikki’s LPs] Learn How To Touch Type
Etiquette Lessons Cindy Goes To A Party
Anita Bryant Drugs Are Like That
Frank Capra Excerpts Our Mr. Sun
Educational Film Act Your Age
Coronet Films You And Your Parents

There Is Not A Rhinoceros In This Room

Music behind DJ:

Jackie Davis

Glow Worm Cha-Cha-Cha Mondo Exotica: Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 1
Lionel Hampton with Rhythm and Reeds ‘Round Midnight Golden Vibes
Bertrand Russell There Is Not A Rhinoceros In This Room Lecture – Wesley Cecil
Charlie Parker, Tadd Dameron & Curley Russell Move Live Sessions
Robert Redford The Wolf You Never Knew [Excerpts] The Language and Music of The Wolves
Salvador Dali [Excerpts] … on Paranoic Critical Method 1963
Carlie Parker, Kenny Dorham, Al Haig, Nelson Boyd & Max Roach Hot House Live Sessions
Fannie Flagg Sylvia Miller UFO Abduction Fernwood Tonight
Bette Davis Excerpts The Dick Cavett Show
“What Ever Happened To Baby Jayne?” [Excerpt]
Katherine Hepburn Excerpts The Dick Cavett Show


Music behind DJ:


I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts Beyond & Back: The X Anthology
Glozell Green I Hate Cilantro, It’s Gross
Bruce Springsteen Open All Night Nebraska
Henry Miller Excerpts The Henry Miller Odyssey 1969
Phillip Seymour Hoffman Excerpts Almost Famous
Jeffrey Lee Pierce on What’s Wrong With Everything 1989 Interview
The Dead Milkmen I Hear Your Name Eat Your Paisley
Robert Redford The Wolf You Never Knew [Excerpts] The Language and Music of The Wolves


A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Part II) (#85)

A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Part II) (#85)

The writing was on the wall from the beginning, and A Momentary Lapse of Reason was doomed (if by name alone) to be short lived. Getting off the ground initially was extremely time consuming. Half way through, KPSU experienced all new management, and they were unsure of who I was, what the show was about, and when they could schedule it. (The new staff were unaware that I was celebrating my 10 year anniversary at KPSU.)

And part of the confusion was the fact that I’d quite KPSU twice previously. While it is difficult to talk about this without ultimately pointing fingers, the fist time I left for due to “creative differences,” and the second time was to pursue new projects that, at the time, were very promising. That being said, the name of the new show was far too appropriate; while I thought I was making one joke (regarding Pink Floyd’s return to recording after their “final” cut), it turned out the “momentary” aspect of the program was entirely too relevant. By the end of July of the 2014, the show was over, and by September, the last Momentary Lapse of Reason show went out under the disguise of the last Closet Radio broadcast to go out on KPSU. (Sometime the details of Closet Radio‘s ascendence and disappearance should be covered by someone, but for now, I’ll have to leave that to a future someone.)

There were several factors that led to the end, but one was a simple matter of technical problems. KPSU, at the time, regularly had issues, with equipment, access to the studio, the turntables (as most notably heard on the Closet Radio sessions, which had a hum that was only identified afterward running throughout the performance), and sometimes, there was a band sitting in the studio, wanting to play. This is, of course, the adventure of college radio, but when you rely on the full studio to create your program, these limitations can be very frustrating. On at least two occasions, the station was mysteriously closed and we couldn’t do a show. (We ultimately podcasted in place of those, an entirely other permutation of this show that is also not represented here and now.) And in the end, the station just didn’t know what to make of the show. Trying to explain a collage / interview / talk / music show was hard, and they never understood why it didn’t work to have a rock band recording in the room next door while Rikki & I were trying to talk. (Not to mention how hard it was to mix.) It was clear, for both of us, that KPSU was not the place for this show.

Add on top of all of this availability. In spite of my best efforts, KPSU didn’t make it easy to hear A Momentary Lapse of Reason. Sometimes, the show was not listed on the site. Other times, the feeds weren’t working, so you couldn’t even hear us live. When we did manage to get incomplete recordings, getting them properly documented in a way for listeners to find and hear were a challenge, and at one point, it seemed like I had lost all the source recordings for the program. To say that it was little heard (and badly recorded) is an understatement, so at the very least, bringing these recordings to a wider audience is to finally do justice to these shows that have, more or less, languished in digital oblivion.

Another factor that competed for attention at the same time was my own proximity to Portland, where KPSU is located. Very quickly, due to a number of reasons that are boring and tedious, I found myself moving to Salem rather suddenly. While I initially commuted to PDX for work and radio, I soon landed a job in Salem, and getting to Portland was no longer easy or possible for the time slot we were inhabiting. Initially, this was only going to be a temporary roadblock; both Rikki & I were working out ways that the podcast version of the show could be done remotely, and there were talks of us changing the show entirely to The Secret True History of Rock & Roll, a new idea that grew out of A Momentary Lapse of Reason. But all these plans were scuttled when Rikki moved Closet Radio to KRXY, and then, moved away from Portland entirely. At that point, the nail in the AMLOR coffin was officially pounded in place.

Obviously, something like this is about a time and a place. Rikki & I did some incredible radio at KPSU, and we both enjoyed our shows, and this one in particular. But it was clear that our lives were moving in other directions. But for one year, we managed to create a show that was absolutely a representation of what we are like when we are on the radio together, and that alone is something that is worth quite a bit.  My hope is that, buried in the mix here somewhere, you can hear Miss Rikki and I, laughing and rocking out, so incredibly pleased with ourselves that we got to make such wild radio.

Even if it was only temporary.


Spinitron Playlist


A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Part II)


Part I: (From Episode 2, 5 February 2014)

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Silence vs. Answers * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)

Part II: (From Episode 18, 11 June 2014) 

03.) The Warm Up * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)

Part III: (From Episode 20, 25 June 2014 & Episode 21, 2 July 2014) 

04.) Having Something To Rebel Against * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)

Part IV: (From Episode 21, 2 July 2014 & Episode 22, 9 July 2014)

05.) The Subdivisions of Time * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)


Part V: (From Episode 22, 9 July 2014) 

06.) Firesign Wilson & George ‘Lilly’ Theater Play Vanilla Fudge (or, “The 70’s) * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)

Part VI: (From Episode 22, 9 July 2014 & Closet Radio Episode 151, 27 September 2014) 

07.) Small Stories of The Night * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)

Part VII: (From Closet Radio Episode 151, 27 September 2014)

08.) Well I Never * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)

Part VIII (Bonus): (From Closet Radio Episode 151, 27 September 2014)

09.) When You’re Uncool * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)


A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Part I) (#84)

A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Part I) (#84)

Some moments in our lives are just wistful memories of which we have little record. But sometimes, you get a glorious snapshot of something from the past, and when you revisit it, you realize there is wisdom and glory is looking back on what had been done before.

For a short period of time in 2014, I returned to KPSU while I was working at PSU. I had twice left the station before, to work on other radio projects elsewhere, but as a student, alumni, and then employee of the school, KPSU was never far from my mind, or my memory. I would hear it as I roamed the campus during work hours, and it soon filled my mind with all sorts of ideas about a new was of doing radio. It’s not like I’d ever strayed too far away. Every iteration of my show has been, essentially, the same. (That is to say, me and my interests, on display, for all the world to hear.) But I wanted to distill all the facets of my radio personality into one, rambling, massive, pulsing thing that was, for all intents and purposes, me in audio form.

It took a long time to set this up. Starting in 2013, I began planning and preparing, working with the station and with Miss Rikki to get it to come into being. There were delays and setbacks, and stations management changes that always make it difficult to explain everything all over again to someone new. But we launched, at the end of January, and for most of 2014, this became my favorite thing to do, creatively.

While the show was never supposed to include anyone else other than myself, Rikki had been so much a part of planning this show, that it only made sense to have her on the first one. Then, very quickly, she was there for every show, and so was a whole cast of characters that littered the conversations and spots on the program, none of which are represented here. The backbone, the essence of the show was Miss Rikki and I, mixing records and other stuff, and seeing how it all turned out.

In fact, aside from the first DJ set of the first show, almost none of what was aired on A Momentary Lapse of Reason was planned any way. The spontaneous and improvised nature of the show relied heavily on the KPSU music archive, which we played relentlessly in various capacities, but this sort of ignores that both Rikki and I would bring piles of stuff to play, too. But one we got to chatting, and picking stuff out, it always became clear that the shows were never going to even get to the stuff we’d selected before, a tradition that is long standing a common in radio.

This show was short lived, and perhaps I’ll talk about the ending in the next episode. But here, let’s focus on some of the best and choicest moments from the first several episodes. While our show was full of segments, talk, calls, and live music, the connective tissue / thread that would hold it all together was our mixes. This is the stuff that has aged the best, represents the spirit of the show that I remember fondly, and is truly wild in a way that makes me want to bring this element back to Mid-Valley Mutations in a big way.

As a special treat, there are a few extra “bonus minutes” on the podcast version, that the FM version did not get. If you were listening live, and want to hear that, the bonus minutes are at the end. And: stay tuned next week, as we continue this exploration, and bring you more magnificent mixes from Miss Rikki and myself.


Spinitron Playlist


A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Part I)


Part I: (From Episode 2, 5 February 2014)

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Silence vs. Answers * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)

Part II: (From Episode 6, 5 March 2014 & Episode 7, 19 March 2014) 

03.) That Neu Number Station In Astro Space * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)

Part III: (From Episode 8, 26 March 2014 & Episode 12, 23 April 2014) 

04.) Full Skronk Git Down * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)

Part IV: (From Episode 14, 14 May 2014 & Episode 17, 4 June 2014)

05.) The Jazz Numbers Theory on Botflys & Mr. Topsy Turvy * A Momentary Lapse of Reason w/ The Professor & The Professor’s Wife * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)


Part V: (From Episode 17, 4 June 2014 & Episode 18, 11 June 2014) 

06.) The Meta-morph-osis * A Momentary Lapse of Reason * 2014 Sessions * KPSU Radio (2014)
07.) Tonto * Battles * Mirrored * Warp Records (2007)

Part VI: (From Episode 3, 12 February 2014)

08.) As of Now * Ken Nordine * A Transparent Mask * Asphodel Records (2004)
09.) Tommy Goes Berserk * Melvins Lite * Freak Puke * Ipecac Records (2012)
10.) Gauze * KARP * Stars Kill Rock * Kill Rock Stars (1993)

Part VII: (Episode 3, 12 February 2014 2014 & Episode 6, 5 March 2014)

11.) SPMC * The Icarus Line * Mono * Buddyhead Records (2001)
12.) Up In Her Room * The Seeds * A Web of Sound * GNP Creshendo (1966)

More Stories About Shock-let & Ghouls (Ghost Stories Part IV) (#74)

More Stories About Shock-let & Ghouls (Ghost Stories Part IV w/ Branden Marshall, Arvo Zylo & Miss Rikki!) (#74)

Closing out our Halloween-Spook-tacular this year is a delightful trio of conversations with excellent friends, each of whom enjoy this time of year, but all things dark and eerie. There’s a bit of ennui that sets in after the last holiday broadcast of the year, and we had so much fun this time that I really didn’t want the party to stop. So two of our calls during this show are quite long, and both cover many experiences that each of gone through over the years. Additionally, two of our callers discuss a similar Chicago Landmark. And, all three are incredible additions to any broadcast, regardless of the time of year.

If you are interested in finding more information about Branden’s music, I would check out his MyFacester+ Page, or his (Aesthetic Pulses) SoundCloud Account, where there’s a fair amount of music. You can find Arvo Zylo’s music at his website, Arvo discusses a book by Sarah Wreck, too, and it’s affect on his story.

The range of stories we heard from callers this year was fantastic, and if you missed any of our four Ghost Stories programs this year (or the two we did last year), you could do a lot worse than follow this link: You’ll find all six, with calls from friends and former guests on the program, all sharing real, personal experiences in the world of paranormal and unexplained events. And, if you just like Halloween, then check out Austin’s Annual Halloweeen Spook-tacular, in iTunes or in a podcast-agnostic RSS Feed. (As near as I can figure, it seems to be available in most podcasting apps, but let me know if you can’t find it.) This podcast has shows going back to 2004, and now features all of the Closet Radio Halloween broadcasts, too. All to get you into the Holiday Spirit. Please, check it out. You won’t regret it.

Now that the holiday season is over, we’ll return to live music and interviews as a more regular staple of the show. But, until next year:

A Merry Spook-tacular to you all! And to all, a Good Day!



Spinitron Playlist

More Stories About Shock-let & Ghouls


Part I: Introduction & Calendar

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Halloween Ambience * Austin Rich / Old Records * Mid-Valley Mutations.

Part II: Branden’s Call

03.) Live At The Space * Aesthetic Pulses * 30 July 2017 * Previously Unreleased (2017)
04.) Branden’s Call * Branden Marshall * 27 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Branden talks about a number of experiences, including a ghost in a Petaluma duplex, another in a house in Eugene, yet another in Anchorage, Alaska (in a warehouse he worked at), and lastly, one haunting a Processing Barge he worked on.

Part III: Terror Vision One!

05.) Phantom of The Roller Rink * Frank Stewart * WNUF TV-28 Presents: Frank Steward Investigates: Halloween * Terror Vision (2015)


Part IV: Arvo Zylo’s Call

06.) One – Six * Arvo Zylo * Heavenly Sounds in Lo-Fidelity: Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher * Personal Archives Records (2016)
07.) Arvo’s Call * Arvo Zylo * 27 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • First, Arvo talks about an experience in Chicago’s famous Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, where he saw orbs flying, and a number of other incredible things during his various visits, including things he saw during a night he spent there in 2003! Then we talk about his current home in Seattle and the child Ghost that haunts it now, followed by more about his general sensitivity to spiritual and supernatural encounters.

Part V: Miss Rikki’s Call

08.) Miss Rikki’s Called * Miss Rikki * 27 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Miss Rikki calls to tells us more about the midwestern town she grew up in, including a hitchhiking story from Cherry Vale Road, where a hitchhiker in a prom dress is trying to get to Resurrection Cemetery. Also out on that road: The Satanists’s House. Plus a story about a department store, late-night encounter, and another brief mention of Bachelor’s Grove. 

Part VI: Skate Gator, NO!

05.) Introduction: Have You Ever Heard A Ghost? * Frank Stewart * WNUF TV-28 Presents: Frank Steward Investigates: Halloween * Terror Vision (2015)


When This Crypt Is A-Rockin’, Don’t Bother Knockin’ (Ghost Stories Part III) (#73)

When This Crypt’s A-Rockin’, Don’t Bother Knockin’ (Ghost Stories Part III w/ Lavender, Marc Kate, Kylie Burbank, Emma Douglas, Austin Shippey, Miss Rikki & Jared Richert!) (#73)

Whew! This show was starting to feel a little like the Christmas At Pee-Wee’s Playhouse special, where the list of special guests is improbably long, and yet, they all actually appear in the show. Well, we managed to do this too, cramming in three different live artists performing in this two-hour block, peppered with plenty of ghost stories by in-studio guests, AND another phone call by the incredible Miss Rikki. It’s enough to make any radio enthusiast jump for joy, and this is only HALF of the audio offerings we have in store for you this week.

For the complete story, check out our supplemental episode this week, where we have over 2 Hours of bonus material, which includes almost 40 minutes of extra live music, the full 30 minute interview with Lavender & Marc Kate, and other treasures only available to the podcast audience. Hopefully you’ll listen to that show too, as it is well worth the listen, and is the only place to hear live French experimental music on the radio in the US.

But in this program, we have so much crammed in that it is a veritable Multi-Course Ghost Story Feast, and I do recommend that you listen in to hear all the details. Not only is there a ton of live music and stories, but we field calls from old friends, AND try to communicate with a spirit that we talked about on this very program last year, using a Ouija Board! It gets a little crazy, and that’s just the way we like it.

You should probably go see Kylie Burbank & Jared Richart (among others) in a local production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Which is basically going to be the coolest thing happening next weekend.

More links: Lavender, Marc Kate, Kylie Burbank, Austin Shippey, Emma Douglas, Jared Richart & Miss Rikki.

Both Austin & I were shooting video during the show (he was actually live-streaming it), and you can see all the videos here. Keep in mind, these are raw videos with audio from the room (there seems to be an audio crackle on Shippey’s video), but in this playlist you’ll find both songs performed by Kylie Burbank during the show, and a close up view of the Ouija Board in use!

I would also recommend checking out the show that Austin was on previously, where we talk about his experience exorcising a spirit from a house! This show will certainly make your hair stand on end, and make you laugh a little, too. So sit back with your beverage of choice, and turn the lights down low. Things are about to get a little scary.



Spinitron Playlist

When This Crypt’s A-Rockin’, Don’t Bother Knockin’ 


Part I: Lavender & Marc Kate 

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Halloween Ambience * Austin Rich / Old Records * Mid-Valley Mutations.
03.) Live Expert * Lavender * 20 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
04.) Interview * Lavender & Marc Kate * 20 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
05.) Live Excerpt * Marc Kate * 20 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part II: Kylie & Emma

06.) Kylie’s Story * Kylie Burbank * 20 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Kylie talks about Jeremy, the ghost in her old house in South Salem (where the Orchards used to be), and contrasted that against her grandmother’s spirit haunting Kylie’s childhood home.

07.) Emma’s Story * Emma Douglas * 20 October 2017 * Mid- Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Emma Douglas shares a story about the basement in her own home, and the figure Emma saw one night.

Hour 2

Part III: Kylie Burbank LIVE

08.) Making Me Feel (Live) * Kylie Burbank * 20 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
09.) Interview * Kylie Burbank * 201 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations

Part IV: Austin’s Story

10.) Austin’s Story * Austin Shippey * 20 October 2017 * Mid- Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Austin talks about an experience from almost five years ago, and a ritual he performed with other witches in a field between Salem & Keizer, relating to an orphanage connected to the field nearby.

Part V: Miss Rikki Calls In

11.) Miss Rikki Calls In * Miss Rikki * 20 October 2017 * Mid- Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Miss Rikki calls In to discuss Cherry Valley In Illinois, and the House With No Corners, a place near where she grew up.


Part VI: The Ouija Board

12.) The Ouija Board * Kylie Burbank, Emma Douglas & Austin Shippey * 20 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part VII: Kylie Burbank LIVE (Again)

13.) (second song) (Live) * Kylie Burbank * 20 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)


Part VIII: An Exorcism?

14.) Jared’s Story * Jared Richert * 20 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Jared Richert tells a story about an exorcism that his father took part in as a youth pastor. 

Victrola’s Tales! (or, “Cottage Street”) (Ghost Stories Part II) (#72)

Victrola’s Tales! (or, “Cottage Street”) (Ghost Stories Part II) (#72)

While we haven’t done all that many of these Ghost Stories shows, very few people have wanted to come into the studio and tell their stories live either. But DJ Victrola is not like other DJs, hosting her very own program – The Guitar Shop – now in its 21st year, with no signs of slowing down. When she offered to come in and tell old Philly Ghost Stories, I knew we had to do this one live. And you, dear listener, get to reap the rewards.

While I don’t want to spoil too much about her stories, I will say that you should stay tuned, as she not only features appropriate tunes to complement her stories, but sets a mood that is perfect for strange happenings in a haunted house. And: Cyclopsycho composed a bespoke Ghost Tune for this broadcast, which we get into almost immediately during the show. (You should visit for more music, or check out the live performance on Ricardo Wang’s What’s This Called?)   Plus: we get to hear one of the all time best Lord Buckley recordings that is not only about ghosts, but spans two holidays in one.

Stay tuned to the very very end, and hear a very special treat: The Professor & Miss Rikki from Closet Radio call in. Miss Rikki, DJ Victrola and I all go back to KPSU, when we were on after each other for a spell in the days when Rikki & I hosted A Momentary Lapse of ReasonWe had an excellent radio reunion on the air, and Rikki spills the beans about normal childhood happenings that absolutely count as ghost stories, even though she just shook them off.

This one has a personal touch that is well worth a listen, and we’re not even finished with the holiday season. (BTW: Shoutouts to Steve & Lisa, from Vicky.) This is a Friday The 13th that you must hear to believe.



Spinitron Playlist

Victrola’s Tales!


Part I: The Ghost of Lost Mind

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Halloween Ambience * Austin Rich / Old Records * Mid-Valley Mutations.
03.) The Ghost of Lost Mind * Cyclopsycho * The Ghost of Lost Mind * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part II: Cottage Street Parts 1 & 2.

History of The House, Disappearing Steak Sauce, The Misplaced Wallet

04.) Carol Ann’s Theme * Jerry Goldsmith * Poltergeist Original Motion Picture Soundtrack * MGM Records (1982)
05.) Wakey Wakey * Alejandro Amenábar * The Others (Music From The Dimension Motion Picture) * Sony Classical (2001)
06.) Ghost of A Texas Ladies Man * Concrete Blonde * Recollection: The Best of Concrete Blonde * I.R.S. Records (1996)
07.) Ghostwind * Steve Morse * High Tension Wires * MCA Records (1989)

Part III: Chatting With Victrola 

Part IV: Cottage Street Part 3

08.) I Do Believe It / Sheets and Chains * Alejandro Amenábar * The Others (Music From The Dimension Motion Picture) * Sony Classical (2001)
09.) Tam Lin * Fairport Convention * Liege & Lief * Island Records (1969)

Part V: Cottage Street Part 4

10.) Laugh * Danny Elfman * Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to ‘Beetlejuice’ * Geffen Records (1988)
11.) Old Times * Alejandro Amenábar * The Others (Music From The Dimension Motion Picture) * Sony Classical (2001)


Part VI: Chatting With Victrola Again

Part VII: The Lady in the Hatboro House & The Bucks County Hitchhiker 

12.) They Are Everywhere * Alejandro Amenábar * The Others (Music From The Dimension Motion Picture) * Sony Classical (2001)
13.) “I Do Believe In Spooks” * The Cowardly Lion * The Wizard Of Oz * MGM Studios (1939)
14.) Scrooge * Lord Buckley * Blowing His Mind (And Yours) * World Pacific (1966)
15.) Big Joe & Phantom 309 * Tom Waits * Nighthawks At The Diner * Asylum Records (1975)

Part VIII: Victrola’s Moving Chair & Chatting With Victrola Even Yet Still

Part IX: The Professor & Miss Rikki Call-In

Closet Radio Episode 194: Space Terrors – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2015 pt.4

VERNER_PANTON_1Closet Radio Episode 194: Space Terrors – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2015 pt.4




“Moon Mist” – Blue Jeans – 1961
“Girls In Orbit” – Messer Chups – The Surf Zombies
“Amazons From Outer Space” – Batmobile – Amazons From Outer Space
“Planet X Marks The Spot” – Dr. Steel – People of Earth
“Ship of The Dead” – Nurse With Wound – Spiral Insana
“Crime Of The Century” – eX-Girl – Back To The Mono Kero!
“The Willing Well II: Fear Through The Eyes of Madness” – Coheed & Cambria – Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV
“The Star We Spin Around” – George Sarah – Timelapse
“Attack Of The Space Invaders” – The Horibillies – Horrible Rockabilly Punx
“War of the Worlds” – Plan – Manmade Monster
“Teenagers From Mars” – The Hellacopters –
“Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet” – Mothers of Invention – Freak Out!
“The Edge” – Spectrum & Silver Apples – A Lake Of Teardrops
“Space Prophet Dogon” – Grails – The Burden of Hope
“Planet On The Prowl” – The Negatives – Lethal Weapons – Suicide Records
“Astralplane” – Blue Pills – Bliss
“10th Planet” – Solid Space – Space Museum
“The Moon” – Nick Cave
“Star Charmer” – Grinderman – Heathen Child Limited Edition 12″
“Invasion On The Black Skies” – The Koolaid Electric Company – Black EP
“The Descent” – Helios Creed – X- Rated Fairy Tales

Closet Radio Episode 193: The Only Good Cowboy – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2015 pt. 3

3476662466_47c3283929_oCloset Radio Episode 193: The Only Good Cowboy – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2015 pt. 3




“Moon Over Asbury” – Bouncing Souls – Maniacal Laughter
“Hangin’ Me Tonight” – Bloodshot Bill – Trashy, Greasy, Rockin’ Billy
“Now He’s Dead” – Hank Williams III – This Ain’t Country
“Shoot First And Run Like Hell” – Nashville Pussy – High as Hell
“Dead Man” – Die Hunns – Long Legs
“Goodbye Johnny” – Flytrap – Salvo of 24 Gunshots


“10 Pasos De La Muerte” – Twintones – Demo
“The Legend of God’s Gun” – Spindrift – The Legend of God’s Gun
“Vaalley of Death” – Last Drive – Underworld Shakedown
“Eldorado” – Basil Rathbone – Edgar Allen Poe Audio Collection
“Cask” – Cemetery – Demo
“Gold Rush pt.2″ – Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Out of Frequency
“Wet Dead Horses” – Narrow Terence – Narcos Corridos
“Sandman” – America – History
“Lonely Night” – D.G. Scherrer – Turn Back O’ Man Demos


“Hello Nightmare” – Mountain Con
“Long Black Veil” – The Corn Sisters – The Other Women


“Man In The Long, Black Coat” – Mark Lanegan –
“Death By Drowning” – The Birthday Party – Hee Haw
“The Night Bell With Lightning” – David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time
“Be Mean” – Lost Cities – Demo
“Drown In The River” – Those Poor Bastards –
“Secret Fires” – The Gun Club – Las Vegas Story
“Death Is Hanging Over Me” – Nikki Sudden And The Jacobites – Texas
“Black Dress” – O Death – Outside
“Redemption” – Dex Romweber Duo – Is That You In The Blue?


“No Way Out But Down” – Graham Lindsey – For A Decade of Sin
“Dirtnap Stories” – Lee Hazlewood – For Every Solution, There’s A Problem

Closet Radio Episode 192: In The Underground – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2015 pt. 2

notting-hill-gate-disused-lift-passagewayCloset Radio Episode 192: In The Underground – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2015 pt. 2



“Dead and Happy” – Scarecrow – Maggotbox – 82 Records
“A Dark Place” – The Hell Caminos – Lust
“Young Men Dead” – The Black Angels – Passover
“Dead Cool” – Chrome Cranks – Dead Cool


“Ghost From My Grave” – Catholic Spray – Fruits Of The Moon
“Dirges Are Downers” – The Black Lipstick – Converted Thieves
“Deep Sleep” – Chance Halladay – Home Run – Bulldog
“Deep Deep Down” – The Mr. T Experience – Love Is Dead
“Lotion” – The Greenskeepers –
“Vegan Zombie” – Zach Selwyn – Demo
“Deathbed Confession” – Chain & The Gang – Down With LIberty


“Spiderhole” – The Mission Creeps – In Sickness and In Health
“Mountains Of Madness” -Cubby Preachers – CPV
“Downstairs To Hell” – Lover! – No Dreams Please
“Oh Death” – Dock Boggs –
“Flames” – The Sawyer Family – The Burning Times


“I Was The Murderer” – Eat Your Make Up – First Dinner
“Eternity” – Zombeast – Zombeast
“At The Crossroads” – Crime & The City Solution – Just South of Heaven
“Resurrection Mary” – Ex-Voto – Goth Box Disc 3
“Coffin Maker” – 13th Chime – The Singles
“Midnight Graveyard” – Mother Sunday
“Dirt” – Revolting Cocks – Linger Fickin’ Good

Closet Radio Episode 191: Running The Hunted – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2015 pt. 1

The_Terrors_of_Rigadin_1906_sb_1911_-_Charles_PrinceCloset Radio Episode 191: Running The Hunted – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2015 pt. 1



“Flypaper” – Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – Gorilla Rose
“Hallowed Be My Name” – Alice Cooper –
“Necrotina” – Motorpsychos –
“Bad Things” – Andrew Jackson Jihad – People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World
“When The Wolf Comes” – The Kill Devil Hills –
“Maw” – Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
“Tell Tale Heart” – Edgar Allen Poe – Read by James Mason
“Deep In The Woods” – The Birthday Party – Bad Seed E.P.
“When The Evening Comes”- The Undead – Live Slayer
“Creep” – The Carpettes – Early Years
“Stalking” – Bruce McCulloch – Shame Based Man
“Skincrawl” – Chesty Malone & The Slice ‘Em Ups – Now We’re Gonna See What Disaster Really Means
“Nightmare” – Go Katz – Real Gone Katz
“Love You To Death” – The Massacres – Redemption – Bouncing Betty
“Cruella De Ville” – Alex Perros & The Lone Stars –
“Axe Murderer” – Bloody Hollys – Plane Crash E.P.
“The Lunacy Of Mr. Cadaver” – Cryptkeeper Five – Dear Dr. X… I Wanna Be The Creature
“Trigger Happy Jack” – Poe – Hello
“Time Will Tell” – Susan Anton – Wizards OST
“Eye” – The Scarring Party – A Concise Introduction
“Monstrously Refined Tastes” – Archbishop Jason Polland – Inexorable Paths
“I Know Where You Sleep” – Emilie Autumn – Opheliac
“Look Away My Love” – Advent Sleep – Egos and Eros – Pink Cathedral
“In The Shadows” – Cult Of The Psychic Fetus – She Devil
“Devil Is On His Way” –  Joe Buck Yourself – Piss and Vinegar
“Shadow: A Parable By Edgar Allen Poe” – The Mission Creeps
“Somebody’s Knocking” – The Voodoo Organist –  The Serpent’s Dance
“Slaughterhouse” – The Video Nasties – Demo
“Prey” – DJ Food f/ J.G. Thirlwell – Ninja Tune

On The Flip Side

(Don't Forget To Caption This Image.)
(Don’t Forget To Caption This Image.)

On The Flip Side
(Longer description of the episode, with weird esoteric links and notes about the show.  Originally broadcast on 9 July 2014 on KPSU.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

Miss Rikki & I continue our Ontological Assault on the world at large with this radio deconstruction of recordings that are on the edge of awareness of their state as recordings.  Leaving no symbol unturned, with layers upon layers of meaning and commentary with regards to the current state of our program, we delve quite a ways into the 70’s, offer some Cilantro PSAs, prepare for Time Travel, and offer a number of means for managing your own stress.  The mix is thick and dense in some spots, with lots of “Waiting Room” references.  Just how we like it.

Part II of this program is reminiscent of one of the ’90’s episode of this program I did at KWVA in Eugene, which you can stream or download here.  I’m pretty sure it is the same source material, and it is interesting to revisit the same material with a new perspective.  Not much more meta than referencing yourself, right?

Dig it.  There’s some dope shit in here.



On The Flip Side


Part I: The Musical Heritage Surplus Club of Hong Kong

01.) Twenty Minutes of Silence * Flip Wilson * You Devil You
02.) Break Song [Excerpts] * Vanilla Fudge * Near The Beginning
03.) The Church of What’s Happening Now * Flip Wilson & Redd Foxx
04.) 40 Great Unclaimed Melodies! * The Firesign Theater * Dear Friends (Live Broadcasts)
05.) “Real Life” Trailer * Albert Brooks
06.) Checkers Speech * Richard Nixon
07.) What’s Happening News * George Carlin w/ Flip Wilson
08.) Alexander Grahmn Bell * Lilly Tomlin * This Is A Recording
09.) Telephone Courtesy Educational Film
10.) WINO Radio * George Carlin w/ Flip Wilson


Part II: It’s Time For Traveling Through Time

11.) I Hate Cilantro, It’s Gross * Glozell Green
12.) ?? LP?
13.) Traveling Through Time * Pan Am Films
14.) Learn How To Touch Type
15.) Cindy Goes To A Party * Etiquette Lessons
16.) Drugs Are Like That * Anita Bryant
17.) Act Your Age Education Film
18.) You And Your Parents * Coronet Films


Part III: Stress Relief With Tranquilizers

19.) How To Win At Conversations With Mom * Daniel Kibblesmith
20.) The Wayne Mason Trio * LIVE! at the La Pesada
21.) [Excerpts] * Kermit Schafer * All Time Great Bloopers (6 Record Set)
22.) Stress Relief With Tranquilizers * The Relaxed Wife
23.) Cindy Goes To A Party * Etiquette Lessons
24.) Drugs Are Like That * Anita Bryant
25.) Evert 1 Pipkin * Man… Or Astro-Man? * Made From Technitium

Closet Radio Episode 153: Six Six Six Sister – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2014 Part 1

…So Below

Closet Radio Episode 153: Six Six Six Sister – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2014 Part 1


Carl Stalling -“Satan’s Waiting”


Steve King – “Satan Is Her Name”
Jean Knight – “I’m Evil Tonight”
Regurgitator – “Devil Spell”
Tom Waits – “Hell Broke Luce”
Carole Bennett – “Haunted Lover”


THAT Damned Band – “Blue Spirit Blues”
Robert Johnson – “Preaching The Blues (Up Jumped The Devil)”
Bessie Smith – “Devil’s Gonna Get You”
Dock Boggs – “Pretty Polly”
Leandra – “Inverted Mirrors Of Decay”
Devil Doll – “You Put A Spell On Me”
SWANS – “Power And Sacrifice”

**** –

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs – “Evil Minded Mama”
Lunachicks – “Pin Eye Woman 665”


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Curse Of Milhaven”
The Ex-Girlfriends Club – “Devil Eyes”
The Bloody Hollies – “Satanic Satellite”
Cryptkeeper Five – “Scream, She Devil, Scream”
Manual Sex Drive – “The Hatching Of The Phoenix”
Lydia Lunch – “Black Juju”
Thee Oh Sees – “Night Crawler”


The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black – “I Believe In Halloween”

Stranger and Fiction – Part 2

425452920_741f6d0931-300x265Closet Radio Episode 104: Stranger and Fiction – Part 2


DJ DIrty Mollie calls in LIVE from SteamCon in Seattle to bring some of the newest and greatest steampunk bands. Featuring a few words from Frenchy and The Punk, and a handful of Steamy friends and fans at the Con. Hour 2 features a set of Tunacan’s favorite old-fashioned Halloween tunes for your spiritual pleasure.




VooDuo – Maddest Story Ever Told
Crispin Glover – Ben
The Nourishment – Paranormal Pair O Pants
Sharron Kraus – “Song of the Hanged Man”
Round Robin – “I’m The Wolfman”
Dandilion Junk Queens – “Halloween”
Nu Trends – Spooksville
Rube Bloom and His Bayou Boys – St. James Infirmary (feat. Rube Bloom and his Bayou Boys) (3:16)
Artie Shaw – Skeleton in the Closet (feat. Artie Shaw) (2:42)
Arden & Ohman – Dancing the Devil Away (feat. Arden & Ohman) (3:02)
Rosemary Clooney – The Wobblin Goblin (feat. Rosemary Clooney) (3:18)
Glenn Miller – The Little Man Who Wasn’t There (feat. Glenn Miller) (3:00)
Jim Stafford – Swamp Witch
The American Quartet – The Skeleton Rag (feat. The American Quartet) (2:06)
Buddy Moss – Undertaker Blues (feat. Buddy Moss) (3:09)
Alvino Rey – The Bat (feat. Alvino Rey) (1:55)
Jack Turner – Nightmare (feat. Jack Turner) (2:04)
Halloween Radio Spot – Bing Crosby (feat. Halloween Radio Spot) (0:58)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Little Demon (feat. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins) (2:24)
Walt Disney Studios – The Unsafe Bridge (1:18)
The Five Jones Boys – Mr. Ghost is Going to Town (feat. The Five Jones Boys) (2:56)
Revels – Dead Man’s Stroll (2:32)
Jelly Roll Morton – Dead Man Blues (feat. Jelly Roll Morton) (3:19)
Duponts – Screamin’ Ball (2:20)
The New Orleans Owls – White Shivers (feat. The New Orleans Owls) (2:46)
Walt Disney Studios – The Martian Monsters (1:41)
Bing Crosby & Boris Karloff – The Halloween Song (feat. Bing Crosby & Boris Karloff) (2:32)
Cab Calloway – Nightmare (feat. Cab Calloway) (2:41)

Stranger And Fiction Part 1 – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2013

Closet Radio Episode 104: Stranger And Fiction Part 1 – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2013


Joined by Tunacan Jones, we discuss Portland State of Mind, the origins and current status of A-HA, The Red God of Sex, Donald Sutherland’s scream and so much more!


The Montesas – “Oh Death”
The Creepshow – “Take My Hand”
The Revillos – “Graveyard Groove”
Oingo Boingo – “Dead or Alive”
Southern Culture on the Skids – “Devil’s Stomping Ground”
The Gravetones – “On A Pale Horse”
Circus – “Burn Witch Burn”
The October Country – “My Girlfriend is a Witch”
The Lollipop Shoppe – “SIn”
The Reg Guest Syndicate – “Underworld”


The Incredible Staggers – “Zombies of Love”


Manual Sex Drive – “The Living Dead”
Bill Cardille – “Chilly Billy’s Vamp”
The Deviants – “Billy the Monster”
Bobby Gray – “Devil Eyes”


Blue Faces – “Nights Out In The Graveyard”
Link Wray – “The Shadow Knows”
Nu Trends – “Spooksville”


The Only Ones – “The Beast”
The Stranglers – “Death and Night and Blood”
Roky Erikson – “Night of the Vampire”
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – “The Cannibals”
Bessie Smith – “Devil’s Gonna Get You”
The Damned – “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

Midian Mournings

Closet Radio Episode 103: Midian Mournings


The Halloween madness continues with an EPIC 5 hour episode over three KPSU shows brought to you by your local Closet Radio DJs!



Hour 1 :

1. ClosetRadio – LimitClub (0:17)
2. Cody Rich – CLoset Radio Warning (0:30)
3. Groovie Ghoulies – Vampire Girl (2:14)
4. Morgus & the Daringers – Morgus Creep  (2:35)
5. Gene Moss – “I Want to Bite Your Hand  (2:26)
6. Soupy Sales – My Baby’s Got A Crush On Frankenstein (2:00)
7. Kitty Cat Spy Club – Hot Lava Monster (1:57)
8. Greenskeepers – Lotion (Radio Edit) (3:46)
9. Wayne Bell & Tobe Hooper (1974) –  Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Opening Titles (3:22)
10. Zombina & the Skeletones – The Kids Are All Dead (2:14)
11. The AQUABATS! – Tarantula (3:42)
12. Los Gatos Locos – Headhunters (2:46)
13. Messer Chups – Vincent Price Bible (4:29)
14. Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (3:19)
15. Route 66 Killers – Ghoul Tango (2:40)
16. The Poets – Dead-Poets (2:07)
17. Bloody Hollies – Satanic Satellite (3:07)

Hour 2:

1. Cody Rich – Closet Radio Warning (0:30)
2. Dr. Phibes trailer (2:33)
3. The Moon-Rays- Skeletoons In The Closet (3:09)
4. The Chimps – It’s The Mummy (2:31)
5. Hellcat and the Prowl – Betty Bones (3:00)
6. Frantic Flintstones – Rock ‘N Roll Zombie (2:02)
7. Jamie Horton – Robot Man (1:49)
8. Monotones – LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW – 1958 (2:11)
9. The Slow Poisoner at UCSF Mission Bay Halloween 2012 (2:34)
10. Weird Al Yankovic – Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars (3:28)
11. Blood Feast (1963) – Trailer (2:23)
12. Blair Crimmins and The Hookers – A Demon Like Me (3:25)
13. Stephen Lynch – Halloween (2:47)
14. The Stranglers – Waltz In Black (3:36)
15. Wild Evel and the Trashbones- It’s A Monster (2:28)
16. Civet – Horror Business (3:01)
17. Theo & The Skyscrapers – Spider (2:42)
18. Screeching Weasel – Chainsaw (1:57)
19. Happy Halloween- Silver Shamrock Commercial (1:35)

Night Shift: 10/19/13:

1. Nine Inch Nails – Sin (remastered) (4:22)
2. Nekromantix – Where Do Monsters Go (3:21)
3. Creature Feature – A Corpse In My Bed (3:24)
4. Dr. Steel – Bikinigram From Satan (5:43)
5. crisis captin howdy (3:36)
6. Faith And The Muse – Through The Pale Door (The Haunted Palace) (4:09)
7. Lebanon Hanover – Cadaverously Quaint (3:44)
9. Midnight Configuration – Decline & Fall (The Fall Of The House Of Usher) (6:17)
10. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Black Crow King (5:05)

Hour 4:

1. Kolchak- The Night Stalker(opening intro) (1:01)
2. Woolworth Woolco Halloween Commercial 1978 (0:29)
3. Eels – Fresh Blood (4:25)
4. Jellyfish – The Ghost at Number One (3:36)
5. Dead Kennedys – Halloween (3:35)
6. The Sonics – The Witch (2:40)
7. Screaming Lord Sutch – Jack The Ripper – SPECIAL version (2:43)
8. Buck Owens – It’s A Monster’s Holiday 1974 Original version of the Halloween song (2:33)
9. Blood Feast (1963) – Trailer (2:23)
10. Tobin Sprout – Cereal Killer (3:18)
11. The Specials – Ghost Town (4:06)
12. The Orwells – Halloween All Year (3:36)
13. Jack Blanchard – Dance of the Living Dead Chickens (2:05)
14. Stanley Holloway -With Her Head Tucked Under Her Arm  (4:42)
15. Half Japanese – Ouija Board Summons Satan (1:00)
16. Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell (live) (3:14)
17. Pan’s Labyrinth – Lullaby (Music Box) (1:17)

Hour 5 (chiptune):

1. Dr. Von Pnok – Welcome to Microhorror (1:34)
2. 8-bit- Gwar – Sick of you (3:05)
3. Albino Ghost Monkey – Halloween (3:24)
4. This is Halloween – The Chiptune (2:58)
5. Dethklok – Hatredcopte 8-bit (2:54)
6. Dot.ay – Zombie face eaters (3:49)
7. Gargoyle’s Quest – Introduction (1:30)
8. Alice Cooper – Only Women Bleed (8 Bit) (5:53)
9. Mark Cooksey – Ghosts’n Goblins (3:51)
10. letavetatu – Gravestone Troupe (1:20)
11. Death – Evil Dead 8-bit (2:29)
12. Nordloef – Trick and/or Treat (the candy raid is on!) (2:42)
13. MonsterVision – Ode to Father Dagon (4:08)
14. Rob Zombie – Dragula (8 Bit) (3:42)
15. 1978 Halloween Theme 8-Bit (2:57)

Red Skies at Night

Closet Radio Episode 102: Red Skies at Night


Creepy hallows without the usual dose of Tuna! We’re heading down the rabbit hole armed with a chainsaw and some dude name Kolchak.



The Video Nasties – “The Hills Have Eyes”
The Moontrekkers – “John Brown’s Body”
The N’Betweens – “Evil Witch Man”
Louis & Bebe Barron – “Theme From Forbidden Planet”
Strawberry Alarm Clock – “Curse of the Witches”
Names & Faces – “The Killer”
Mr. Undertaker – “Here Lies My Love”
The Fleshtones – “You Can’t Get Him Frankenstein”
Kolchak – “Spanish Moss Murders Epilogue”
Warsaw – “Gutz”
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth – “Hello Grandma”
The Changeling
Hollywood Flames – “Frankenstein’s Den”
Satan’s Pilgrims – “Haunted House of Rock”
The Tomkos -“The Spook”
THAT Damned Band – “Blue Spirit Blues”
The Scarring Party – “Monsters”
The Kinks – “Wicked Annabella”
GST Mugwump – “Apathy For The Devil”
Nick Cave & The Dirty Three – “X-Files Theme”
The Toy Dolls -“Spiders In The Dressing Room”
Duane Eddy – “Stalkin’”
Link Wray – “Hillbilly Wolf”


The Cramps – “Aloha From Hell”
Jack Turner – “Nightmare”
Bloody Hollys – “Nosferatu”
The Novas – “The Crusher”
King Horror – “Loch Ness Monster”
Maximillian – “The Twistin’ Ghost”
The Bostweeds – “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”
Marc Bolan – “You Scare Me To Death”

Jars of Spooks – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2013

Closet Radio Episode 101: Jars of Spooks – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2013


Joined by Tunacan Jones, The Professor, and even Miss Suzie to kick off the Halloween celebrations! This episode begins the month-long explosion of spooky tune-age!

We discuss the origins of Halloween, Sarah Silverman, Tuncan’s Robert Smith hair, how Miss Suzie met Tuna, The Professor’s inability to keep clothes on, what color a proper rickety van should be, and so much more!




Danny Elfman – “The Incantation”
The Birthday Party – “Release The Bats”
The Masonics – “Down Among The Dead Men”


Hotrod Frankie- “Arising From My Grave”
Murder By Death – “Knife Goes In, Guts Come Out”
The Damned – “Dr. Woofenstein”
Super Heroines – “Night Stalker”
Zacharie – “Sinister Purpose”
Groovie Goolies – “Noises”
Famous Monsters – “Outerspace Deathrace”
Richard Delvecchio – “Green Slime”
Revelevens – “Zombie Chicken”
Gravetones – “Still Screaming”
Stellar Corpses – “Leave A Stellar Corpse”
Calabrese – “Saturday Night of the Living Dead”
The Revillos – “Caveman Raveman”
The Lancasters – “Satan’s Holiday”
Alice Cooper – “Science Fiction”
Blue Oyster Cult – “Don’t Fear The Reaper”
James White & The Blacks – “Hot Voodoo”

KPSU Playlist

Getting Down In The Underworld (Rikki Horror Picture Show Part 4)


Closet Radio Episode 054: Getting Down In The Underworld (Rikki Horror Picture Show Part 4)


***2012 Rikki Horror Picture Show part 4***

Spindly fingers tap a tick-tock rapping to the beat in a perfect square to awaken that which had slipped through the cracks of perception. There is dirt under your nails and blood in your seams with limbs all akimbo conveying subtleties of breakdown in unison. A scan of the peripheries proves playing possum is the true opiate of the masses, so when they figure us out, just torch the whole thing to ashes.


“Theme” – The Outer Limits OST
“In A Strangeland” – Talk Normal
“Party Of The First Part” – Bauhaus
“Death Is A Star” – The Clash
“Nightmares In Red” – The Brain
“The Whip” – The Creeps
“City Hobgoblins” – The Fall
“Hell-A-Vision Shock” – Mad Sin
“Prince of Darkness” – Electric Hellfire Club
“God of All Spiders” – Ken Nordine
“Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye Man” – Grinderman
“One Step Beyond” – Madness
“Trick Or Treat” – Mr. Jelly
“Monster Man” – DEVO
“Lowest of the Low” – Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak f/ Sour Grapes
“All Hallows Eve” – Blood Junkies
“Paranormal Pair O Pants” – The Nourishment
“Punky Punkin” – Fran Alison
“Son Of The Mummy” – Bob McFadden and Dor
“Werewolf” – Five Man Electrical Band
“Graveyard Rock” – Tarantula Ghoul & Her Gravediggers
“I Love My Monsters” – The Voronas
“Things That Scare Me” – Neko Case
“Devil In My Car” – The B-52’s
“Do The Ripper” – The Incredible Staggers
“Where Wolves Drink” – The Girls
“The Hills Have Eyes” – The Video Nasties
“Jabberwocky” – Cruxshadows
“The Name Is Nothing” – Thomas Ligotti
“Down, Down To Goblin Town” – The Hobbit OST
“Black Widow” – Alice Cooper
“St James Infirmary” – Standells
“The Horrors of The Museum” – Rudimentary Peni

KPSU Playlist

The Afterlife of Automatons (Rikki Horror Picture Show Part 3)


Closet Radio Episode 053: The Afterlife of Automatons (Rikki Horror Picture Show Part 3)


***2012 Rikki Horror Picture Show part 3***

Snap and pop into the ashes beyond your dark windows when the unexpected invites itself in. The numbers click back until our bluest spectre whispers that unconscious fishes cannot differentiate between the uninspired sleepwalkers and idle fans refusing to spin.When that chip on your block shocks and flatlines, we become merely ghosts of the machine.


“We Kept Our Kitchen Clean and Our Dreaming Quiet” – Castanets
“Still Around” – The Scarring Party
“Something Wicked (That Way Went)” – The Vernian Process
“Clowny Clown Clown” – Crispin Glover
“Don’t Make Me Kill You Again” – Kepi Ghoulie
“Coraline” – Rasputina
“Circus Apocalypse” – Vermillion Lies
“Headless Ghost” – Nightmares
“Minister To A Diseased Mind” – The Bachs
“The Girl Who Was Death” – The Prisoner
“I Was A Teenage Creature” – Lord Luther & The Kingsmen
“The Ghost Song” – Salty Holmes
“We’re Comin’ To Kill Ya’” – Zachariah
“Vampire From Outerspace” – The Independents
“Wolfskin Killer” – Zombeast
“Cannibal” – Scratch Acid
“Rosemary’s Baby” – Mia Farrow
“Satan” – Paul Wibier
“Captain Howdy” – Twisted Sister
“Vampire Carpets” – Son of Svengoolie
“Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood” – Don Hinson & His Rigamorticians
“The Bunyips” – Dot & The Kangaroo
“Nightbreed End Title Theme” –
“The Night” – Toni Basil
“Svengoolie Street” – Screaming Yellow Theater
“It” – Regulaires
“Draculena” – Aaron McNeill
“Bloodstains” – L7
“Sleeping in Blood City” – The Fatals
“John Hardy” – Gun Club
“Nature’s Dark Passion” – The Damned
“Goodbye Horses” – Venus Infers

KPSU Playlist

No More Room In Hell (Rikki Horror Picture Show Part 2)

imageCloset Radio Episode 052: No More Room In Hell (Rikki Horror Picture Show Part 2)

***2012 Rikki Horror Picture Show part 2***


Looking into empty reflections searching for any sign of life. Remember to breathe when the lungs collapse, the brain shuts down ticking off glass-eyed marbles on the spinning wheel of preservation merely locked in a jar on the doctor’s shelf. We must recapture what never was.


“Epitaph” – Robert Corbert Orchestra f/ Jonathan Frid
“Old Snake Road” – Hell Caminos
“Shallow Grave” – Mad Marge & The Stonecutters
“On A Pale Horse” – The Gravetones
“Curse of The Hearse” – Haunted Cologne
“On The Coattails Of A Dead Man” – Primus f/ Tom Waits
“Psychodead” – Dead Skeletons
“The Fourth Horseman” – Aphrodite’s Child
“They’re All Dead” – The Prostitutes
“Raise The Dead” – Caravan of Thieves
“Fire & Brimstone” – Ralph Stanley
“Wayfaring Stranger” – 16 Horsepower
“Billy’s Dead” – Deadbolt
“(Not Adam)” – Foetus
“Gallows Twist” – Manual Sex Drive
“Scarecrow” – Ministry
“Dead Puppies” – Ogden Edsl
“Stone Dead Forever” – Motorhead
“The Immortal Death” – Crass
“La Danse Macabre” – Le Bass Harmonistes
“The Ghost With The Most” – The Almighty Defenders
“Buried Deep” -Petra Schelm
“Ragdoll Physics” – Diablo Swing Orchestra”
“I Hold Your Hand In Mine” – Tom Lehrer
“Undertaker” – Southern Culture on The Skids
“Ain’t No Grave (Can Hold My Body Down)” – Johnny Cash

KPSU Playlist

Going In For The Kill (Rikki Horror Picture Show Part 1)

Closet Radio Episode #51: Going In For The Kill (Rikki Horror Picture Show Part 1)


***2012 Rikki Horror Picture Show part 1***

With the spark of an eye, this stranger is marked by the temperatures of light. Her heart ticks to a syncopated beat as sharp as the blade in her hand. Silenced by fear of no bumps in the night when a dark reflection of what no longer ceases to be seen.


“Tricks and Treats” – Lux Interior
“Helter Skelter” – The Beatles
“Woman of Mass Destruction” – Woolly Bandits
“Where Evil Grows” – The Gore Gore Girls
“Lady Scarface” – Lydia Lunch
“Kill You” – Tioni and The Tomcats
“Satan Is Her Name” – Steve King
“The First Mrs. Jones” – Bill Anderson
“Stab Stab Stab” – Screeching Weasel
“Crizila” – Calabrese
“The Velorium Camper III: Al The Killer” – Coheed & Cambria
“Pretty Baby” – Lords Of The New Church
“Ted Bundy Was A Ladies Man” – Des Roar
“The Electrocutioner” – The Residents

“Janie’s Got A Dissolvo Ray” – Zombina & The Skeletones
“Uncle’s Got A Sweetheart pt.2” – Madeline
“French Wife” – Daryl Scairiot
“Leroy” – The Fibonaccis
“Fever” – The Cramps
“Pretty Little Girl” – The Pine Box Boys
“Impaler” – The Sawyer Family
“Knife Fight” – Katastrophy Wife
“Belladonna” – Siouxsie & The Banshees
“Lovely Creature” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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The Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 2


Closet Radio Episode 003: The Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 2

(Originally Broadcast: 31 October 2011.)

Wrapping up the Halloween creeps, I present you with part two of the Rikki Horror Picture Show! More morbid mayhem this week along with our very special (and hopefully recurring) guest, Claudiu, new DJ Chris popped in for a bit to hang out and we had some technical difficulties to boot since it wouldn’t be a true trickery season without. Let’s get undead!


The Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 2

Hour 1

01.) “Time to get this party started.”

02.) “Death Party” – The Gun Club
03.) “Dog Will Hunt” – Choptop and Stretch
04.) “Seven Rusty Blades” – The Limit Club

05.) ”Suspiria Theme” – Goblin
06.) “All Hell Breaks Loose” – Mad Sin
07.) “Billy’s Dead”- Deadbolt
08.) “I Got The Creeps” – Big John Bates and The Voodoo Dollz
09.) “I Kick Ass For The Lord.”

10.) “We Watch A Lot Of Movies” – Murder By Death
11.) “I Don’t Hate Shit, God Does” – All Leather ** (request)
12.) “Came Out Of A Lady” – Rubblebucket ** (request)

13.) “Dead Or Alive” – Oingo Boingo
14.) “Delirium Trigger” – Coheed and Cambria
15.) “Nasty” – The Damned
16.) “The Witch” – The Sonics

Hour 2

17.) “Intermission” – Murder By Death
18.) “Fun In The Dark” – Kepi Ghoulie
19.) “The Forest Is Full Of Spiders” – Manual Sex Drive
20.) “Dead Man’s Suit” – The Chrome Cranks
21.) “Halloween” – The Ghost
22.) “Drive-In Oath” –Joe Bob Briggs

23.) “Another Bag of Bones” – Kevin Devine and the Goddamned Band

24.) “Hand Me Some Chew” – Zachariah
25.) “Beelz” – Stephen Lynch
26.) “Under A Funeral Moon” – Darkthrone
27.) “Go-Go To The Graveyard” – The Deadlines
28.) “Eaten By The Monster Of Love” – Sparks

29.) “Speak No Evil” – Clint Howard
30.) “Blue Spirit Blues” – THAT Damned Band
31.) “Gorey Demise” – Creature Feature
32.) “The Black Widow” – Alice Cooper w/ Vincent Price

33.) “Piano Duet” – Danny Elfman
34.) “In Olde Yellowcake” – Rasputina
35.) “Don’t Fear The Reaper” – Blue Oyster Cult


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Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 1

Closet Radio Episode 002: Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 1

(Originally Broadcast: 24 October 2011 on KPSU.)

We’re upon the witching season. Get into it with some good old fashioned songs about monsters, murders, mayhem, morbid meanderings and more! Next week’s episode (Saturday @ 5pm PST) will fill you up with the ghastly spirit of evil even more! If nothing else, it will provide you with an arsenal of songs that are fun to sing at family gatherings!


Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 1:

Hour 1

01.) “Stanley’s Death Park” – Thomas Dolby
02.) “Zombie Dance” – The Cramps

03.) “Twin Peaks Theme” – Angelo Badalamenti

04.) “Dr. Plainfield” – Stellar Corpses
05.) “I’m Aware That I’m A Werewolf” – Tom Basden
06.) “Zombie Raid” – The Arrivals

07.) “Henry Lee” – Peggy Seeger
08.) “Buried Alive” – The Sawyer Family
09.) “The Graveyard Tree” – Koffin Kats
10.) “Curse of Millhaven” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

11.) “Devil’s Work Day” – Modest Mouse
12.) “Revelator” – The Scarring Party
13.) “Bikinigram From Satan” – Dr. Steel
14.) “Tromatic Events”- Slime & The Boobytramps
15.) “Rats In The Cellar”  – Baby Jane and Blanche
16.) “The Fly” – The Mummies
17.) “Trouble With Cannibals” – Chesty Malone & The Slice ‘Em Ups

Hour 2

18.) “Alice” – Sisters of Mercy
19.) “Rue Morgue Radio” – The Creepshow

20.) “Monster Speech” – Peter Lorre/ Fritz Lang
21.) “Spider” – Theo & The Skyscrapers
22.) “Ghostbusters” – Ray Parker Jr.
23.) “Memphis Exorcism” – Squirrel Nut Zippers
24.) “Psycho Sick Demons”- Phantom Rockers
25.) “Moundshroud” – Cinema Strange
26.) “Demons Wear Spurs” – The Gravetones
27.) “The Hills Have Eyes” – The Meteors
28.) “Frankengirl” –Screeching Weasel f/ Dr. Frank
29.) “Cemetery Polka” – Tom Waits
30.) “Nobody Likes You When You’re Dead” – Zombina & The Skeletones
31.) “All Serial Killers Go To Heaven”- The Video Nasties
32.) “The Kid With The Replaceable Head” – Richard Hell & The Voidoids
33.) “Death’s Coming” – Hour Of The Wolf
34.) “Monster (Massive Return)” – The Mission Creeps
35.) “Blood In My Eyes” – Calabrese
36.) “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” – Bauhaus