The Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 2


Closet Radio Episode 003: The Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 2

(Originally Broadcast: 31 October 2011.)

Wrapping up the Halloween creeps, I present you with part two of the Rikki Horror Picture Show! More morbid mayhem this week along with our very special (and hopefully recurring) guest, Claudiu, new DJ Chris popped in for a bit to hang out and we had some technical difficulties to boot since it wouldn’t be a true trickery season without. Let’s get undead!


The Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 2

Hour 1

01.) “Time to get this party started.”

02.) “Death Party” – The Gun Club
03.) “Dog Will Hunt” – Choptop and Stretch
04.) “Seven Rusty Blades” – The Limit Club

05.) ”Suspiria Theme” – Goblin
06.) “All Hell Breaks Loose” – Mad Sin
07.) “Billy’s Dead”- Deadbolt
08.) “I Got The Creeps” – Big John Bates and The Voodoo Dollz
09.) “I Kick Ass For The Lord.”

10.) “We Watch A Lot Of Movies” – Murder By Death
11.) “I Don’t Hate Shit, God Does” – All Leather ** (request)
12.) “Came Out Of A Lady” – Rubblebucket ** (request)

13.) “Dead Or Alive” – Oingo Boingo
14.) “Delirium Trigger” – Coheed and Cambria
15.) “Nasty” – The Damned
16.) “The Witch” – The Sonics

Hour 2

17.) “Intermission” – Murder By Death
18.) “Fun In The Dark” – Kepi Ghoulie
19.) “The Forest Is Full Of Spiders” – Manual Sex Drive
20.) “Dead Man’s Suit” – The Chrome Cranks
21.) “Halloween” – The Ghost
22.) “Drive-In Oath” –Joe Bob Briggs

23.) “Another Bag of Bones” – Kevin Devine and the Goddamned Band

24.) “Hand Me Some Chew” – Zachariah
25.) “Beelz” – Stephen Lynch
26.) “Under A Funeral Moon” – Darkthrone
27.) “Go-Go To The Graveyard” – The Deadlines
28.) “Eaten By The Monster Of Love” – Sparks

29.) “Speak No Evil” – Clint Howard
30.) “Blue Spirit Blues” – THAT Damned Band
31.) “Gorey Demise” – Creature Feature
32.) “The Black Widow” – Alice Cooper w/ Vincent Price

33.) “Piano Duet” – Danny Elfman
34.) “In Olde Yellowcake” – Rasputina
35.) “Don’t Fear The Reaper” – Blue Oyster Cult


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