Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 1

Closet Radio Episode 002: Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 1

(Originally Broadcast: 24 October 2011 on KPSU.)

We’re upon the witching season. Get into it with some good old fashioned songs about monsters, murders, mayhem, morbid meanderings and more! Next week’s episode (Saturday @ 5pm PST) will fill you up with the ghastly spirit of evil even more! If nothing else, it will provide you with an arsenal of songs that are fun to sing at family gatherings!


Rikki Horror Picture Show pt. 1:

Hour 1

01.) “Stanley’s Death Park” – Thomas Dolby
02.) “Zombie Dance” – The Cramps

03.) “Twin Peaks Theme” – Angelo Badalamenti

04.) “Dr. Plainfield” – Stellar Corpses
05.) “I’m Aware That I’m A Werewolf” – Tom Basden
06.) “Zombie Raid” – The Arrivals

07.) “Henry Lee” – Peggy Seeger
08.) “Buried Alive” – The Sawyer Family
09.) “The Graveyard Tree” – Koffin Kats
10.) “Curse of Millhaven” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

11.) “Devil’s Work Day” – Modest Mouse
12.) “Revelator” – The Scarring Party
13.) “Bikinigram From Satan” – Dr. Steel
14.) “Tromatic Events”- Slime & The Boobytramps
15.) “Rats In The Cellar”  – Baby Jane and Blanche
16.) “The Fly” – The Mummies
17.) “Trouble With Cannibals” – Chesty Malone & The Slice ‘Em Ups

Hour 2

18.) “Alice” – Sisters of Mercy
19.) “Rue Morgue Radio” – The Creepshow

20.) “Monster Speech” – Peter Lorre/ Fritz Lang
21.) “Spider” – Theo & The Skyscrapers
22.) “Ghostbusters” – Ray Parker Jr.
23.) “Memphis Exorcism” – Squirrel Nut Zippers
24.) “Psycho Sick Demons”- Phantom Rockers
25.) “Moundshroud” – Cinema Strange
26.) “Demons Wear Spurs” – The Gravetones
27.) “The Hills Have Eyes” – The Meteors
28.) “Frankengirl” –Screeching Weasel f/ Dr. Frank
29.) “Cemetery Polka” – Tom Waits
30.) “Nobody Likes You When You’re Dead” – Zombina & The Skeletones
31.) “All Serial Killers Go To Heaven”- The Video Nasties
32.) “The Kid With The Replaceable Head” – Richard Hell & The Voidoids
33.) “Death’s Coming” – Hour Of The Wolf
34.) “Monster (Massive Return)” – The Mission Creeps
35.) “Blood In My Eyes” – Calabrese
36.) “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” – Bauhaus


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