The Potters of Firsk

The Potters of Firsk

The Potters of Firsk
(Featuring an episode of X-Minus 1, remixed, originally broadcast on KPSU on 29 October 2011, and again in 2015.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

In this two-hour Halloween finale from the end of the 2011 season of our show was unusual for the Halloween shows I did at the time, being not only a Science Fiction program, but also featuring a number of songs that were more narratively focused, rather than strictly horror-related.  However, at the core of “The Potters of Firsk” – one of the least catchy titles, if there ever was one – is a horror story, and I do my best to prolong the reveal at the end, but to prove a good selection of music to compliment the strange and unique tone to the story.

To do so, I wound up picked a tremendous number of experimental and, otherwise, strange tunes.  Experimental music is, in many ways, about exploring the scarier side of the musical world, and I tried to mix a lot of really strange songs in with a few rockin’ tunes to provide the right mix or pop and ponder.  This show was wrapped up at the end of a very exhausting run of shows, and I took a big break after this show if I recall.


The Potters of Firsk * Dimension X * NBC * 28 July 1950

Part I
01.) Yellow * Ken Nordine * RE/Search: Incredibly Strange Music Vol II
02.) Speedy Car * Stereolab * Aluminum Tunes
03.) New New * DNA * Dna
04.) Exotic Two (Excerpt) * Sun Ra * We Travel the Spaceways Bad and Beautiful

Part II
05.) Opal (October) * Emil Richards * New Sound Element “Stones”
06.) Mad * Social Outcasts * Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume 12: The Lux Interior Memorial Edition: Journey into Outer Space
07.) The Duke Arrives / Barricade * John Carpenter * Escape From New York
08.) Controller * Infinitirock * Music For Primordial Recollection
09.) Where Dead People Live * Sun City Girls * Cameo Demons And Their Manifestations: Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 1
10.) The Lie That Liars Know About * Half Eye * The Rose Mary Murders

Part III
11.) Phantom Market (Later Version) (Excerpt) * Power Circus * Power Circus
12.) Hall Of The Mountain King * The Who * The Who Sell Out
13.) Brief Encounter (Excerpt) * Trey Gunn Band * Live Encounter
14.) Suspense * Jib Kidder * Library Catalog Music Series: Music For Hypnotized Minds
15.) Trouble On The Way * Kalahari Surfers Vol. 1: The Eighties

Part IV
16.) Long Gone * Syd Barrett * The Madcap Laughs
17.) Forbidden Planet: Main Titles – Overture * Louis And Bebe Barron * Brain In A Box: The Science Fiction Collection
18.) Eternal Waltz (Excerpt) * Jandek * White Box Requiem * Corwood 0763
19.) Spirits Drifting * Brian Eno * Another Green World

Part V
20.) Atomic Bomb (Edit) * Deadless Muss * Attack (1987)
21.) Bone Chain * Tom Waits * Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
22.) Death Moon Reprise * Winter Drones * Blood In The Coffin
23.) Beware Of Death * Gricer * Gricer
24.) Yellow Blues * Charles Manson * Commemorating Sixty Years Of Struggle Against Cowardice, Stupidity And Lies
25.) Autumn Leaves * Grex * Live At Home

Part VI
26.) Space Blue * Suicide * Suicide
27.) Big Trak Attack * Man… Or Astro-Man? * Experiment Zero
28.) Frank Talk About Mutants * Men’s Recovery Project * Frank Talk About Humans
29.) Contract With Depravity * Kenyon Hopkins * Crime Jazz: Music In The First Degree
30.) The Twilight Zone * The Ventures * The Ventures In Space
31.) The Great Pumpkin * Vince Guaraldi

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