Getting Down In The Underworld (Rikki Horror Picture Show Part 4)


Closet Radio Episode 054: Getting Down In The Underworld (Rikki Horror Picture Show Part 4)


***2012 Rikki Horror Picture Show part 4***

Spindly fingers tap a tick-tock rapping to the beat in a perfect square to awaken that which had slipped through the cracks of perception. There is dirt under your nails and blood in your seams with limbs all akimbo conveying subtleties of breakdown in unison. A scan of the peripheries proves playing possum is the true opiate of the masses, so when they figure us out, just torch the whole thing to ashes.


“Theme” – The Outer Limits OST
“In A Strangeland” – Talk Normal
“Party Of The First Part” – Bauhaus
“Death Is A Star” – The Clash
“Nightmares In Red” – The Brain
“The Whip” – The Creeps
“City Hobgoblins” – The Fall
“Hell-A-Vision Shock” – Mad Sin
“Prince of Darkness” – Electric Hellfire Club
“God of All Spiders” – Ken Nordine
“Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye Man” – Grinderman
“One Step Beyond” – Madness
“Trick Or Treat” – Mr. Jelly
“Monster Man” – DEVO
“Lowest of the Low” – Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak f/ Sour Grapes
“All Hallows Eve” – Blood Junkies
“Paranormal Pair O Pants” – The Nourishment
“Punky Punkin” – Fran Alison
“Son Of The Mummy” – Bob McFadden and Dor
“Werewolf” – Five Man Electrical Band
“Graveyard Rock” – Tarantula Ghoul & Her Gravediggers
“I Love My Monsters” – The Voronas
“Things That Scare Me” – Neko Case
“Devil In My Car” – The B-52’s
“Do The Ripper” – The Incredible Staggers
“Where Wolves Drink” – The Girls
“The Hills Have Eyes” – The Video Nasties
“Jabberwocky” – Cruxshadows
“The Name Is Nothing” – Thomas Ligotti
“Down, Down To Goblin Town” – The Hobbit OST
“Black Widow” – Alice Cooper
“St James Infirmary” – Standells
“The Horrors of The Museum” – Rudimentary Peni

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