Stranger and Fiction – Part 2

425452920_741f6d0931-300x265Closet Radio Episode 104: Stranger and Fiction – Part 2


DJ DIrty Mollie calls in LIVE from SteamCon in Seattle to bring some of the newest and greatest steampunk bands. Featuring a few words from Frenchy and The Punk, and a handful of Steamy friends and fans at the Con. Hour 2 features a set of Tunacan’s favorite old-fashioned Halloween tunes for your spiritual pleasure.




VooDuo – Maddest Story Ever Told
Crispin Glover – Ben
The Nourishment – Paranormal Pair O Pants
Sharron Kraus – “Song of the Hanged Man”
Round Robin – “I’m The Wolfman”
Dandilion Junk Queens – “Halloween”
Nu Trends – Spooksville
Rube Bloom and His Bayou Boys – St. James Infirmary (feat. Rube Bloom and his Bayou Boys) (3:16)
Artie Shaw – Skeleton in the Closet (feat. Artie Shaw) (2:42)
Arden & Ohman – Dancing the Devil Away (feat. Arden & Ohman) (3:02)
Rosemary Clooney – The Wobblin Goblin (feat. Rosemary Clooney) (3:18)
Glenn Miller – The Little Man Who Wasn’t There (feat. Glenn Miller) (3:00)
Jim Stafford – Swamp Witch
The American Quartet – The Skeleton Rag (feat. The American Quartet) (2:06)
Buddy Moss – Undertaker Blues (feat. Buddy Moss) (3:09)
Alvino Rey – The Bat (feat. Alvino Rey) (1:55)
Jack Turner – Nightmare (feat. Jack Turner) (2:04)
Halloween Radio Spot – Bing Crosby (feat. Halloween Radio Spot) (0:58)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Little Demon (feat. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins) (2:24)
Walt Disney Studios – The Unsafe Bridge (1:18)
The Five Jones Boys – Mr. Ghost is Going to Town (feat. The Five Jones Boys) (2:56)
Revels – Dead Man’s Stroll (2:32)
Jelly Roll Morton – Dead Man Blues (feat. Jelly Roll Morton) (3:19)
Duponts – Screamin’ Ball (2:20)
The New Orleans Owls – White Shivers (feat. The New Orleans Owls) (2:46)
Walt Disney Studios – The Martian Monsters (1:41)
Bing Crosby & Boris Karloff – The Halloween Song (feat. Bing Crosby & Boris Karloff) (2:32)
Cab Calloway – Nightmare (feat. Cab Calloway) (2:41)

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