Stranger And Fiction Part 1 – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2013

Closet Radio Episode 104: Stranger And Fiction Part 1 – Rikki Horror Picture Show 2013


Joined by Tunacan Jones, we discuss Portland State of Mind, the origins and current status of A-HA, The Red God of Sex, Donald Sutherland’s scream and so much more!


The Montesas – “Oh Death”
The Creepshow – “Take My Hand”
The Revillos – “Graveyard Groove”
Oingo Boingo – “Dead or Alive”
Southern Culture on the Skids – “Devil’s Stomping Ground”
The Gravetones – “On A Pale Horse”
Circus – “Burn Witch Burn”
The October Country – “My Girlfriend is a Witch”
The Lollipop Shoppe – “SIn”
The Reg Guest Syndicate – “Underworld”


The Incredible Staggers – “Zombies of Love”


Manual Sex Drive – “The Living Dead”
Bill Cardille – “Chilly Billy’s Vamp”
The Deviants – “Billy the Monster”
Bobby Gray – “Devil Eyes”


Blue Faces – “Nights Out In The Graveyard”
Link Wray – “The Shadow Knows”
Nu Trends – “Spooksville”


The Only Ones – “The Beast”
The Stranglers – “Death and Night and Blood”
Roky Erikson – “Night of the Vampire”
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – “The Cannibals”
Bessie Smith – “Devil’s Gonna Get You”
The Damned – “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

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