The Mark Hosler Interview Part I (#78)

The Mark Hosler Interview Part I (#78)

It’s Negativland November! Join me for a frank and in-depth conversation with Mark Hosler.

Mark was a wonderful, and friendly gentleman who spoke with me at length about music and art, and we are featuring that conversation, with callers and Audience Participation, as part of this show.

Stay tuned. Next week we have Wobbly (also from Negativland), and the rest of Mark’s conversation in January.

And, this show pairs well with the conversation I had with The Weatherman two weeks ago.

This one is dense. Sit down. Have a beverage. And listen.


Spinitron Playlist

The Mark Hosler Interview (Part I)


Part I: State Capital Shuffle

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)

Part II: “I guess it’s more of a soundscape thing.”

03.) Interview Part 1 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
04.) Live Performance * Mark Hosler * 17 February 2016 * Self-Released (2016)
05.) Interview Part 2 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part III: “A golden age for crazy sound and noise-making.”

[horridus of devilsclub calls in between 24:50 and 39:30 to play along with the show.]

06.) Interview Part 3 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

  • Gear talk, the Booper, learning how to play live, the change in technology, Mark taking on the ashes of past members Ian AllenDon Joyce & Richard Lyons (plus his brother & parents), coping with and processing death, Richard’s sense of humor, Dayle Embree photo.

Part IV: “It’s existentially weird.”

[Pat of Uneasy Chairs calls in between 56:45 and 1:07:50 to play along with the show.]

07.) Interview Part 4 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
08.) I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Edited Special Edit Radio Mix) * Negativland * These Guys Are From England And Who Gives A Shit * Seelard Records (2001)
09.) Interview Part 4 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)


Part V: Breaking The Fourth Wall

10.) Interview Part 5 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
11.) Freedom’s Waiting * Negativland * Free * Seeland Records (1993)
12.) Interview Part 6 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part VI: Using Every Part of The Band

13.) Interview Part 7 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
14.) Hot & Ready * Negativland * Deathsentences * Seeland Records (2002)
15.) Interview Part 8 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part VII: Making ridiculous weird noises

16.) Interview Part 9 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
17.) Aluminum or Glass: The Memo * Negativland * Dispepsi * Seeland Records (1997)
18.) Interview Part 10 * Mark Hosler * 25 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Target: You (w/ MKUltramegaphone, LIVE!) (#68)

Target: You (w/ MKUltramegaphone, LIVE!) (#68)

Fall is here, and as both Mid-Valley Mutations and MKUltramegaphone move into their end-of-year-run, we took a moment to sort of explore a few things that had accumulated while we were working on other projects.

Part of the fun of this show is the ability to explore music and sounds, even when you have no clear vision of where they might go. All artists need a space like this, and I’m only just starting to value the space that my radio program has become. The ability to try these things out on an audience, and see what people respond to, is the great joy of having this stuff at my disposal.

 I hope I can continue to explore this kind of stuff, as we all learn to sharpen our own voices.  Certainly experimental, and 100% us.


Spinitron Playlist

Target: You (w/ MKUltramegaphone, LIVE!)

Part I: (30 Minutes)

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Live 1 * MKUltramegaphone * 15 September 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part II: (60 Minutes)

03.) Live 2 * MKUltramegaphone * 15 September 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part III: Dimestore Radio Theater Presents!

04.) The Pigeon’s Blood * The Adventures of Phillip Marlowe * 11 June 1949 * CBS Radio (1949)

The War Years Part II (A History Lesson w/ Uneasy Chairs & MKUltramegaphone, LIVE! (#67)

The War Years Part II (A History Lesson w/ Uneasy Chairs & MKUltramegaphone, LIVE! (#67)

It’s weird to think what a single year can bring. When I first started this program, I didn’t know Uneasy Chairs or devilsclub much at all, and in that year they have become a regular feature of the program.

For that I am grateful. In these trying times, it is nice to have a few things that you can rely on, even if they are musical. But the subject we are approaching tonight is anything put uplifting, as we contemplate live during The War Years.  A reality that seems, unfortunately, very very real, again, for some insane reason that escapes us all. It’s eerie how relevant these conversations about WWII seem in the here and now, but as we try to understand that, we offer over an hour of live jams by MKUneasyChairPhone… or something like that.

Kick-starting the show is a sort of DJ set by horridus to help promote his new record, and offer a rundown of some of his favorite selections from his collection. And as if that weren’t enough, I flip the tables as if it were a year ago (again), and drill him about making music, collaborations, and what 2017 has brought for him, even in these trying times.

It’s an action-packed show that came out quite lovely, and after the chaos and insanity of the last few weeks, it was good to return to some old-fashioned experimental music.


Spinitron Playlist

The War Years Part II (A History Lesson w/ Uneasy Chairs & MKUltramegaphone, LIVE! (#67)


Part I: Sew Room Dummies

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Yottamorph * Shrugs of Eternity (devilsclub & David M. Paganin) * Sew Room Dummies * Cian Orbe Netlabel (2017)
03.) Part II * Morton Subotnick * Silver Apples of The Moon * Nonesuch Records (1967)
04.) the river side a * noisepoetnobody * the river * Lens Records (2010)
05.) Peruvian Dance Song / Plaint Against The Fog / A Song By Nezahualcoyotl * Karlheinz Stockhausen * In The Sky I Am Walking… (1977)
06.) Yugamorph * Shrugs of Eternity (devilsclub & David M. Paganin) * Sew Room Dummies * Cian Orbe Netlabel (2017)

Part II: A History Lesson 1

03.) Live 1 * Uneasy Chairs & MKUltramegaphone * 8 September 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)


Part III: A History Lesson 2

04.) Live 2 * Uneasy Chairs & MKUltramegaphone * 8 September 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

History Lesson: The War Years w/ MKUltramegaphone, LIVE! (#64)

History Lesson: The War Years w/ MKUltramegaphone, LIVE! (#64)

As we move slowly toward a possible future where we may be living under these conditions, we bring MKUltramegaphone into the studio for a mediation on the original period known as “The War Years.”  This History Lesson was inspired by a record that has been floating around KMUZ lately.  And while I had been threatening to play it on the show recently, this was, undoubtedly, the perfect opportunity.

Let’s hope that, living during The War Years, is not something that we’ll not experience.



Spinitron Playlist

History Lesson: The War Years w/ MKUltramegaphone, LIVE! (#64)


Part I: 

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Live 1 * MKUltramegaphone * 11 August 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part II: 

03.) Live 2 * MKUltramegaphone * 11 August 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)


Part III: 

04.) Live 3 * MKUltramegaphone * 11 August 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part IV: Dimestore Radio Theater

05.) The Wayward Widow Matter * Your’s Truly, Johnny Dollar * 4 August 1957 * CBS Radio (1957) 

Thrice-New Clichés (w/ Uneasy Chairs, LIVE!) (#42)

Thrice-New Clichés (or, “The Concentrator Release Party”) (w/ Uneasy Chairs & MKUltramegaphone, LIVE!) (#42)

One of the incredible things about radio is that you are able to create a community that exists entirely through their relationship to sounds.  It’s one of my favorite things, to be honest, and when I can bond with someone over music, I feel a connection that is usually a lot deeper than my usual friendships.  Born out of friendships cultivated through sound and music, we are proud to bring you some Thrice-New Clichés, not only keeping with the tone of that series, but revealing the new album by devilsclub, Concentrator, out now via, &

In light of this new record release, we had a bit of a party on the air.  Our friend Pat (Uneasy Chairs) was in-studio to help with the celebrations, and MKUltramegaphone was acting as the house band, jamming for the last segment of the show as a full unit.  But this show is largely about “new” things.  All of the songs were specifically requested (and in many cases recorded) for this broadcast, and all of this music is from 2017.  You can enjoy that, and cuts from this new record, all in this program.  Not a bad two-hours of radio, if you ask me.

unnamedThis group of friends that has grown up around this show – and the artists that I play on it – has been incredibly rewarding, and when devilsclub asked me about this, I jumped at this chance.  Not only does he insure that there are some great artists being featured on the air, but it feels like we get to say hi to all our audio friends that we don’t get to talk with too often.

And for that, I am certainly thankful.


MyFacester+ Twinstablr Photoset

Spinitron Playlist

Thrice-New Clichés (#42)

Part I: memory loss

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) 13127.42km echo * devilsclub * Aleatoria * (2017)
03.) Funkymartin * devilsclub * Concentrator * (2017)
04.) Last Song afsked med udtryk, det uendelige cover i nye folder * Carla ɟra Helles7ed * Last Song afsked med udtryk, det uendelige cover i nye folder * (2017)
05.) memory loss * Chaotic Morphs * memory loss * (2017)
06.) The Mysterious Brain * Scifival * The Mysterious Brain * (2017)
07.) A Good Time For Coke * Austin Rich * A Good Time For Coke * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part II: Void of Ghosts

08.) Bibblesnsquibb * devilsclub * Concentrator * (2017)
09.) Evanesce the Sonic Sand Mandala * David M. Paganin * Evanesce the Sonic Sand Mandala * (2017) (2:58) [Note: “David Paginin’s “Pointless Orbits” released on Earsheltering in Dec, 2016.]
10.) Void of Ghosts * Filmy Ghost * Haunted Cave * Cian Orbe Records (2017)
11.) Subliminally * Austin Rich * Subliminally * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
12.) Live Weather * Uneasy Chairs w/ The Weather Computer * Live Weather * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part III: Release

13.) Side A [Excerpt] * Noisepoetnobody * The River * Lens Records (2010)
14.) Space Caravan * Strigoi * Space Caravan * (2017)
15.) Re-Energized * Boson Spin * Re-Energized * (2017)
16.) Ondas de vida * Mareaboba * Ondas de vida * (2017)
17.) White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle * Zach Zena Gibberson * White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle * (2017)
18.) Two And Half Minutes To Doomsday * Rumblin_Cynth_Rampo * Two And Half Minutes To Doomsday * (2017)
19.) Release * devilsclub * Concentrator * (2017)
20.) Money Jitters * Austin Rich * Money Jitters * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part IV: In The Forest

21.) In The Forest * Uneasy Chairs & MKUltramegaphone * The Forest * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
22.) ?? * Austin Rich * ?? * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Ethan’s At It Again (or, “The Jeremy Hight Show”) (#39)

jeremy-hight-showEthan’s At It Again (or, “The Jeremy Hight Show”) (#39)

This show has been quite a while in the making, and largely due to some serious scheduling conflicts with weather and family.  But now, finally, we are able to present a collaboration that has been several months in the making.  Prepare yourself, as we introduce you to a character named Ethan, all part of The Jeremy Hight Show.

Jeremy is an author and writer who is one of many people working to make art and culture a lot more interesting in the 21st Century.  Most of his work is not published is a “books” proper, but is spread about the Inter-Web-A-Tron in non-traditional forms, and in places you would never expect.  (One story of his I read was available inside of a Facebook Event invitation, that was then deleted and erased after a period of time, and already I’ve forgotten what it was about…)  There was a part of me that really liked the idea of one of his stories winding up in a podcast somehow, and then knew what I had to do.

jeremy-hightFor this show we are offering you two short stories that feature the character of Ethan: A Sort of Evolution, and 4532 Oak Drive.  Neither have seen print in any convention fashion, and 4532 Oak Drive has been broken up and published in various nooks and crannies of this vast digital world we inhabit, and has only been together in one continuous piece on this program.  I’d be quick about getting this one.  As the weeks go by, it might be hard to remember what this one sounds like.  If you would like more information about Jeremy Hight, you can visit his blog at:  He may return an e-mail sent to  Who knows?

a1373653999_10This is our regular Pledge Drive show, and with that in mind, we urge you to visit and make a donation to keep community radio on the air.  Everyone who makes a donation to KMUZ in the name of Mid-Valley Mutations will receive a copy of the new Volume 1 Compilation.  It features live music recorded on our program, and is an excellent gift for the person who made a donation to keep our show on the air.

There’s a lot of words in this one, so I’ll just let it do the rest of the talking.


Spinitron Playlist

Ethan’s At It Again (or, “The Jeremy Hight Show”)

Part I: devilsclub Preamble

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) enhanced interrogation * devilsclub * enhanced interrogation * (2017)
03.) loud speaker * devilsclub * loud speaker * (2017)

Part II: A Sort of Evolution

04.) A Sort of Evolution * Jeremy Hight & MKUltramegaphone * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part III: 4532 Oak Drive

05.) 4532 Oak Drive * Jeremy Hight & MKUltramegaphone * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

The Leigh Stevens Variety Hour (#35)

planesThe Leigh Stevens Variety Hour (#35)

Pressing on into new territory, we find ourselves here, cashing in on a noted celebrity to help keep the program “current.”  Perhaps the AV Club will profile our show now that we’re dedicating an hour to the work of Leigh Stevens, knowing that they will be able to siphon clickthroughs by stealing my thunder?  Who can say?  The music will speak for itself, in the end, even if the crumpled suit and Bob Barker microphone I’m using to see the the program isn’t wining over any converts.

16105593_1397303106987022_8437875127789077217_nDid someone say gimmicks?  Because we’ve got ’em.  Consider this a debut of sorts for MKUltramegaphone, a new combo of sorts, who added audio commentary and texture to the program throughout the hour.  Cut-ups and electro-wizardry layered with studio soundscapes and original musical compositions.  As I walk up and down the audience walkway, paying more attention to my microphone cable than anything else, I ask: what more could you want?

Well, cliché, simile, cliché.  Because, etc, and so on.  As a tribute to all The Waiters out there who are always fashionably ready for anything, we offer them these new opportunities to listen for the name-sake recordings buried deep within within this program, in a way only our ferns at Firesign Theater can deliver.  In-jokes within in-jokes!  It’s enough to leave anyone puzzled & befuddled.

Sleigh-stevens-showpecial thanks to Leigh Stevens, musician and engineer, for supplying the bulk of the audio material we played on the program today.  Leigh has been making music since the early ’80’s, and is one of those rare, undiscovered gems that is lost in the deluge of modernity and digital audio.  Tapes, man.  It used to be about the tapes!  (Shakes head back and forth.)  If you dig his stuff, you can contact him at:


Spinitron Playlist

The Leigh Stevens Variety Hour*

Part I: Down On Foster’s Farm

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) [11] * Negativland * Negativland * Seeland Records (1980)
03.) Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him * Firesign Theater * Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him * Columbia Records (1968)
04.) Larry Lambo * Leigh Stevens * Larry Lambo * Self-Released (2006) * [Leigh’s Note: “digitally warped youtube sounds”]
05.) Down On Foster’s Farm * Leigh Stevens w/ James Mereness * Down On Foster’s Farm * Self-Released (1988) * [Leigh’s Note: “James – sound effects CDs, Emulator II sampler, synthesizers, digital manipulation, and 24-track tape.”]
06.) Subway Ambience * Leigh Stevens * Subway Ambience * Self-Released (2000)
07.) Farmer Taxi Dub * Leigh Stevens * Farmer Taxi Dub * Self-Released (1985) * [Leigh’s Note: “¼” audio tape – a normal rehearsal interrupted by random taxi radio interference.”]

Part II: The Rio Surf Tango 

08.) Rio Surf * Leigh Stevens * Rio Surf * Self-Released (1996) * [Leigh’s Note: “minidisc recording, 2 pressure-zone microphones placed 50’ apart – the ocean at São Conrado beach on a stormy night in Rio de Janiero”]
09.) Easter 1984 * Leigh Stevens w/ James Mereness & Frank Oswald * Easter 1984 * Self-Released (1989) * [Leigh’s Note: “TV and other found sound, Emulator II sampler, synthesizers, digital manipulation, and 24-track tape.”]
10.) Waterworld Ambience * Leigh Stevens * Waterworld Ambience * Self-Released (2011)
11.) Tel Aviv Tango * Leigh Stevens w/ James Mereness & Frank Oswald * Tel Aviv Tango * Self-Released (1990) * [Leigh’s Note: “TV and other found sound, Emulator II sampler, synthesizers, digital manipulation, and 24-track tape – jamming in the studio with Saddam and Peter Jennings on live TV, also featuring the SFX track from the film “Predator” played in reverse.”]

Part III: Stranded On LSD Island

12.) LSD Island * Leigh Stevens * LSD Island * Self-Released (1996) * [Leigh’s Note: “tape loop, digital sampler and DX-7 synthesizer
13.) Edge Effects * Leigh Stevens * Edge Effects * Self-Released (1970 – 1993) * [Leigh’s Notes: “found sound, ¼” tape, Pro Tools – in the days of audio tape recording, economic pressures forced musicians to use tape stock from wherever it could be obtained, including 1960s State Department Mandarin language training tapes. These tapes were then recorded over multiple times with different projects and experiments, until the spaces between songs became filled with overlapping snippets and remnants of a highly dubious nature. Short samples of these were randomly assembled.”
14.) Sakamoto2 * Leigh Stevens * Sakamoto2 * Self-Released (2012) * [Leigh’s Notes: “thousands of tiny sound effects recombinated”]
15.) Weirder Science * Leigh Stevens * Weirder Science * Self-Released (2012) * [Leigh’s Note: “digital soundfiles of business meetings, processed with iPhone app and Pro Tools.”]

* Throughout the program, horridus & Austin as MKUltramegaphone were mixing samples and other bits to create the final product.  The notes for these recordings are:

short granular samples / excerpts / loops  : 

0. Jack Kerouac Reads from “On The Road” * Jack Kerouac *Jack Kerouac Reads from “On The Road” * (September 14, 1999)
1. 1950s Housewife Tries LSD * 1950s Housewife * 1950s Housewife Tries LSD  * * (2013)
2. Magic Trip * Ken Kesey * Magic Trip * (2011)
3. Latcho Drom * Tony Gatlif * Latcho Drom * * (1993)
4. live ringing witches bells

linux mixxed tunes:
7. röcheln * devilsclub * röcheln * (2014)
6. brokenix * devilsclub * brokenix * (2014)
5. vanilla discharge * devilsclub * vanilla discharge * (2016)
8. grass hat smoke * devilsclub * grass hat smoke * (2015)
9. foldingM0n3y * devilsclub * foldingM0n3y * (2013)

That’s Where The Music Comes From! (A Semi-Vinyl Solution w/ horridus and Uneasy Chairs) (#34)

img_4762That’s Where The Music Comes From! (A Semi-Vinyl Solution w/ horridus and Uneasy Chairs) (#34)

In this nearly-all-vinyl presentation, horridus of devilsclub and I raid our respective record collections and present a meditation on the origins of music itself, aided by Thurl Ravenscroft and some of the other talent in from the Disney studios back in their heyday.  But that’s not all!  We get an exotica re-mix, and three-way jazz throw-down, some gems from, and a phone call from Uneasy Chairs where Pat plays along live to the records we’re playing!  It’s a grab-bag of Mutated Goodness, this week on the program.

new-showWe were sad to have to reschedule Derek Johnson Love, who was supposed to play on the show this week, but with the insane weather lately, it was better that he wasn’t on the road.  And, when things like that occur, it’s nice to be able throw together something like this, where the usual rules of our program go out the window.

Both Uneasy Chairs and devilsclub are becoming regular fixtures on the program, and for that I am thankful.  Not only do they both really get the show, and enjoy what we do, but they add a nice texture and vibe to the program that really fits.  They are both welcome on the show any time they are in town, and it is always a pleasure to work with them.

But, that’s not what we’re hear for this week.  We’re here to learn!  So, sit back, put on your drinking caps, and discover the origins of music itself.


Spinitron Playlist


That’s Where The Music Comes From!

Part I: The Love Nest

01.) A Child’s Introduction to Melody * CamarataBill Lee, Gloria Wood, Thurl Ravenscroft & Joseph S. Dubin * A Child’s Introduction to Melody * Disneyland Records (1964)
02.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
03.) Wire Trace / Epoxy [Excerpt] * Hovercraft * Experiment Below * Blast First / Mute Records (1998)
04.) The Love Nest * Herb Alpert * Herb Alpert’s Ninth  * A & M Records (1967)
05.) Katsumi Love Theme * Arthur Lyman * Taboo * Hi Fi Records (1958)
06.) Stone God * Martin Denny * Exotica… the exciting sounds of… Martin Denny * Liberty Records (1957)
07.) Ritual Fire Dance * Edmond de Luca & The Trans World Symphony Orchestra * Safari * Stereo Fidelity / Somerset Records (1958)
08.) 3Byku * Unicode * Kahvi Collective-Poems EP * (2002) (Notes: Location: Siberia; Quote from artist: “Unicode, another artist from the depths of Siberia, brings us a minimal offering – 2 tracks of quiet, atmospheric sounds, to put you into a calm, reflective mood…”

Part II: Uneasy Calls

09.) Miles Runs The Voodoo Down * Miles Davis * Bitches Brew * Columbia (1970)
10.) Ramblin’ * Ornette Coleman * The Best of Ornette Coleman * Atlantic Records (1970)
11.) Manifestation * John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Alice Coltrane, Jimmy Garrison, Rashied Ali & Ray Appleton * The Best of John Coltrane: His Greatest Years, Vol. 2 * Impulse Records (1972)
12.) En la Alhambra / La Dolores / Estudiantina * Orquesta Popular de Madrid de la O.N.C.E. * One Hundred Guitars * Columbia Records (1959)
13.) hardcore * serocell * soft touch operation * (2002) [Quote from artist: “a series of pieces restricted to 20 seconds in duration.”]
14.) Live Guitar Accompaniment * Uneasy Chairs * Live Guitar Accompaniment * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
15.) yellowsnowflake * devilsclub w/ Uneasy Chairs * transpsychotic-express * (2015) [Pat Gundran: computerized verbiage and atmospheric synthesis; horridus: percussion, bass, synthesis and composition]

Part III: Battle of The Planets

14.) Trees * Mahalia Jackson * Great Songs of Love and Faith * Columbia Records (1962) 
15.) Battle of The Planets * godheadSilo * The Scientific Supercake L.P. * Kill Rock Stars (1994)
16.) myth universe * devilsclub * myth universe * (2016) 

Outside Time! (New Clichés, Too w/ devilsclub, Uneasy Chairs & Dead Air Fresheners, LIVE!) (#33)

Odevilsclubutside Time! (New Clichés, Too w/ devilsclub, Uneasy Chairs & Dead Air Fresheners, LIVE!) (#33)

There’s no better way to start the new year off than with some live music, and for this show, we offer you that in droves… spread out over two hours!  horridus of devilsclub curates a set of music by his favorite artists, who submitted tracks (and in some cases, recorded tracks) specifically for this broadcast!

But that’s not all!  Not only do we get down and jam out on four different live performances, but The Dead Air Fresheners unveil a new demo of a song that will be performed at Ricardo Wang’s 50th Birthday, a show you do not want to miss, AND Uneasy Chairs calls in to play live and talk about what he’s been up to.  (In fact, we discuss his recent outdoor performance, which you can hear on his Bandcamp Page.)  This is a stellar set of artists, all working toward delivering New Music as part of the first show of the New Year.  We also have New Sponsors!  It’s the complete package, and we couldn’t be more proud.

devilsclub was not only the first live band I had on this version of the program, but has been a huge supporter of Mid-Valley Mutations since the very beginning, so it feels right to start 2017 off with him in the studio.  The centerpiece of three of our performances tonight comes from a ’60’s sci-fi program, Theater Five, and is a continuation of the work we did on our previous collaboration.  This one is called, “Outside Time,” and I like the story as it seems to reflect some of the ideas and thoughts I’ve been having lately.  I love the sounds we have been getting when we work together, and we’ve been talking about other projects and ideas for the future.  Consider this the beginning of something to come, and I will leave it at that.

The backbone of the show, however, is the curated playlist of music by some of horridus’ favorite artists, as we had done way back when in episode 10.  These are people who get little to no radio exposure as part of their usual creative lives, and yet are taking chances and making art that is both compelling and fascinating, and representative of music that has almost no home in the world of radio.  horridus and I could do shows like this every week, for years on end, and still never scratch the surface.  Hopefully we can use this opportunity to feature and highlight some of the hidden corners of the musical landscape that are often overlooked.  There are links and more information below.  Please, take some time to seek out this stuff.  You will not be sorry.

And, with that, let’s go!



Spinitron Playlist

Outside Time! (New Clichés, Too)


Part I: Sonic Evening

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Outside Time * Theater Five * 1 September 1964 Broadcast * ABC Radio (1964)
03.) Sonic Evening * Chaotic MorphsAnn-Helen Schølberg * Live At Izakaya, Oslo (Kristiansund), Norway * Self-Released (2016) * Artist’s Note: “Live recording from my record / cassette Q; from the release party December 11th 2016. RADIO EDIT.”
04.) zzyzx * devilsclub * zzyzx * (2016)
05.) Help! My phantom limb is missing * Boson Spin * Help! My phantom limb is missing * (2016) * Artist’s Note: “Stan Magendanz (aka Boson Spin, Brisbane, Australia) has been creating ambient, dark ambient & experimental electronic music since 2005.  After decades of obsessing over the music of electronic artists such as Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, Robert Rich & James Johnson (to name but a few), he decided to give this ‘music making thing’ a go.  Much to his wife’s annoyance, Stan now spends a lot of his after work & weekend relaxation time creating music & posting it to his Soundcloud page.”
06.) D2345678901234567890123 * Carla ɟra Helles7ed * D2345678901234567890123 * (2016) * Artist’s Note: “looking for ideas of politics and its consequences” .. “one or the other, good or bad still the same, trying new ways” .. “transmissions” .. “just feeling, and tooling to make sense, bone structure” .. “a thing that falls mutates along the way” Denmark

Part II: Gone To The Birds 

07.) (Bird(s)ongs) * devilsclub w/ Austin Rich * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
08.) Sarawak * Leigh Stevens * Sarawak * Self-Released (1991) * Artist’s Note: “¼”  audio tape, Schoeps M-S microphone – jungle ambience.”  
09.) Olanzapine Moss Ethereal Temple * Humanfobia * Olanzapine Moss Ethereal Temple * (2016) * Artist’s Note: Rancagua, Chile

Part III: Dead Air Fresheners Demo

10.) Painting The Zebra House (Demo) * Dead Air Fresheners *Painting The Zebra House (Demo) * Performed via Phone for Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
11.) Fog and Steam * XRMX * Fog and Steam * disquiet0254 (2016) * Artist’s Note: “All the sounds in ‘Fog and Steam’ are derived from two short recordings; a railroad engine steam whistle, and a fog horn… manipulated by a lot of cutting, splicing, pitch-shifting, and other effects.”
12.) A Man Who Smokes * Austin Rich * A Man Who Smokes * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
13.) 6 January 2017 Weather Report (Live!) * devilsclub & The Weather Computer * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
14.) New Green Cans! * Austin Rich * New Green Cans! * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part IV: Uneasy Chairs / devilsclub, LIVE!

15.) Live Performance * Uneasy Chairs w/ devilsclub * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
16.) Interview * Uneasy Chairs * Interview * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
17.) Tectonic Subduction * Rumblin Cynth Rampo * Tectonic Subduction * (2017) * Artist’s Note: “Track created for play on Salem Oregon’s Radio KMUZ Mid Valley Mutation show which will be broadcast Friday 6th Jan 2017 at 10pm Pacific Daylight Time or around 0400 GMT.  Track created using Eurorack synth, recordings of bubbles and the mine winding engine at the Big Pit museum in Blaenafon” Wales.


Part IV: Time To Go Into Space

18.) Clown Interrogation * Dan Johnson * Clown Interrogation * (2016) * Artist’s Note: Derby
19.) Outside Time (Part 1) * devilsclub w/ Austin Rich * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
20.) Spiral Down * STRIGOI * Spiral Down * (2016) * Artist’s Note: “STRIGOI is a experimental music/drone artist, based in Vienna/ Austria.  Strigoi´s music may sound very aggressive sometimes, but all pieces are expressions of pure love.  We are living in tough times, and STRIGOI is the reaction of a peaceful mind. Worldwide stupidity must end. No more wars, no more earning money on war, no more exploitation of humans, animals and nature. No more stupid ideologies. That what it´s all about.  SPIRAL DOWN was recorded in the wake of the Orlando shooting. The music speaks for itself. Madness must stop. NOW.”
21.) Mrs. Evans * Austin Rich * Mrs. Evans * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
22.) Let’s Go! * Austin Rich * Let’s Go! * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
23.) Late Night Music * Slinky Cee * Late Night Music * (2016) * Artist’s Note: “I have been djing electronic and esoteric since the early nighties on and off but only started playing with first analog mono synths then modular synths in the last few years but I am hooked. This track “late night music” was recorded straight from my mixing desk after I found a patch I was happy with. It’s based around two AJH minimod vco’s which are having there base frequency modulated by an NLC sloth (a chaotic cv generator) then fed into a Doepfer ring modulator.”  Melbourne, Australia

Part V: Live Weather

24.) 6 January 2017 Weather Report Two (Live!) * devilsclub & The Weather Computer * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
25.) Outside Time (Part 2) * devilsclub w/ Austin Rich * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
26.) Burn Your Family Down and Start Over * Zachary Zena Giberson * Light Blooms Upon the Infected Monument * (2017) * Artist’s Note: Austin, Texas.
27.) Camino a casa * Mareaboba * Camino a casa * (2016) * Artist’s Note: ” ‘Camino a casa’ is a song by Mareaboba released Dec 2016. A mixture of psychedelic latin modular frequencies, a story of the road we take home, everyday, and somehow seems to be the same, but actually, is different each time we come back. The track was recorded live in Northwest Mexico and is part of a series of songs recorded on the same session.”
28.) Perfectly Square * Austin Rich * Perfectly Square * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
29.) Babylon the Great has Fallen * David M. Paganin * Babylon the Great has Fallen * (2016) * Artist’s Note: “David lives in Melbourne, Australia. He strives for emotive and genuinely innovative experimental sounds. It is important to him to seek his own sound, which respects and mutates his influences without being overwhelmed by their genius. Besides making music, his major interests are physics research, literature, psychology and gardening. This track reflects his long-time fascination with both the ancient city of Babylon, and with ancient languages.  The spoken text is a conflation of Revelation 17:5 and 18:2, attempted in the original spoken Greek of two millennia past. It translates as: ‘Babylon the great // It has fallen // Babylon the great, the mother of the prostitutes and the abominations of the earth.’ ”

Part VI: Outro & Outside Time Finale

30.) Outside Time (Part 3) * devilsclub w/ Austin Rich * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

A New Year’s Vinyl Solution (#32)

img_4669A New Year’s Vinyl Solution (#32)

It’s been a while since my last All Vinyl show.   Part of the notion of Mid-Valley Mutations was this aesthetic of the cut-and-paste, and it is VERY hard to do that on a record, if you want the record to survive.  And, admittedly, there is a slightly bigger time commitment with LPs and whatnot.  I’m often in front of a computer, so it is easy to prepare material throughout the week.  But I’m not always in front of my record player, even though I would very much like to be.

There is also the condition of space and time.  I don’t have access to a studio where I can have three turntables running all at once, except in the studios at KMUZ.  There is a certain amount of “live” energy to a show like this that is not present elsewhere.  I’ve been attracted to records for my entire life, because the entire element of the listening experience, from pulling the album from the shelf to tucking it back afterward, has a charm to it that is unparalleled in other listening experiences.  While I have used them all, and each have their virtue, I have more records than anything else, and because of that, my biases easily show.

img_4670It is a bummer, then, that these All Vinyl shows are not more frequent.  But, that makes them all the more special.  I try to take my time, play things that are just as mutated as the rest of the program, and still give it a flavor of something that I usually deliver as part of the weekly show.  In that area, I believe I delivered.  While I’m always shocked at how few records get played during shows like this, I am thankful to have such a wealth of material to draw from.  Every time I enter a record show I think about the possibilities of playing my purchases on the radio, and to that end, my collection has only gotten better.  Hopefully, the proof is in the pudding.

For those of you who follow the MyFacester+ and the Blog, you may have noticed that this is not the show that was advertised.  While I was in the middle of producing the New Year’s Program, I was also in the process of moving my home and my studio to a new location.  On Christmas Day, our home was broken into at some point in the evening, and in the process, my studio and my wife’s home office were ran-sacked.  They took our computers, my mixer, banjo and guitar (among other things), our bicycles, our lawnmower, a pile of unmoved records, and a whole bunch of other meaningless items, both personal and sentimental.  We returned the day after Christmas, having spent the day with family, to find our house trashed and anything of value gone.  It was a horrifying experience, not to mention that we had to then clean the place after they overturned our carefully packed boxes.

Suffice it to say, that New Year’s show was never finished, and may never be, depending on the state of our hard drives that they (thankfully) left behind.  In the meantime, while I hate to plug something like this in this way, if you are thinking, “this is awful, and I’d like to help,” then I ask that you do either one of the following:

Donate to the YouCaring Page that Julie Eaton (music editor at The Salem Weekly) set up, where you can help us get some money so we can replace some of what was stolen.


Send a care package to Mid-Valley Mutations, if money is not in your means.  To be honest, some of my favorite records were stolen, and while the bulk was moved before the break-in, there are many that I keep re-noticing are gone.  And, considering the financial loss, it will be a while before I am able to buy new records.  If you can, maybe send a little music my way?  I could use the smile, and it will find a way onto the show, certainly. (Check the contact page if you want to send something in.)

Even in light of this, I’m trying to remain optimistic and look to the future.  We have some great shows coming up, and 2017 can only get better.  Mid-Valley Mutations has had a very good year, and we hope that we can continue that into the next.  Transitions are hard, change is scary, and moving on is very hard.  I’m hoping that with a little radio diversion, we can all find a way to think about what’s to come without panicking.

Thanks to everyone who supports the show, and listens from home.  It is for you I do this, and from you that I draw hope.  You are wonderful, you are beautiful, and without you, there would be no show.

Here’s to 2017, and beyond.


Spinitron Playlist

A New Year’s Vinyl Solution

Part I: Our Globe

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) The Story of Mr. World * Lowell Thomas Jr. * The Story of Mr. World: The World’s Only Talking Globe Volume 1 * Replogle Globes, Inc. (1962)
03.) Coarse Land * Blood Rhythms * Assembly * No Part Of It (2015)
04.) Untitled I * L.A. Lungs * Rrest * Debacle Records (2014)

Part II: The Astronaut

05.) The Often Re-Entry Forming An Exit Strategy * Expo ’70 * Expo ’70 / Plankton Wat Split 12” * Debacle Records (2013)
06.) Weissensee * Neu! * Neu! * Billingsgate Records (1972)
07.) Glide * Fennesz * Black Sea * Touch Records (2008)
08.) I Remember Us Naked (blues version) * Post-Materialists * I Remember Us Naked (blues version) * Naked Ragin’ Records (2011)

Part III: The Story of Mr. World

09.) Despite The Water Supply Part 1 * Jim O’Rourke * Despite The Water Supply * Touch (2008)
10.) Texas Cedarwood (beauty hype suite 1) * Zac Nelson * Charbroile * Debacle Records (2012)
11.) Moonchild including The Dream and The Illusion * King Crimson * In The Court of The Crimson King * Atlantic Records (1969)
12.) Moving * Rust Ionics * Moving/Pictures * Colour Sound Recordings / Outer Limits / Quodlibet Recordings (2006)
13.) Side Effects Of Being Tired * Unwound * Challenge For A Civilized Society * Kill Rock Stars (1998)
14.) Jan. 1st * Tit Wrench * Temporarily Committed For Life * Vinyl Communications (1992)

Ghost Stories II: Aircheck of The Damned (#23)

evil-ghostGhost Stories II: Aircheck of The Damned (#23)

I have to say, I’ve been doing Halloween Radio for years now, but these Ghost Stories episodes are some of the most fun things I’ve ever done for any radio program.  There was something about the idea of people calling in to talk about their own experiences that I knew would go over well, but I had no idea what it would be like until we were live.  In a way, that’s the beauty of radio; you never know, until its happening, what you’re going to get.

3d7c74ea271988c879356158a5abe0b0However, we starting things off this week on a somber note, even for a Halloween Broadcast, as we must tend the horror business of John Zacherle himself passing from this universe on Thursday Evening.  While dying at the age of 98 after a long and incredible career such as his is certainly not a tragedy – and The Cool Ghoul himself would probably make some tasteless jokes about his own passing – it does mark the end of an era, for sure.  Zacherle was not only the second ever horror host in the late ’50s (of which you can see some samples over here), but a key figure in Halloween Music, almost creating the genre with his novelty record, “Dinner With Drac.”  To kick off the show, I bring you a mini-mutation of my favorite Zacherle tracks.  While I don’t usually like to get political on this program, I do urge you to vote Zacherle in the coming election, and remember the Cool Ghoul the way we all should: laughing at a crude monster joke he just made on the spot.

new-adBut that’s not all!  The meat of this program are a pair of phone calls.  One, from our good friend horridus of devilsclub, who calls to offer two true stories of experiences he had that must be heard to be believed.  horridus is a good friend of the program, and is always welcome, especially if we get stories like this.  I would also urge people to see him perform LIVE, in Salem Oregon at The Space, along with Uneasy Chairs, Remy Gnol, Justin Smith, and Nathan Pepperoni w/ CEOs Incorporated.  This is a show like no other, and it would be a bummer to miss it.

10259725_672919829469070_1501348555310748445_nOur second call is from James Warren, a regional ghost hunter who has been investigating in the area for three years.  James started Oregon Paranormal Pack out of interest in what else is out there, and we barely scratched the surface in terms of what he would have talked about, and other true stories of experiences he’s looked into.  You can find out more information, and see videos of their work, over here on their page.  When it comes to Ghost Stories, and the unexplained, James came to mind almost immediately, and I was very pleased to get him on the program.

All that, and we touch base with Uneasy Chairs again.  What a great way to celebrate the season!

We dropped a wide range of retrocasts and other Holiday Programming all throughout the month of October, and we have one more on Monday Night, proper, before we leave the Spook-tacular Season behind us.  If you want to catch up on all the programs this month, this handy link allows you to peruse at your leisure, and find one that is best suited to the party you’re having.  I guarantee that all of them will work as the perfect soundtrack to any party you might want to attend.



Spinitron Playlist.

ghost-iiGhost Stories II: Aircheck of The Damned

Part I: It’s Time To Start Telling Stories

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Let It Go To Hell * Uneasy Chairs * EXIT * (2016)

Part II: A Tribute To Zacherle, The Cool Ghoul (The People Who Died) (A Mini-Mutation)

03.) Dinner With Drac * John Zacherle * Dinner With Drac * Cameo Records (1958)
04.) Zacherle For President * John Zacherle * Spook Along With Zacherle * Elektra Records (1960)
05.) Happy Halloween * John Zacherle * Scary Tales Featuring John Zacherley * Parkway Records (1962)

Part III: Austin Is Fine

06.) Halloween Sound Collage [Excerpt I] * Arvo Zylo * Halloween Sound Collage * Self-Released (2016)
07.) The Right Shadow * The Giant Worm * 26 June 2015 Olympia Experimental Music Fest, Eagle’s Ballroom * Self-Released (2015)

Part II: horridus of devilsclub

08.) Live At Occult Sciences * devilsclub * 1/3/15 at Josephine, Seattle, WA. * (2015)
09.) The horridus Phone Call

Part III: Present At A Hanging

10.) Halloween Ambience (Remix) * Austin Rich * Halloween Ambience (Remix) * Self-Released (2015)
11.) Universal Telephone Ring Sound Effect * Universal Sound Effects Department * Universal Telephone Ring Sound Effect * Universal Studios (1970)
12.) The Weather Computer Phone Call (Again)
13.) Present At A Hanging * Austin Rich * The Ways of Ghosts * WTBC Records (2015)

Part III: James Warren of Oregon Paranormal Pack

14.) Halloween Ambience (Remix) * Austin Rich * Halloween Ambience (Remix) * Self-Released (2015)
15.) The James Warren Phone Call

Part IV: This Is Certainly Austin Rich

16.) Ghosts (New York, 1964) [Excerpt] * Albert Ayler * Holy Ghost * Revenant Records (2004)
20.) The Uneasy Chairs Phone Call
21.) To Raise The Dead * Vincent Price * Tales Of Witches, Ghosts And Goblins * Caedmon Records (1972)
22.) The Austin Rich Phone Call?

New Clichés (devilsclub & Uneasy Chairs Interviews) (Special Two-Hour Broadcast) (#10)

NEW-iconNew Clichés (devilsclub & Uneasy Chairs Interviews) (Special Two-Hour Broadcast) (#10)

It’s always great to make new friends and meet new people, and Mid-Valley Mutations
is really shaping up to be the means through which I get to do this.  Case in point:
new 2devilsclub, who not only came in to perform live on the show a few weeks back, but returned to offer a nine artist playlist of music you cannot, and will not hear anywhere else.

uneasy chairsA show like this can’t be a single hour, so we’ve expanded to two hours this time, to accommodate music by him and his cohorts, but also an interview with our mutual friend Patrick of Uneasy Chairs, who is not only a huge supporter of the show from early on, but is an incredible performer and musician.  We talk for a bit about making music, and the challenges of doing in here and now.

oneWhile Mid-Valley Mutations strives to feature experimental music of all types and varieties, for this show, it is all about new tunes.  The oldest recording in this lineup is from three years ago, and more than half of the rest were all from this very year.  It is very easy for me to fall into the same old habit of playing largely stuff from 20 or more years ago, so it was nice to focus on new stuff.  And, with all the new artists that are making stuff now, this is certainly a first in a series that we’ll have moving forward.  There’s too many New Clichés to explore.

IMG_9924Special thanks to horridus oplopanax of devilsclub for doing all the legwork for this show.  He solicited tracks from each of the artists he featured, and accompanying the playlist below are notes, links, and other bits from that correspondence.  Thanks again, and I look forward to the next time we can do something like this.

IMG_9855Special thanks again, to Morty, who tagged along on this show, and took a ton of pictures.  (No Periscope this week.  Sorry.)  You rule, dude.  Thanks again.

Additionally, more information about Sex Funeral, and their tour dates, can be found here.  But in general, I recommend you check out Personal Archives releases.  That was really cool of them to send out that package.


Spinitron Playlist


New Clichés (Special Two-Hour Broadcast)


Part I: New Clichés 1

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Mid-Valley Mutations * Unreleased (2016)
02.) Beta Tronic * Four Dimensional Nightmare * Beta Tronic * Unreleased (2016)
03.) Atomic Particles * Zealosphere * Atomic Particles * (2016) “I, in this track , utilize Doepfer in Eurorack format, sequencer.. is also same brand.” Albums out available from discogs : Dohkonul Records :
04.) Dry Egg At Room Temperature  * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)
05.) Ark * Eryck Abecassis * ILUMEN * Entr’acte E189 (2014)
“Ark is the opening track of the CD Ilumen (entr’acte E189), intrumentation is Modular synthesizer, Sem Oberheim, Sherman filterbank 2, Knas moisterizer spring reverb, recorded in Paris at my studio in 2014.” Label / Records : Entr’acte
06.) 100$ Cotton * Entresol * end. (EP) * (2016)
07.) The Burning * tIB (Therapy Interfering Behaviour) * The Burning * (2013) “Various analog modular, buchla, serge, bugbrand, digital synths : many albums available via bandcamp :
08.) Hurt (In Colors) * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)

Part II: Uneasy Chairs calls Mid-Valley Mutations

09.) Alexander Hamilton (Album) * Uneasy Chairs * Alexander Hamilton * (2015)
10.) Night [Excerpt] * Disparition * FAITE * (2015)
11.) I’m From Salem, Oregon * Uneasy Chairs * I’m From Salem, Oregon * (2016)


Part III: New Clichés 2

12.) Improv II 042514 * Bob Bucko Jr. * Crank Spirit * Personal Archives (2015)
13.) Bioluminesence * Rumblin Cynth Rampo — Gwen * Bioluminescence * (2016) “Gwen, Rumblin Cynth Rampo makes her music with both hardware and software synths.”
14.) Reach For The Peach * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)
15.) Au Revoirs Of Blood * Porest * Modern Journal of Popular Savagery * Nashazphone ‎(2016)
16.) Dried Out Part 2 * Chaotic Morphs * Dried Out Part 2 * (2016) “Do it yourself, Serge modular, download still available on soundcloud : In New York now on vacation! Welcome Chaotic Morphs !”
17.) I Am Rex * The Giant Worm * Murky Depths * (2016)
18.) Freedom Hoarders * Thollem McDonas * Machine In The Ghost * Personal Archives
19.) Instant Pot, The Amazing Discovery * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * Unreleased (2016)

Part IV: devilsclub on Mid-Valley Mutations

20.) gold needle * devilsclub * gold needle * (2016)

Part V: New Clichés 3

21.) Come And Get It, A Big Surprise * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)
22.) Severe reorientation * Kentucky Evil * Severe reorientation * (2016)  “The basis of the track is a poly-metric relationship between the voices and a heavily modulated main voice. So the ‘melody’ or later noisey bit is actually different depths of ring modulation and waveshaping, and the bongos/noise drums shift against each other.”
23.) durban Poison * GUYVE * 7 March 2016 * Unreleased (2016)
24.) Food Title * Zachary Zena Giberson * Part of Growing Up * Self-Released (2017)
“Food Title” is from my debut album, Part of Growing up. Part of Growing Up is meant to simulate the intensely negative, confusing feeling of over stimulation that autistic people like myself experience by just going about our day to day lives. “Food Title” is sort of an inside joke of a name, too, since I have several tracks at this point that are named after foods or drinks I like; Apple Juice, Spiced Apple Cider, Coconut Milk Cream, Peach Ring, and so on.”
25.) Boys * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)
26.) An Icicle Of Violet * Aldo Calrissian * An Icicle Of Violet * (2015) “Aldo Calrissian is and experimental artist from Salem, Oregon. Inspired mostly by progressive and avant garde acts, his music is a blend of electronic, hip hop and many other styles, often flowing into each other in a single movement. An Icicle of Violet is a track made entirely from heavily manipulated guitars, vocals and drums, without a single synthesizer despite its thick dreamlike sound.”
27.) 2. BFZ * Fiasco * Blow Fly Zone 2016 * (2016)
28.) These Two Radios * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)

devilsclub, LIVE! (Beware of Tomorrow!) (#4)

IMG_8972devilsclub, LIVE! (Beware of Tomorrow!) (#4)

My vision for Mid-Valley Mutations was to offer a place for experimental music in this community, and with that in mind, I was very excited to be contacted by local artist devilsclub, an electronic experimental outfit that uses home brewed gear to create droney soundscapes and incredibly odd bleeps and bloops.

For this broadcast, we offer a live performance and interview with horridus of devilsclub, where we bring sounds that are being developed here in the mid-valley to you via the airwaves.  Have you ever heard something coming from a house as you walked past?  Is there a garage nearby where unusual sounds are pulsing and breaking trough our every day life?  Chances are, devilsclub is behind that door, pumping out weirdness like this, for you.

IMG_8969-1This show was a lot of fun.  As it happens, horridus and I know some of the same people, and share a lot of the same influences and interests.  And, he asked me to make some cut-ups to play along with his performance.  I was very excited to be a part of the show, and I think we had some very excellent moments that came through in the performances.  It was a pleasure to talk to him, and I have a feeling we’ll be doing more work like this together in the near future.

For this show, there are two live sets, and an interview at the half-way point.  Plus a few original tunes, too.  It’s just another thing we try to bring you here, on Mid-Valley Mutations.

Hcoverere’s a couple of relevant links from the program: Uneasy Chairs posted about the show on his blog, and devilsclub already has the program available on their Soundcloud page.  How cool is that?
You can also enjoy this performance as a live album, now available on  You can name your price, but if you pay a little something for this, all proceeds will go to KMUZ, to help keep them on the air.



Spinitron Playlist


devilsclub, LIVE!

Part I: Beware of Tomorrow (Part 1) 

01.) a dark sucker starving [Excerpt] * devilsclub *

02.) devilsclub, LIVE! [First Set]


Part II: Beware of The Past

03.) An Interview with horridus of devilsclub

04.) apacawaxlips [Excerpt] * devilsclub *

05.) aleanRainsong [Excerpt] * devilsclub *


Part III: Beware of Tomorrow (Part 2) 

06.) devilsclub, LIVE! [Second Set]

07.) birdcage — catnip [Excerpt] * devilsclub *