Ethan’s At It Again (or, “The Jeremy Hight Show”) (#39)

jeremy-hight-showEthan’s At It Again (or, “The Jeremy Hight Show”) (#39)

This show has been quite a while in the making, and largely due to some serious scheduling conflicts with weather and family.  But now, finally, we are able to present a collaboration that has been several months in the making.  Prepare yourself, as we introduce you to a character named Ethan, all part of The Jeremy Hight Show.

Jeremy is an author and writer who is one of many people working to make art and culture a lot more interesting in the 21st Century.  Most of his work is not published is a “books” proper, but is spread about the Inter-Web-A-Tron in non-traditional forms, and in places you would never expect.  (One story of his I read was available inside of a Facebook Event invitation, that was then deleted and erased after a period of time, and already I’ve forgotten what it was about…)  There was a part of me that really liked the idea of one of his stories winding up in a podcast somehow, and then knew what I had to do.

jeremy-hightFor this show we are offering you two short stories that feature the character of Ethan: A Sort of Evolution, and 4532 Oak Drive.  Neither have seen print in any convention fashion, and 4532 Oak Drive has been broken up and published in various nooks and crannies of this vast digital world we inhabit, and has only been together in one continuous piece on this program.  I’d be quick about getting this one.  As the weeks go by, it might be hard to remember what this one sounds like.  If you would like more information about Jeremy Hight, you can visit his blog at:  He may return an e-mail sent to  Who knows?

a1373653999_10This is our regular Pledge Drive show, and with that in mind, we urge you to visit and make a donation to keep community radio on the air.  Everyone who makes a donation to KMUZ in the name of Mid-Valley Mutations will receive a copy of the new Volume 1 Compilation.  It features live music recorded on our program, and is an excellent gift for the person who made a donation to keep our show on the air.

There’s a lot of words in this one, so I’ll just let it do the rest of the talking.


Spinitron Playlist

Ethan’s At It Again (or, “The Jeremy Hight Show”)

Part I: devilsclub Preamble

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) enhanced interrogation * devilsclub * enhanced interrogation * (2017)
03.) loud speaker * devilsclub * loud speaker * (2017)

Part II: A Sort of Evolution

04.) A Sort of Evolution * Jeremy Hight & MKUltramegaphone * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part III: 4532 Oak Drive

05.) 4532 Oak Drive * Jeremy Hight & MKUltramegaphone * Live Performance * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

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