New Clichés (devilsclub & Uneasy Chairs Interviews) (Special Two-Hour Broadcast) (#10)

NEW-iconNew Clichés (devilsclub & Uneasy Chairs Interviews) (Special Two-Hour Broadcast) (#10)

It’s always great to make new friends and meet new people, and Mid-Valley Mutations
is really shaping up to be the means through which I get to do this.  Case in point:
new 2devilsclub, who not only came in to perform live on the show a few weeks back, but returned to offer a nine artist playlist of music you cannot, and will not hear anywhere else.

uneasy chairsA show like this can’t be a single hour, so we’ve expanded to two hours this time, to accommodate music by him and his cohorts, but also an interview with our mutual friend Patrick of Uneasy Chairs, who is not only a huge supporter of the show from early on, but is an incredible performer and musician.  We talk for a bit about making music, and the challenges of doing in here and now.

oneWhile Mid-Valley Mutations strives to feature experimental music of all types and varieties, for this show, it is all about new tunes.  The oldest recording in this lineup is from three years ago, and more than half of the rest were all from this very year.  It is very easy for me to fall into the same old habit of playing largely stuff from 20 or more years ago, so it was nice to focus on new stuff.  And, with all the new artists that are making stuff now, this is certainly a first in a series that we’ll have moving forward.  There’s too many New Clichés to explore.

IMG_9924Special thanks to horridus oplopanax of devilsclub for doing all the legwork for this show.  He solicited tracks from each of the artists he featured, and accompanying the playlist below are notes, links, and other bits from that correspondence.  Thanks again, and I look forward to the next time we can do something like this.

IMG_9855Special thanks again, to Morty, who tagged along on this show, and took a ton of pictures.  (No Periscope this week.  Sorry.)  You rule, dude.  Thanks again.

Additionally, more information about Sex Funeral, and their tour dates, can be found here.  But in general, I recommend you check out Personal Archives releases.  That was really cool of them to send out that package.


Spinitron Playlist


New Clichés (Special Two-Hour Broadcast)


Part I: New Clichés 1

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Mid-Valley Mutations * Unreleased (2016)
02.) Beta Tronic * Four Dimensional Nightmare * Beta Tronic * Unreleased (2016)
03.) Atomic Particles * Zealosphere * Atomic Particles * (2016) “I, in this track , utilize Doepfer in Eurorack format, sequencer.. is also same brand.” Albums out available from discogs : Dohkonul Records :
04.) Dry Egg At Room Temperature  * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)
05.) Ark * Eryck Abecassis * ILUMEN * Entr’acte E189 (2014)
“Ark is the opening track of the CD Ilumen (entr’acte E189), intrumentation is Modular synthesizer, Sem Oberheim, Sherman filterbank 2, Knas moisterizer spring reverb, recorded in Paris at my studio in 2014.” Label / Records : Entr’acte
06.) 100$ Cotton * Entresol * end. (EP) * (2016)
07.) The Burning * tIB (Therapy Interfering Behaviour) * The Burning * (2013) “Various analog modular, buchla, serge, bugbrand, digital synths : many albums available via bandcamp :
08.) Hurt (In Colors) * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)

Part II: Uneasy Chairs calls Mid-Valley Mutations

09.) Alexander Hamilton (Album) * Uneasy Chairs * Alexander Hamilton * (2015)
10.) Night [Excerpt] * Disparition * FAITE * (2015)
11.) I’m From Salem, Oregon * Uneasy Chairs * I’m From Salem, Oregon * (2016)


Part III: New Clichés 2

12.) Improv II 042514 * Bob Bucko Jr. * Crank Spirit * Personal Archives (2015)
13.) Bioluminesence * Rumblin Cynth Rampo — Gwen * Bioluminescence * (2016) “Gwen, Rumblin Cynth Rampo makes her music with both hardware and software synths.”
14.) Reach For The Peach * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)
15.) Au Revoirs Of Blood * Porest * Modern Journal of Popular Savagery * Nashazphone ‎(2016)
16.) Dried Out Part 2 * Chaotic Morphs * Dried Out Part 2 * (2016) “Do it yourself, Serge modular, download still available on soundcloud : In New York now on vacation! Welcome Chaotic Morphs !”
17.) I Am Rex * The Giant Worm * Murky Depths * (2016)
18.) Freedom Hoarders * Thollem McDonas * Machine In The Ghost * Personal Archives
19.) Instant Pot, The Amazing Discovery * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * Unreleased (2016)

Part IV: devilsclub on Mid-Valley Mutations

20.) gold needle * devilsclub * gold needle * (2016)

Part V: New Clichés 3

21.) Come And Get It, A Big Surprise * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)
22.) Severe reorientation * Kentucky Evil * Severe reorientation * (2016)  “The basis of the track is a poly-metric relationship between the voices and a heavily modulated main voice. So the ‘melody’ or later noisey bit is actually different depths of ring modulation and waveshaping, and the bongos/noise drums shift against each other.”
23.) durban Poison * GUYVE * 7 March 2016 * Unreleased (2016)
24.) Food Title * Zachary Zena Giberson * Part of Growing Up * Self-Released (2017)
“Food Title” is from my debut album, Part of Growing up. Part of Growing Up is meant to simulate the intensely negative, confusing feeling of over stimulation that autistic people like myself experience by just going about our day to day lives. “Food Title” is sort of an inside joke of a name, too, since I have several tracks at this point that are named after foods or drinks I like; Apple Juice, Spiced Apple Cider, Coconut Milk Cream, Peach Ring, and so on.”
25.) Boys * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)
26.) An Icicle Of Violet * Aldo Calrissian * An Icicle Of Violet * (2015) “Aldo Calrissian is and experimental artist from Salem, Oregon. Inspired mostly by progressive and avant garde acts, his music is a blend of electronic, hip hop and many other styles, often flowing into each other in a single movement. An Icicle of Violet is a track made entirely from heavily manipulated guitars, vocals and drums, without a single synthesizer despite its thick dreamlike sound.”
27.) 2. BFZ * Fiasco * Blow Fly Zone 2016 * (2016)
28.) These Two Radios * Austin Rich * Mid-Valley Mutations * This Broadcast (2016)

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