devilsclub, LIVE! (Beware of Tomorrow!) (#4)

IMG_8972devilsclub, LIVE! (Beware of Tomorrow!) (#4)

My vision for Mid-Valley Mutations was to offer a place for experimental music in this community, and with that in mind, I was very excited to be contacted by local artist devilsclub, an electronic experimental outfit that uses home brewed gear to create droney soundscapes and incredibly odd bleeps and bloops.

For this broadcast, we offer a live performance and interview with horridus of devilsclub, where we bring sounds that are being developed here in the mid-valley to you via the airwaves.  Have you ever heard something coming from a house as you walked past?  Is there a garage nearby where unusual sounds are pulsing and breaking trough our every day life?  Chances are, devilsclub is behind that door, pumping out weirdness like this, for you.

IMG_8969-1This show was a lot of fun.  As it happens, horridus and I know some of the same people, and share a lot of the same influences and interests.  And, he asked me to make some cut-ups to play along with his performance.  I was very excited to be a part of the show, and I think we had some very excellent moments that came through in the performances.  It was a pleasure to talk to him, and I have a feeling we’ll be doing more work like this together in the near future.

For this show, there are two live sets, and an interview at the half-way point.  Plus a few original tunes, too.  It’s just another thing we try to bring you here, on Mid-Valley Mutations.

Hcoverere’s a couple of relevant links from the program: Uneasy Chairs posted about the show on his blog, and devilsclub already has the program available on their Soundcloud page.  How cool is that?
You can also enjoy this performance as a live album, now available on  You can name your price, but if you pay a little something for this, all proceeds will go to KMUZ, to help keep them on the air.



Spinitron Playlist


devilsclub, LIVE!

Part I: Beware of Tomorrow (Part 1) 

01.) a dark sucker starving [Excerpt] * devilsclub *

02.) devilsclub, LIVE! [First Set]


Part II: Beware of The Past

03.) An Interview with horridus of devilsclub

04.) apacawaxlips [Excerpt] * devilsclub *

05.) aleanRainsong [Excerpt] * devilsclub *


Part III: Beware of Tomorrow (Part 2) 

06.) devilsclub, LIVE! [Second Set]

07.) birdcage — catnip [Excerpt] * devilsclub *

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