Radio KREP (w/ The Ether Creeps) (#174)

Radio KREP (w/ The Ether Creeps) (#174)

On the 8th of November, 2019, Mid-Valley Mutations was supposed to do an over-the phone interview with The Ether Creeps, an experimental act of which your host has become a bit of a fan. But what was supposed to be a simple phone call turned into… something else.

What was aired on KMUZ that evening is what you can hear in place of this show. But what it is, and if you should listen to it, is not for me to say. Some people thing something was unleashed that evening.

We’ll let you be the judge.


Radio KREP (w/ The Ether Creeps)


01.) Calm Before The Storm * The Ether Creeps
02.) Untitled * Flesh Produce
03.) Buon Giorno, Nicola * Qui
04.) DemonNSkuLL * Action Friend
05.) Dickless * VVOLF MASK * Dickless
06.) Easter Bar * Umlaut
07.) Truck Stop * Bletch * Red Tide
08.) Back Towards * Oort Smog * Smeared Pulse Transfers
09.) Murdered Over A Selfie * Dental Work * The Demon of Revenge
10.) Enough * Brain Fragment
11.) Curveless Crookedness * Convivial Cannibal Clan * Death Dubitabilis
12.) Broken Backs * Sex Golem *
13.) Finger My Fire Man * Chum Out!
14.) House Party In Hell * The Ether Creeps * A Beginner’s Guide To Ethereal Creeping, Volume Two
15.) T-Shirts For Sale * Major Entertainer Mike H *
16.) Voyage In Bad Taste * The Manx * Plasma Rib Tanks


17.) Is This What You Wanted? * Ritual Chair
18.) Cut Yourself Thin * Qui
19.) Prodigy Milkshake * Dani Lam * Amphibious Transmissions From Plastic Island.
20.) The Possession of Annabelle Lee * The J. Hexx Project * Pray
21.) Autopsy Turvy * Dick Van Troglodyte
22.) Irony Bored Shorter * Umlaut
23.) Evil Was Born And Followed The Boy * Terrible Crayon
24.) Prison Shit * Chum Out! * Crystal Dicks
25.) Reznor’s Revenge * The Brockly Tacos * Child Mayonnaise
26.) Sharkweek * Flesh Produce
27.) Dumpster of Love * Sex Golem
28.) On Your Own * Brain Fragment
29.) Of Tongue and Tentacle * The Ether Creeps
30.) Business Class To Valhalla * Needless Dog Surgery
31.) Night Brunch * Action Friend

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