The Land of The Lost (#175)

The Land of The Lost (#175)

As the season (and my own life) changes, so does Mid-Valley Mutations. It is with this program that we announce a new direction, new ideas, and a new future, while simultaneously, beginning our journey through a dark period in our annual cycle: when rain, clouds, and short days dominate our every moment.

First, the changes: Mid-Valley Mutations will now take on the form of a podcast-only show. We are leaving KMUZ on good terms; in fact, a new show hosted by me will launch on KMUZ soon. But this show is becoming different, finding a new voice, and featuring different kinds of content that need more production and looser rules than I have at KMUZ, and for the time being, the world of podcasting fits the show much better. The Lava Lamp Lounge now has a whole slew of new gear, and will be re-builidng over the winter. We hope to offer you the same show you’ve always enjoyed, but in a new home that fits us much, much better.

We are moving the show to Tuesdays as a result of the change, and we are launching Season 2 of WTBC Radio, where a lot of the live and interview content that wound up on this show will now live. These programs will alternate, every other week, with a few exceptions throughout the year, giving me a chance to breath a little, and return to work that I miss and really love. So, please, re-subscribe to WTBC, and watch for new shows there, soon.

I should mention that, while I have your attention, that if you want to make a donation to help out Heather of Juice Machine, here is the link. Juice Machine are dear friends of the show, and really could use your help. Please, donate as much as you can. Thank you.

For now, here’s a show about wallowing in the desolation that is around us, here on this planet. It would be great if travelers from a distant star could come and save us, as the rats swarm and try to destroy what is left of our world. But sadly, that is just a dream, right?

This one has a live Mini-Mutations jam at the end, so please, stay tuned for that.

Are you ready to enter the Land of The Lost?



The Land of The Lost

(Tonight’s program features samples from the story, “North of Polaris,” from the Escape radio program. It originally aired on 17 May, 1953.


Part I: The Impossible Mission

01. ) The Impossible Mission * Alien Sex Fiend * Here Cum Germs * Passport Records (1987)
02.) Mad Monster Party (Instrumental) * Maury Laws * Mad Monster Party Original Motion Picture Soundtrack * Retrograde Records (1998)
03.) Land of The Lost * The Wipers * Land of The Lost * Restless Records (1986)
04.) Ides * Codine * The White Birch * Sub Pop (1994)
05.) Abstraktions * Unwound * New Plastic Ideas * Kill Rock Stars (1994)

Part II: The Old Man

05.) Old Man * Cold Pizza * Cold Pizza * Cold Pizza (2006)
06.) Some Blockheads * Dylan Houser * Diamond Dust * Dylan Houser (2018)

Part III: The Hymnal

07.) Hard-Boil * Juice Machine * Chris Reierson / Juice Machine Split Cassette * Self-Released (2019)
08.) Side A * Cloaca Sisters * Cloaca Sisters * Sweat Band Records *
09.) Hymnal * Black Artiodactyls * A Bird In The Hand * Obfusated Records (2019)


Part IV: The Devestation

10.) Land of The Lost * Mini-Mutations * 15 November 2019 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2019)

Part V: The Aftermath

11.) Gay Republican * Major Hex * Major Hex * Self-Released (2018)

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