New Year’s Nightmare (#217)

New Year’s Nightmare (#217)

An old-fashioned New Year’s Holiday Program from me, in that it’s the way I used to do them, 10 years ago. Join us for a Supernatural, Time Traveling New Year’s story, and a cautionary tale about the dangers of drinking too much.




New Year’s Nightmare

Featuring cut ups of “New Year’s Nightmare,” an episode of The Mysterious Traveler from 5 January 1947, and the KMART Christmas Tape.

Part I:

01.) Drink! * They Might Be Giants * Mink Car
02.) Look Around You * The Resistance * The Resistance
03.) Jagged Time Lapse * John’s Children * A Midsummer Night’s Scene

Part II:

04.) Another Name * The Miss * The Ride
05.) You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory * Ronnie Spector * Jackson’s Jukebox
06.) I Want To Tell You * The Rockers * Teenline Vol. 1
07.) Something I’ve Got To Tell You * Glenda Collins * It’s Hard To Believe It: The Amazing World of Joe Meek
08.) Over Now * The Tools * Teenline Vol. 2

Part III:

09.) Love’s Gone Bad * Chris Clark * Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found: One Kiss Can Lead To Another
10.) I Wanna Be Free * The Rings * Once Upon A Time Vol. 04: UK April to July 1977
11.) Aba Daba Honeymoon * Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter * 50’s Love Songs
12.) Murderer’s Night * Sun City Girls * 330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond The Rig Veda Can’t Be Wrong

Part IV:

13.) Headache * Frank Black * Teenager of The Year
14.) I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You * Klaus Nomi * Eclipsed: The Best of Klaus Nomi
15.) New Year’s Eve * Tom Waits * Bad As Me

Part V:

16.) Visible Alex * Moth Hunter * Visible Alex
17.) Subterranean Waterway Barge Conveyance * Hal McGee * Battery Operated

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