Obadiah & The Grumpy Punk (#159)

Obadiah & The Grumpy Punk (#159)

It is no secret that my friends and I usually get together and… listen to music. It’s a nice chance of pace from going on the radio and listening to music, or going to a show to see some live music. What I’m getting at is: would you like to listen to some music? Because we have two hours of a new show for you this week, where my friend Obadiah and I get together and enjoy some of the finer selections from our collections.

Aside from about three selections that we included in this program – and excluding the commercials and voice-overs – every bit of this program came from 7″ records. Doing a show like this is a bit of an endurance challenge; you don’t really get to take a break, and the whole show is spent on your feet, flipping records and cueing up the next thing. No time to chat. No time to check if you have the speed set right. No time to get everything set at the right level. These are loud and fast rock and roll records, and we need to go go go!

Technical issues aside, we blast through a massive slice of our record collections, bringing you choice records with our favorite tunes. The weather computer chimes in a few times with notes about his taste, and on the whole, we have an excellent time.

You don’t really get to know either of us outside of our selections during this show. We talk a little, but we usually just get to the next song. This is about rocking out, and hopefully it comes through. Who says you have to be overly strange in everything you do? There’s plenty of strange lyrics and odd bits and bobs as we wend are way through the vinyl stacks.

Hopefully you find the path we took pretty excellent,, too.




Obadiah & The Grumpy Punk


Part I: 

01.) Love Song * The Damned
02.) Pathos * Moral Crux
03.) Ralph Reed * Brother Inferior
04.) Life of Crime * The Weirdos *
05.) I’m A Confused Man * The Headcoats *
06.) Out of Sight * Teengenerate

Part II: 

07.) Sad Girl Por Vida * Pretty Girls Make Graves
08.) You Won’t See Me Anymore * The Nice Boys *
09.) Androgynous * The Replacements
10.) Good Sculptures * The Rezillos
11.) Turnaround * Devo
12.) Bricks * Crimpshrine

Part III: 

13.) Frequency Sequence * Man… Or Astro-Man?
14.) Fire In The Western World * Dead Moon
15.) Boodstains * Agent Orange
16.) Do The Crash! Crash! * The Agenda
17.) Have You Heard The Music? * Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live *
18.) Trunkload of Satanized Luggage * Arcweld
19.) Jesus Was A Vato * Chicano-Christ


Part IV: 

20.) Ciao Bella * Marc Ribot & Tom Waits
21.) Rebel Girl * Bikini Kill
22.) Left Out Now * The Gossip
23.) Kick Out The Jams * MC5
24.) No Time To Be 21 * The Adverts
25.) Automatic * Scared of Chaka

Part V: 

26.) Dramatic History of a Boring Town * J Church
27.) Dumb Radio * Dimestore Haloes
28.) Shield Your Eyes * Jawbreaker
29.) The Sound of Jazz to Come / N.O.U.S.P.T.D.A. * The Nation of Ulysses
30.) Johnny Thunders * Murder City Devils
31.) Question And Answer Session * The Miss
32.) On The Avenue * The Potatomen
33.) 65 Miles * The Jimmies *
34.) Dutch Courage * The Armitage Shanks *

Part VI: 

35.) Youth of America * The Wipers

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