The Mysterious Black Box (20 March 2019)

The Mysterious Black Box (20 March 2019)

This show originally aired on WCSB, a Cleveland based radio station, hosted by Lisa. Thanks Lisa, for saying nice things about Mini-Mutations, and playing one of our tracks!




*Jethro Tull – Ring Out, Solstice Bells – “March, The Mad Scientist”

*Prince Rama of Ayodhya – Zetland – “Golden Glow”
*Prince Rama of Ayodhya – Architecture Of Utopia – “Aeolian Divine”

*FROM – Pussification: A Compilation of Experimental Cat Music –
-Mini Mutations – “Meow Meow Black”
-Dooley & All Extinct Animals – “Four Whiskus”
-RUBBISH – “Pussy Fighters”
-Mean Flow – “Cat-mare Song”
-Mystery Track – untitled

*Neckline (Akron) – Neckline IV – “Dreaming of Summertime”

Event Calendar

*Mdou Moctar – Illana: The Creator – “Kamane Tarhanin”

*Guerilla Toss – Twisted Crystal – “Green Apple”

Ticket Giveaway

*Bending Spirit (Cleveland) – Flower Moon – “Pt. 1”

*Nate Wooley – Columbia Icefield – “Lionel Trilling”

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