The People Who Died (#86)

The People Who Died (#86)

There was a point where I used to acknowledge a lot more of those we have lost recently, and I called the series The People Who Died, natch, which seemed funny and a great way to pass the time. But as the years add up, and more people pass, the idea seems less fun to me. Going through the lists of people who have gone, dredging up the memories… it just feels like a lot less of a “cool” idea, and more of an emotional drain.

However, there are so many we have lost recently – many of whom I actually quite enjoy as artists – that it seemed like I needed to press forward. We are all coping with loss of some kind, and maybe through the celebration of art that we enjoy, we can find a way to process all of this loss and feel good about it, even if in some small way.

This program includes samples of Leonard Cohen, Katherine Dunn, a PBS special about Sam Shepard, Monty Hall, and an interview with / lecture by Sir Terry Pratchett. During the podcast-only bonus section of the program, there are also samples of Roger Moore, Adam West & June Foray, too. They are not credited below, and I’m starting to think that, aside from absolutely essential credits, I may just start doing something like this. Obviously, I would love your input. How would you like to see the show notes written in the future?

Regardless, I think it works for the flow of this show, and I think it’ll work for you, too. Give it a shot. And, of course:


Spinitron Playlist


The People Who Died


Part I: That’s The Way It Goes

01.) Everybody Knows * Leonard Cohen * I’m Your Man * Columbia Records (1988)
02.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
03.) Excerpt 1 (Live 16 March 2013) * Tres Gone * What’s This Called? * KPSU Radio (2013)

Part II: I Don’t Go Out Much Anymore

04.) Ever Since The World Ended * Mose Allison * Ever Since The World Ended * Blue Note (1987)
05.) Night People * Allen Toussaint * Motion * Warner Bros. Records (1978)

Part III: All Night Long
06.) Excerpt 2 (Live 16 March 2013) * Tres Gone * What’s This Called? * KPSU Radio (2013)
07.) Maybellene * Chuck Berry * “Maybellene” b/w “We Wee Hours” * Chess Records (1955)
08.) I’m Walkin’ * Fats Domino * “I’m Walkin'” b/w “I’m In The Mood For Love” * Imperial Records (1957)
09.) All Night Long * Keely Smith * Live TV Performance * (1956)
10.) Hands On The Wheel * Harry Dean Stanton * Partly Fiction * Omnivore Recordings (2014)
11.) People Say I’m Not Good * Charles Manson * Lie: The Love and Terror Cult (1970)

Part IV: Running Out of Time

12.) Excerpt 3 (Live 16 March 2013) * Tres Gone * What’s This Called? * KPSU Radio (2013)
13.) Full Circle * Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble & Jaki Leibezeit * Full Circle * Virgin Records (1982)
14.) Running Out of Time * Dead Moon * Nervous Sooner Changes * Tombstone Records (1995)


Part V: Timeless

15.) Excerpt 4 (Live 16 March 2013) * Tres Gone * What’s This Called? * KPSU Radio (2013)
07.) Timeless * John Abercrombie * Timeless * ECM Records (1974)

Part VI: Virtue

08.) Excerpt 5 (Live 16 March 2013) * Tres Gone * What’s This Called? * KPSU Radio (2013)
09.) Maiden Voyage * Roswell Rudd * Flexible Flyer * Arista Records (1975)
10.) Virtue * Sonny Murray * Sonny’s Time Now * Jihad Productions (1965)

Part VII: Le Voyage

11.) Titan’s Might * Z’EV * Schönste Muziek * Dossier Records (1986)
12.) Après La Mort 1 (Fluide Et Mobilité D’un Larsen) * Pierre Henry * Le Voyage * Philips Records (1967)
13.) Excerpt 6 (Live 16 March 2013) * Tres Gone * What’s This Called? * KPSU Radio (2013)

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