The Tara J. Merritt Show (#37)

austin-taraThe Tara J. Merritt Show (#37)

I often get a lot of questions about what kind of music is appropriate for my show.  “What counts as ‘experimental’?”  “Can I play fill-in-the-blank band?” (Where the blank is often replaced with something incredibly straightforward.)  It’s not that I’m trying to be intentionally difficult with my show, but there are so many misapprehensions about what is and isn’t experimental that for the layperson – for example, people not active in the scene – what counts can often be a mystery.

Shows like this – where I let someone else drive and I take a back seat – are a lot of fun because it does beg that eternal question: What is experimental?  Does it exist in pop music, too?  Does it matter?  While we are always searching for genre classifications and obtuse reasoning with our own hipster bullshit, some of the music that is squarely in the world of pop is just as strange and eye opening as the weird crap that I usually play and get obsessed with.

To that end, this show is entirely picked and curated by The Tara J. Merritt Foundation.  Everything you heard during the program was picked and vetted by our friend and co-host, Tara.  Just try and tell us something doesn’t fit into our show.  We’ll just play Michael McDonald and do our own thing.  It’s how we roll.

hair-by-taraI’ve known Tara for quite some time, and when she’s not dancing and finding where the next party is, she is making the people of Portland look fabulous at Enhance Salon.  If you’re interested, you can book an appointment at  Personally, she’s been keeping me looking good for years now, and if you want everything above the neck and in the pocketbook to look your best, then you’ll want to give her a call.

As for this program, Tara’s selections are certainly a late-night, chill-out set of tunes that are perfect for that post-rock ‘n’ roll late-night, or for thinking about that special someone who is a long ways away, at least for right now.  Tara has always been a champion of good things and good taste, and it was a pleasure to let her command the ship this week.


Spinitron Playlist

The Tara J. Merritt Show

Part I: I’m A Lady

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) The Adventures of Hudson Hawk * Michael Lehmann * The Adventures of Hudson Hawk * Tri-Star Pictures (1991)
03.) Popcorn * Hot Butter * “Apache” b/w “Hot Butter” * Musicor Records * 1972
04.) I Keep Forgetting * Michael McDonald * If That’s What It Takes * Warner Bros. Records (1982)
05.) Easy * Faith No More * Songs To Make Love To * Slash Records (1993)
06.) Debra * Beck * Midnight Vultures * DGC Records (1999)
06.) I’m A Lady * Santigold * Santogold * Atlantic Records (2008)
07.) No Man’s Land * Tangerine Dream * Hyperborea * Virgin Records (1983)

Part II: It’s Time To Get Down To Our Shorts And Head To The Beach

08.) Sweet Charity * Mr. Bungle * California * Warner Bros. (1999)
09.) Wave of Mutilation * The Pixies * Doolittle * 4AD (1989)
10.) The Land of Green Ginger * The Orb * Bicycles & Tricycles * Sanctuary Records (2004)
11.) Spiral * Vangelis * Spiral * RCA Records (1977)

Part III: Never Goin’ Back

12.) Genius of Love * The Tom Tom Club * The Tom Tom Club * Sire Records (1981)
13.) Microtronic Wave * Pinback * Offcell * Touch And Go (2003)
14.) Never Goin’ Back * Spiritualized * Amazing Grace * Sanctuary Records (2003)
15.) Big Jim * Ween * Pure Guava * Elektra Records (1992)
16.) To The Unknown Man * Vangelis * Spiral * RCA Records (1977)

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