The Delerious Insomnica Free Form Radio Show (#21)

arvo2The Delerious Insomnica Free Form Radio Show (#21) 

I will by honest: Arvo Zylo and I have never met.  And, furthermore, I was unfamiliar with his work – or the releases on his label, No Part Of It – until I heard it on Ricardo Wang’s What’s This Called?  But a good thing is hard to resist, and soon enough I received an excellent package of material from his label.  As it turns out, Mr. Zylo also used to host a radio program, and one thing led to another, and then… well, you’re hearing the results, right now.

These kinds of collaborations not only come easy, but are the backbone of good radio.  Collectors are always putting together their own collections of incredible music, and it would be pretty ridiculous to claim that only I could ever understand what listeners want.  Arvo’s label is not only entirely unique it the releases they put out, but his personal taste in music is also incredibly fantastic.  It didn’t take many e-mails before we had sorted out what we wanted to do, and the added bonus was that this all lined up in October, so we could present it as part of our annual “Halloween Spook-tacular!”


For this show, we’re doing something a little different.  Podcast listeners will get to hear a special, two-hour show that the broadcast listeners did not get to hear.  If you tuned in on the radio, you heard Arvo’s Halloween music selections, culled from his personal collection, and perfect for this time of year.  Podcast listeners will be treated to an extra hour of Halloween Music, all from No Part Of It Records releases, also perfect for the holiday season.  There’s just so much good music coming from him, that it was silly to not take advantage of this.  In the end, dear listener, you always come out ahead.  In fact, you can hear the hour-long broadcast version here, if there’s a demand for that.

I really enjoy doing radio like this, where it is not only my voice that winds up on the show.  No Part Of It is a wonderful label that not only presents music that is often overlooked, but has a vision and mission statement that is incredibly personal, and a pleasure in this era of cookie-cutter music.  We hare proud to have them be supporters of our program, and we look forward to having their music on the program.



Spinitron Playlist.

The Delerious Insomnica Free Form Radio Show 


Part I: Satan Takes A Holiday

01.) Satan Takes A Holiday * Hans Grusel * Delirious Music For Delirious People * No Part Of It (2016)
02.) Sweet Breeze * Diatric Puds & The Blobettes * Delirious Music For Delirious People * No Part Of It (2016)
03.) Night of The Vampire * Istvan & His Imaginary Band * Delirious Music For Delirious People * No Part Of It (2016)
04.) Never Fuck In The Woods * Blood Rhythms * Heuristics * No Part Of It (2016)
05.) Maggot’s Drag * Blood Rhythms * Heuristics * No Part Of It (2016)

Part II: A Wandering Echo

06.) A Wandering Echo * Wilt * Nocturnal Requiem * No Part Of It (2015)
07.) Skin Walker * Architeuthis Dux * Submergence * No Part Of It (2016)

Part III: Machine Listener 

08.) Suite III from 0RT0 (excerpt) * Somnoroase Păsărele * 0RT0 (I-IV) * No Part Of It (2016)
09.) Primeval Forest Sentinel * Machine Listener * Sentient System * No Part Of It (2014)


Part IV: Ghostly Sounds

10.) Ghostly Sounds [Excerpt] * Gershon Kingsley & Peter Waldron * Ghostly Sounds * Peter Pan Records (1975)
11.) One, Two, Three * Groovie Goolies * Groovie Goolies * RCA / Victor (1970)
12.) I Wish Everyone Was Born This Way * Bob Mosher & Jack Marshall * At Home With The Munsters * Golden Records (1964)
13.) Hurry, Bury, Baby * Zacherley * “Hurry, Bury, Baby” b/w “Dinner With Drac” * Parkway Records (1962)
14.) She’s Fallen In Love (With The Monster Man) * Screamin’ Lord Sutch And The Savages * Til The Following Night * EMI (1991)
15.) The Voodoo Walk * Sonny Richard’s “Panics” w/ Cindy & Misty * “The Voodoo Walk” b/w “Skinnie Minnie Olive Oil” * Chancellor Records (1962)
16.) Witch Woman * Nightmare * “Great Balls of Fire” b/w “Witch Woman” * RCA (1979)

Part V: The House Is Haunted

17.) The Witch * The Rattles * The Witch * Philips Records (1971)
09.) Children’s Day At The Morgue * Sheldon Allman * Sing Along With Drac * Del-Fi Records (1961)
18.) Drac The Knife * Gene Moss * Dracula’s Greatest Hits * RCA / Victor (1964)
19.) Grave In The Desert * Sebastian Peabody * Wavy Gravy * Beware Records (1988)
20.) The House Is Haunted * Glen Grey & His Casa Loma Orchestra * 30’s & 40’s Era Halloween * Red Devil Records (2012)
21.) There’s A Ghost In My House * R. Dean Taylor * “There’s A Ghost In My House” b/w “Let’s Go Somewhere” * Rare Earth Records (1974)
22.) It’s Your Voodoo Working * Charles Sheffield * “It’s Your Voodoo Working” b/w “Rock And Roll Train” * Excello Records (1961)

Part VI:  A Wicked Thought

23.) Soul Dracula * Hot Blood * “Soul Dracula” b/w “Sans Dracula” * ERA Records (1975)
24.) Spooky Scary Skeletons * Andrew Gold * Andrew Gold’s Halloween Howls * Music For Little People (1996)
25.) Boris The Spider * The Who * A Quick One * Decca Records (1966)
26.) Big Fat Spider * Heinz And The Wild Boys * That’s The Way It Was * Rock Machine Records (1986)
27.) Night Of The Vampire * Roky Erickson & The Aliens * Roky Erickson & The Aliens * CBS Records (1980)
28.) A Wicked Thought * Zacherley * Spook Along With Zacherley * Elektra Records (1960)
29.) Halloween Spooks * Lambert, Hendricks & Ross * High Flying * Columbia Records (1961)

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