It’s A Manual Pledge Drive (w/ Manual Sex Drive, LIVE!) (#20)

msd-caseIt’s A Manual Pledge Drive (w/ Manual Sex Drive, LIVE!) (#20)

When you do enough radio, you meet some incredible people who stick with you over the years.  I met Monty O’Blivion, Nick Feratu and NickDave when they toured through Closet Radio in 2012.  (Those three also play in an incredibly psychobilly group, The Limit Club.)  For a long time I thought it was going to be a one-off thing, and this happens a lot in radio.  You have a great afternoon, you share some drinks and maybe talk shop, then you’re MyFacester+ or Twinstablr friends for the rest of your lives.  I had heard tale of the other group they play in – Manual Sex Drive – and hoped that they would hit the road eventually so I could see Monty’s brainchild.  And this time, I also got to meet their other band members, Jhef Zurx & Aaron Hjalmarson.

As it so often happens, time passed.  Then I got a ring from Monty: we’re on tour in the Fall, and passing through Salem on a Friday.  He asked if I was interested in trying to set something up.

the-bandWas I interested?

What we have for you in this episode is a radio free-for-all, two hours long, where you get to experience the glory that is Manual Sex Drive.  In this 120 minutes, you get two live sets by the group, get to hear a number of tracks from their forthcoming new record – Music Is Dead – that is not available anywhere by on THIS PROGRAM (and from the band itself) until October 14th, when it finally hits stores.  We also chat with the group about making music, touring, and what it is all about.

The after-party, unfortunately, is not included.

Shows like this are always special to me, because getting to spend time with artists is a rare treat.  Not only that, but this group of friends are very similar to the kinds of people I spent a lot of time with when I was in bands.  Not only that, but any night you get to stay up late and talk about the secret true history of rock and roll, you know you are in for a good time.

This one is raw and un-edited, live and loud, and a good representation of what this band is like.


This is also our Pledge Drive Special, and KMUZ did an incredibly job or raising money to keep community radio on the air.  I like to think that I helped in some way, by getting a great band and throwing a good “bash” at the end of the drive.  The fact that we blew away our goal and raised over $10,000 is nothing to sneeze at.  I like to think that having these guys on the show was definitely a part of it.



Spinitron Playlist.

MyFacester+ Twinstagramblr Photoset (photos by Tina Erickson)

It’s A Manual Pledge Drive


Part I: Cutthroat Business

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Seven Figures * Manual Sex Drive * Music Is Dead * Self-Released (2016)
03.) Too Much Hate * Manual Sex Drive * Shindig Shakedown * WTBC Records (2014)
04.) Cutthroat Business * The Limit Club * This Is Cutthroat Business * Phantom Cat Records (2011)
05.) 21 Yr. Blues * Manual Sex Drive * Illumiphobia * Phantom Cat Records (2012)
06.) I’m Generic * Manual Sex Drive * Music Is Dead * Self-Released (2016)
07.) Breath In * Sex Funeral * Your Heaven Sucks * Personal Archives Records (2016)

Part II: Manual Sex Drive, LIVE!

06.) Manual Sex Drive, Live Set 1
07.) Your Heaven Sucks * Sex Funeral * Your Heaven Sucks * Personal Archives Records (2016)


08.) Manual Sex Drive Interview
09.) Serf Rock * Manual Sex Drive * Music Is Dead * Self-Released (2016)
10.) Manual Sex Drive, Live Set 2

Part III: To Hell With Poverty 

11.) To Hell With Poverty * Gang Of Four * Another Day / Another Dollar * Warner Bros. Records (1982)
12.) The Muse Is Dead * Manual Sex Drive * Music Is Dead * Self-Released (2016)

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