The First Punk On The Moon (A Grumpy Punk Presentation) (/root_DIR & Xiphoid Process Interviews) (#8.5)

The First Punk On The MoonThe First Punk On The Moon (A Grumpy Punk Presentation) (/root_DIR & Xiphoid Process Interviews) (#8.5)

I cover for Punk Rock with Dropkick Karen on KMUZ, and offer a punk monk meditation on what it would be like to be the first punk on the moon, and the members of /root_DIR and Xiphoid Process call in to lend a hand.

When I first started making mix tapes, I was always saving songs for an “outer space” tape, that would contain all songs about going into the black.  And I started to notice a preponderance of music that contained space references in punk songs, and songs that weren’t just Wipers tunes, either.  While I never got around to making the space tape, I did start obsessively collecting music, and making friends with musically obsessed people, and this only let to me finding more cool records to obsess over.

rootdirTwo such people are Semi-Colin & Capps Lock of /root_DIR.  Full disclosure: I was in a band with Colin, and have done other creative projects involving him over the years, and most recently, I designed the cover of their 7″, Grover Grind.  But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the record, and their particular sense of humor.  Colin has introduced me to a number of incredible records over the years, and it is always great to chat with him about his band.  You should support them, and pick up a copy of the record.  And no, I don’t make any money when you buy it.

11136682_456488091175134_4957384077283316902_nAlso on the line this week: Chris & Joe of Xiphoid Process, calling in to talk about the fun they’re having in PDX, releasing tapes on They/Them Records, and making music on a shoestring.  Full disclosure: I’ve helped them record all the tracks they’ve released so far, but before I started working with them, they already had some sweet tunes in their arsenal.

However, you should keep listening to the whole show, because there will be a plenty of songs about getting to the moon, and what lies ahead for those of us punks who what to take the mosh pit to the Moretus crater.



Spinitron Playlist



The First Punk On The Moon

Part I: I’ve Got A Rock-it

01.) May 25, 1961 * President Kennedy * Moon Voyage * Sunset Records (1969)
02.) Let’s Go To The Moon * Groovie Ghoulies * Fun In The Dark * Lookout! Records (1999)
03.) Rocket Roll * Zolar-X * Timeless * Alternative Tentacles Records (2004)
04.) Rocketship * Dead Milkmen * Bucky Fellini * Enigma Records (1987)
05.) The Day That Lassie Went To The Moon * Camper Van Beethoven * Telephone Free Landslide Victory * Independent Project Records (1985)
06.) Destination Moon * They Might Be Giants * John Henry * Elektra Records (1994)
07.) Texas Man Abducted By Aliens For Outer Space Joy Ride * Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo * Strange But True * Matador Records (1998)

Part II: Transmission 1

08.) Semi-Colin & Capps Lock of /root_DIR call in!
09.) Swear Point (Feature Creap) * /root_DIR (feat. kiisu d’salyss) * Grover Grind * Self-Released (2016)
10.) Rocket * Kicking Giant * Halo * Spartadisc Records (1993)

Part III: Transmission 2

11.) Chris & Joe of Xiphoid Process call in!
12.) Flagship * Xiphoid Process * +14 * They/Them Records (2016)

Part IV: One Giant Leap For Punk Kind

13.) Moonface * Guyve * Live Straight Outta KPSU 06/27/2009 * Self-Released (2009)
14.) Dogs In Space * Dogs In Space (Michael Hutchence) * Dogs In Space Original Motion Picture Soundtrack * Atlantic Records (1986)
15.) Vote Fraud On The Moon Base * Men’s Recovery Project * Resist The New Way * Vermiform Records (1999)

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