Luthor Maggot Meets The Grumpy Punk! (#63)

Luthor Maggot Meets The Grumpy Punk! (#63)

If you just listen hard enough, you can find the forefathers of our scene in your own backyard. And when I started listening to Luthor Maggot at the Corvallis Experiments In Noise shows, I realized that this was exactly the kind of person that I’m always on the lookout for.  Luthor – or Jim Whittemore, as he is also known – is a musician, engineer, producer, and artist that has been working in music since the early ’70’s, and was a member of the punk outfit The Scientific Americans from Northampton, MA, and helped run / produce records for their Tekno Tunes label.  And yet, that barely scratches the surface of his amazing (and fascinating) career, which involves no less that inventing his own job as a fraud investigator.

In fact, Jim is so full of stories that this show is dedicated to his reminisces, and in that regard, we have a show full of great moments from the east coast scene, as well as an overview of this overlooked record label. Between platters we shuck and we jive, but we mostly enjoy great punk stories of a time that feels long since past.  And we get to hear incredible music, too, as he brought in rare recordings, records that have probably never been heard on this coast, and in two cases, we played the original masters for one of their records (mastered by Bob Ludwig, no less)!

And that’s not all. Jim is such and incredible personality that we couldn’t possibly cram everything into just one show, and if you need evidence, check out his previous appearance on the program, where he tells other stories that were not on this program, discusses his career selling synths, and plays a vintage Synthi (among other things) on the air.  It was an incredible show, and I knew I had to get him back, if for no other reason than to tell stories.

And that we did.

From here on out I’ll let the Maggot do the talking.




Spinitron Playlist

Luthor Maggot Meets The Grumpy Punk! (TBA)


Part I: Kids Today Know Where It’s At

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Interview Part 1 * Luthor Maggot & Austin Rich * 4 August 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
03.) Kids Today Know Where It’s At * WKGB * Kids Today Know Where It’s At * Previously Unreleased (????)
04.) Eep, Oop, Ork, Ah-Ha * The Scientific Americans * Beyond Rational Thought EP * Tekno Tunes (1979)
05.) G-Stalt * The Scientific Americans * Beyond Rational Thought EP * Tekno Tunes (1979)
06.) Empty Hole * The Scientific Americans * Beyond Rational Thought EP * Tekno Tunes (1979)

Part II: Beyond Rational Thought

07.) Interview Part 2 * Luthor Maggot & Austin Rich * 4 August 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part III:  Taking In The Summer

08.) Interview Part 3 * Luthor Maggot & Austin Rich * 4 August 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
09.) Taking In the Summer * The Higher Primates * Taking In the Summer * Tekno Tunes (1980)
10.) I Thought You Knew * Paper Dolls * I Shouldn’t Do This To Me * Tekno Tunes (1980)
11.) I Don’t Want To Be Like Elvis, Anymore * No Strings * I Don’t Want To Be Like Elvis, Anymore * Tekno Tunes (1981)

Part IV: I Don’t Want To Be Like Elvis, Anymore

12.) Interview Part 4 * Luthor Maggot & Austin Rich * 4 August 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)


Part V: For What It’s Worth

13.) Interview Part 5 * Luthor Maggot & Austin Rich * 4 August 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
14.) Taking Time * The Scientific Americans * Beyond Fiscal Distress EP * Tekno Tunes (1980)
15.) U235 * WKGB * U235 * Previously Unreleased (????)
16.) Non-Stop * WKGB * Non-Stop * Fetish Records (1980)
17.) New York, New York * DeeKay Jones * Jones Comin’ Down * Shaddock Records (2013)
18.) For What It’s Worth * TV Toy * For What It’s Worth * Permanent Records (1979)
19.) WKGB * The Scientific Americans * Load & Go * ROiR (1982)

Part VI: Non-Stop

20.) Interview Part 6 * Luthor Maggot & Austin Rich * 4 August 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
21.) U235 * The Scientific Americans * Load & Go * ROiR (1982)

Part VII: The Payback

22.) Interview Part 7 * Luthor Maggot & Austin Rich * 4 August 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
23.) The Payback * James Brown * The Payback * Polydor Records (1973)

The First Punk On The Moon (A Grumpy Punk Presentation) (/root_DIR & Xiphoid Process Interviews) (#8.5)

The First Punk On The MoonThe First Punk On The Moon (A Grumpy Punk Presentation) (/root_DIR & Xiphoid Process Interviews) (#8.5)

I cover for Punk Rock with Dropkick Karen on KMUZ, and offer a punk monk meditation on what it would be like to be the first punk on the moon, and the members of /root_DIR and Xiphoid Process call in to lend a hand.

When I first started making mix tapes, I was always saving songs for an “outer space” tape, that would contain all songs about going into the black.  And I started to notice a preponderance of music that contained space references in punk songs, and songs that weren’t just Wipers tunes, either.  While I never got around to making the space tape, I did start obsessively collecting music, and making friends with musically obsessed people, and this only let to me finding more cool records to obsess over.

rootdirTwo such people are Semi-Colin & Capps Lock of /root_DIR.  Full disclosure: I was in a band with Colin, and have done other creative projects involving him over the years, and most recently, I designed the cover of their 7″, Grover Grind.  But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the record, and their particular sense of humor.  Colin has introduced me to a number of incredible records over the years, and it is always great to chat with him about his band.  You should support them, and pick up a copy of the record.  And no, I don’t make any money when you buy it.

11136682_456488091175134_4957384077283316902_nAlso on the line this week: Chris & Joe of Xiphoid Process, calling in to talk about the fun they’re having in PDX, releasing tapes on They/Them Records, and making music on a shoestring.  Full disclosure: I’ve helped them record all the tracks they’ve released so far, but before I started working with them, they already had some sweet tunes in their arsenal.

However, you should keep listening to the whole show, because there will be a plenty of songs about getting to the moon, and what lies ahead for those of us punks who what to take the mosh pit to the Moretus crater.



Spinitron Playlist



The First Punk On The Moon

Part I: I’ve Got A Rock-it

01.) May 25, 1961 * President Kennedy * Moon Voyage * Sunset Records (1969)
02.) Let’s Go To The Moon * Groovie Ghoulies * Fun In The Dark * Lookout! Records (1999)
03.) Rocket Roll * Zolar-X * Timeless * Alternative Tentacles Records (2004)
04.) Rocketship * Dead Milkmen * Bucky Fellini * Enigma Records (1987)
05.) The Day That Lassie Went To The Moon * Camper Van Beethoven * Telephone Free Landslide Victory * Independent Project Records (1985)
06.) Destination Moon * They Might Be Giants * John Henry * Elektra Records (1994)
07.) Texas Man Abducted By Aliens For Outer Space Joy Ride * Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo * Strange But True * Matador Records (1998)

Part II: Transmission 1

08.) Semi-Colin & Capps Lock of /root_DIR call in!
09.) Swear Point (Feature Creap) * /root_DIR (feat. kiisu d’salyss) * Grover Grind * Self-Released (2016)
10.) Rocket * Kicking Giant * Halo * Spartadisc Records (1993)

Part III: Transmission 2

11.) Chris & Joe of Xiphoid Process call in!
12.) Flagship * Xiphoid Process * +14 * They/Them Records (2016)

Part IV: One Giant Leap For Punk Kind

13.) Moonface * Guyve * Live Straight Outta KPSU 06/27/2009 * Self-Released (2009)
14.) Dogs In Space * Dogs In Space (Michael Hutchence) * Dogs In Space Original Motion Picture Soundtrack * Atlantic Records (1986)
15.) Vote Fraud On The Moon Base * Men’s Recovery Project * Resist The New Way * Vermiform Records (1999)

The Grumpy Punk (A MOSTLY Vinyl Solution) (#5.5)

flierThe Grumpy Punk (A MOSTLY Vinyl Solution) (#5.5)

I cover for Punk Rock with Dropkick Karen on KMUZ, with predictable results.

When I moved to Eugene in 1994, I was a fan of The Clash, Nirvana, and pretty much anything “alternative” and “rock.”  But very quickly, I met kiisu & Colin, we formed a band, I was given a Germs tape, and I’ve been a life-long fan every since.  My LPs skew heavily toward punk and rock, and when Karen asked me to cover, I jumped at the chance.

Shows like this are fun.  Bring a huge batch of records, turn them up loud, and spin.  Hopefully, when you put this on, you’ll see what I mean.



Spinitron Playlist



The Grumpy Punk

01.) Kick Out The Jams * MC5 * “Kick Out The Jams” b/w “Motor City Is Burning” * Elektra (1969)
02.) Louise * Satan’s Rats * “You Make Me Sick” b/w “Louise” * Overground Records (1978)
03.) World War III * The Rats * The Rats * Mississippi Records / Little Axe Records (2008)
04.) Stukas Over Disneyland * The Dickies * Stukas Over Disneyland * Jem Records (1983)
05.) The Thing That Only Eats Hippies * The Dead Milkmen * Eat Your Paisley * Restless Records (1986)

06.) Fireball * Xiphoid Process * Xiphoid Process / /root_DIR Split Cassette * They/Them Records (2016)
07.) Life In A Bottle * Rich Kids On LSD * The Best of RKL on Mystic Records * Mystic Records (1989)
08.) ‘Merica * /root_DIR * EP * (2013)
09.) I Hate The Rich * The Dils * What Stuff * Iloki Records (1990)
10.) Dancing Shoes * The Murder City Devils * Empty Bottles Broken Hearts * Sub Pop Records (1998)
11.) Because I Do * X * Under The Big Black Sun * Elektra Records (1982)
12.) Romeo * The Wipers * Over The Edge * Braineater Records (1983)

13.) I Sing!  The Body Cybernetic! * Servotron * Entertainment Program For Humans (Second Variety) * Lookout! Records (1998)
14.) Ba ba ba ba ba * The Mr. T Experience * Love Is Dead * Lookout! Records (1995)
15.) Cool Kids * Screeching Weasel * Bark Like A Dog * Fat Wreck Chords (1996)
16.) Forty Eight * Straightjacket * Modern Thieves * Jonny Cat Records (2005)
17.) Mixtape * JJCnV * Brainiac Handsome * Flab Fjord (2012)
18.) #1 Hit Song * Minutemen * Double Nickles On The Dime * SST Records (1984)
19.) Tomorrow * Crimpshrine * “Sleep, What’s That?” EP * Lookout! Records (1988)

The Grumpy Punk

Eh? What? Punk? Never Heard Of It.
Eh? What? Punk? Never Heard Of It.

The Grumpy Punk
(In which I wax nostalgic with a lot of new and old “punk” songs, and the censor beep goes off far too often.  Originally broadcast on 30 August 2009.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

Another extended block of radio yesterday, and this time filled with more music, “Like they usta make.” Ob-soive:

I like the fact that it took me two shows before I was actually able to get back on track with the schedule I had written for myself only a few weeks ago. Yeah, like I said, “tentative.” Hopefully, we’ll be on track until the end of the years.

Fingers crossed.

See ya in seven.


The Grumpy Punk


01.) Full Explanation of Answer * Unwound * The Future Of What


02.) The Decline of Western Civilization Excerpt I
03.) Punk Rock Academy * Atom & His Package

04.) Re-Entry To Mog (That’s How It Is) * 101 Strings Orchestra
05.) Pop-Up Toaster * Alexie Sayle
06.) Slap Dash For No Cash * Art Brut
07.) Rudie Can’t Fail * The Clash
08.) Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock * MC Lars
09.) He’s Makin’ A Tape * Wild Billy Childish and the MBEs

10.) Full Explanation of Answer * Unwound * The Future Of What
11.) The Decline of Western Civilization Excerpt II
12.) Space Odyssey * 101 Strings Orchestra
13.) (I Live For) Cars And Girls * The Dictators
14.) Carson Girls * The Angry Samoans
15.) Bike Power * Boba Fett Youth
16.) Jet Boy, Jet Girl * The Damned
17.) I Guess I’m Not Cool Enough For You * The Problematics

18.) Full Explanation of Answer * Unwound * The Future Of What
19.) The Decline of Western Civilization Excerpt III
20.) Astral Freakout (A Love Built On Sand) * 101 Strings Orchestra
21.) Revolution Part 1 / Revolution Part 2 * The Butthole Surfers
22.) She’s Gonna Break Your Heart * The Riverdales
23.) The Witch * The Roachclips


24.) Full Explanation of Answer * Unwound * The Future Of What
25.) The Decline of Western Civilization Excerpt III
26.) Orbit Fantasy (Inside Looking Out) * 101 Strings Orchestra
27.) Cables * Big Black
28.) Chinese Rocks * The Heartbreakers
29.) The Blank Generation * Richard Hell & The Voidoids
30.) Asheville * Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
31.) Bricks * Crimpshrine
32.) I Never Thought I Would Die * Redmond Shooting Stars
33.) Learning How To Smile * Blatz

34.) Barrier X-69 * 101 Strings Orchestra
35.) Fuck You Punk Rock / 1977 * Nicole Panter
36.) My Parents Are Disappointed * Skate Death
37.) Where You From, Eh? * Chicano-Christ

38.) Opi Rides Again / Club Med Sucks * Camper Van Beethoven
39.) Depression * Black Flag
40.) Programmed By Your Parents * McRad
41.) Have You Heard The Music? * Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live
42.) All Music Is Shit To God * Men’s Recovery Project

43.) Full Explanation of Answer * Unwound * The Future Of What
44.) The Decline of Western Civilization Excerpt IV
45.) Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth? * Minutemen
46.) A Dissapointed Love Affair With A Desensitized Robot * 101 Strings Orchestra
47.) Vegan * Ashtray
48.) Ideology * Steak Knife!
49.) Foot & Mouth Infection * The Miss
50.) Sand In My Joints * Wire
51.) Psychotic Reaction * The Count Five

52.) Full Explanation of Answer * Unwound * The Future Of What
53.) I Can’t Stop Partying * Rivers Cumo
54.) Mohawk Redemption

The Way-Back Machine!

The Way-Back Machine
The Way-Back Machine

The Way-Back Machine!
(Featuring  The Grumpy Punk Part VIII, and Vinyl Solution Part VI; presenting Garage Blues gems from the psychedelic side of things.  Originally broadcast on 5 November 2011 on KPSU.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

As the resident Grumpy Punk of this show, I find it important to hold fast to strongly held opinions about music without considering them too quickly or rationally.  And in doing my research for the History Lesson shows, I felt that it was really important to reiterate how important the ’60’s were in terms of setting up the musical milieu that made punk rock possible.  One of the many and varied ingredients was undoubtedly the Blues Rock movement that influenced everyone from The Animals, The Blues Project, The Blues Magoos, and a number of other groups that all moved in that direction.

As I hoped to illustrate in this hour, the bands that adopted this genre recorded loud, anarchic stompers that shook the walls, the audience, and listeners at home.  While I can’t say that these records are the only things that led to the eventually genre that spread in the ’70’s, these albums definitely exhibit early warning signs.  By entering the Way-Back Machine, and using an all-vinyl source to do it, I was hoping to create a case for this being some of the punk music of that particular decade.  Of course, to really follow this line of thinking to its most logical extent, I would need the albums compiled by the geniuses behind the Back From The Grave series of CD reissues.  However, I had to do the best I could with what I had.

This was the first part of two sequential Vinyl Solution shows, the send of which features Novelty Recordings.  You can find more information about this show in this post.  This was part of a larger concept, in that I wanted to feature a lot of the newer records I’ve scored in my various shopping adventures.  Since my purchases as of late have been vacillating between garage records and novelty recordings, I felt that two shorter shows may be the best way to accomplish this.  It only just so happened that I was able to weave a couple of nice audio essay into these two hours.  Special thanks to Miss Rikki of Closet Radio, Rita, and Cornelius for hanging out during this hour.  DJing records is a lot of work, and it was nice to have the company as I was trying to stay on task.

See ya in seven.


The Way-Back Machine

01.) I Can’t Keep From Cryin’ Sometimes * The Blues Project
02.) The 2000 Pound Bee, Part 2 * The Ventures (played at the wrong speed)
03.) Boom Boom * The Animals
04.) Rock Me Baby * Blue Cheer
05.) Motor City Is Burning * MC5

06.) Move It * The Chantays
07.) Drivin’ Blues * Frijid Pink
08.) Blackout Of Gretely * Gonn
09.) Talk Talk * The Music Machine
10.) Success Story * The Who
11.) School’s Out * Alice Cooper

12.) The 2000 Pound Bee, Part 1 * The Ventures
13.) The Nile Song * Pink Floyd
14.) Tobacco Road * The Blues Magoos
15.) Psychotic Reaction * The Count Five

16.) Pipeline * The Chantays
17.) Rock And Roll * The Velvet Underground