Sometimes, radio can seem different when you’ve vanished. Hopefully, this is a good way of meeting everyone much more directly – with live mixing and a performance – to cause the notion that I’ve vanished to disappear.

Hour one is all jams I’ve been into lately. Hour two is a mix of samples (manipulated with a MicroGranny & a pair of Numark CDJs), bass, a delay pedal.


This program features samples throughout from The Case of the Vanished Detective (1955) and “The Man Who Vanished” by The Mysterious Traveler (06 July 1948)


Part I: 

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Disappearer * Sonic Youth * Goo
03.) Merlin’s Gesture * Phillip Klampe * Electronic Cottage 004
04.) Anywhere Driving * Eric Hausmann * Invisible films
05.) It’s not the light, it’s the silence * Don Haugen

Part II: 

06.) [track 4] * Jocko Homomorphism * A Notational Distinction + SoundCloud Goodies
07.) Vanishing Cliffs of Tilden, Nebraska * Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble * The Armless Marvel
08.) Endless Highways * Leonard, Skrowaczewski, Zappa * Visions
09.) Obituary of The Unknown * Thollem / Clauser / Chase * Dub Narcotic Session Vol II

Part III: 

10.) Feb 2018 * Juice Machine * Some Things
11.) Panoptikon * Nathan Derr * Music From The Film Acide Noire


Part IV: 

18.) VANISHED! [Live Performance] * Mini-Mutations

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