It Looks Like Thousands of Stars – Expanded Edition (KWVA Years)

It Looks Like Thousands of Stars – Expanded Edition (KWVA Years)
(Featuring two shows, one aired on 18 July 2007, and another aired on 17 April 2012, reviewing some classic KWVA material.)

Here’s a pair of episodes from 9 and 14 years ago, which themselves were offering edited versions of material from the late 90’s, and both with the theme of the program becoming unstuck in time… somehow. In the first hour, the dial keeps spinning through time, landing on different moments from my program, past, present, and future. (All with a Negativland radio show at the center of this cut-up.) Then, in hour two, I keep bouncing around throughout the 90’s era shows that I have recordings off, delivering an overview of the stranger moments that show offered.


Playlist & Footnotes:


“It Looks Like Thousands of Stars” (Originally broadcast on KPSU on 18 July 2007.)


“14th Anniversary Explosion” (Originally broadcast on on 20 September 2009.)

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