I Want To Do Your Laundry (#213)

I Want To Do Your Laundry (#213)

Here’s a jukebox show, of some stuff that is new-ish to me, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to.



I Want To Do Your Laundry

Part I: Erratic Warrior

01.) Erratic Warrior * Dylan Houser * EC Split 3 * HalTapes (2020)
02.) Durante y después de la exposición al sol * Rafael González * EC Split 8

Part II: springs and gears

03.) Only from the Heart Can You Touch the Sky * Space Gambus Experiment * Into The Light * Self-Released (2014)
04.) 23 July 2012 No. 6 * Tom Furgas * OneOfAKind Disc 23 July 2012 * Self-Released (2012)
05.) The Watchmaker, struck a mortal blow, is surprised to find he is only springs and gears inside [Exceprt] * Tower Sisters * Tower Sisters * What is the Response Threshold and How Does it Work? * Naked Raabbit

Part III: Unproductive Thinking

06.) Strange and Unproductive Thinking * David Lynch * Crazy Clown Time * Pias America (2011)
07.) I Want to do Your Laundry * Fate vs. Free Will Turn Signals * Wolf In A Pulpit * Self-Released (1987)
08.) Sister Schizo * Walls of Genius * Before …and After * Self-Released (1984)

Part IV: battery operated

09.) My doppelgänger is naughty * Hal McGee * battery operated * Self-Released (2020)

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