The Sunday Morning Hangover (17 February 2019)

The Sunday Morning Hangover (17 February 2019)

Here is my appearance on The Sunday Morning Hangover, w/ Reverend Marc Time & Semi-Colin of /root_DIR.

During my whirlwind visit to Eugene recently, I managed to squeeze in a visit to KWVA, and The Sunday Morning Hangover. Marc Time and I have become good friends recently, and it’s always fun to catch up. But this time I brought Semi-Colin and we regaled Marc with stories of Cathead, /root_DIR, Mini-Mutations, and everything in-between.

Frog calls in with a joke, for fuck’s sake. This is the most Eugene show we could think of, to the point where we go and shop at Moon Rock Records afterwards. But we also engage in some who-ripped-off-who, I introduce Marc to The Masque Live compilations (and the Switched-On Eugene) comp, as well as recorded four original Mini-Mutations tunes for Marc’s show. (One of which is a a new Theme Song, and one of which was not included in the broadcast version.) All the while Semi-Colin and I are there to offer color commentary, ticket give-away assistance, and plenty of WOWs for the listeners to enjoy.

This one is quite personal to me. As Colin and I spent some many years listening to KWVA and driving around Eugene, it was funny to be in a situation where we were on KWVA, the subject of the show broadcasting to this fair city. It was not lost on me how cool that was. Cathead was, if anything, a first stop on the way to other things (for both of us), but Marc is a reverent about our group as he is about everything, and that was very sweet of him. It’s nice to try and get a word in edge-wise as Marc does his show around us, and that’s certainly plenty of fun for me.



10:08AM The Peddlers “On a clear day you can see Forever” from Breaking Bad
10:08AM Telly Savalas “If” from Telly
10:10AM Austin Rich “Hangover Intro” from Mini Mutations
10:11AM Percy “Thills” Thrillington “Uncle Albert” from Thrillington (Remastered) (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private)
10:12AM Ken Nordine meet’s Mini Mutations “Everyone’s An Amateur” from Best of World Jazz (1958) on DOT
10:20AM Ken Nordine “You Do Somthing To Me” from Love Album
10:20AM The Moog Cookbook “Black Hole Sun” from Ye Olde Space Bande Plays the Classic Rock Hits (LiveEventBroadcast, Other, Other, 1997) on Ryko/Rhino (USA)
10:21AM Pancho the Parrot “I Left My Heart In San Francisco.” from Pancho Sings! on Internet
10:23AM Bonzo Dog Band “Mr. Slater’s Parrot from Cornology
10:25AM Caninus “Brindle Is As Brindle Does” from Split EP (CD, Album, LoudRock/Metal, 2007) on War Torn Records
10:30AM Ramones (with accordion instead of guitar) “I Don’t Wanna Go Down To the Basement” from Ramones
10:40AM Brian Williams “Rappers Delight” from NBC News
10:40AM Steinski “The Motorcade Sped On” from What Does It All Mean? – 1983-2006 Retrospective (2008) on Illegal Art
10:41AM Bukowski meets Mini Mutations “Simple Little Things” from 110 in the Shade – The 2007 Broadway Revival
10:41AM Erik Satie “Gymnopèdie No. 1 (Eric Satie)” from Night and Novelties – a Piano Recital
10:48AM Shocking Blue “Venus” from Greatest Hits
10:48AM The Big Three “Banjo Blues” from The Big 3 (feat. Mama Cass) on Rhino (US)
10:56AM Santana “Everybody’s everything” from Santana (III)
11:01AM The Emporor’s “Karate” from Karate (Single)
11:02AM Bobby Parker “Watch your Step” from Bent Out of Shape on P-VINE
11:02AM Humprey Littleton “Bad Penny Blues” from Early Productions ’55-’58
11:11AM The Jars “Electric 3rd Rail” from The Jars on Subtarranean Records
11:13AM Hawkwind “We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago” from Road to Utopia on Cherry Red Records
11:18AM The Dickies “You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) [Live 1982]” from 1977 / 1982 – A Night That Will Live in Infamy & Live When They Were Five on Cleopatra Records
11:18AM The Zeros “Cosmetic Couple” from 4-3-2-1…Zeros on Ryko/Rhino (USA)
11:20AM William Shatner “silver machine” from Seeking Major Tom (CD, Album, Private, 2011) on Cleopatra
11:25AM Ray Allen and the Embers “Space Monkey” from Space Monkey
11:32AM Derryl Parsons “Floating Landscape (including Chase Scene)” from Switched-On Eugene (Vinyl, Comp, Private, 2018) on Numero Group (USA)
11:34AM Gong “Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash and Fresh Fest” from Live At Glastonbury (1971)
11:38AM Neu! “Isi” from ’75 (CD, Album, 1975) on United Artists (US)
11:39AM Roxy Music “Pajamarama” from Roxy Music (Digital (laptop, mp3 player, et, Album, Private, 1972) on Virgin UK (UK)
11:51AM Eno “Third Uncle” from Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
11:58AM Neil “Hole in My Shoe” from Neil’s Heavy Concept LP
11:59AM Spinal Tap “Tonight I’m Gonna Roclk You Tonight from Spinal Tap the Movie OST

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