Episode 180: Blues For Planet Mars

Loosing Opportunity feels way too symbolic these days, but it reminded me of the tribute to Curiosity I did in 2012, which now feels like our last hope, in some strangely other symbolic way. So here’s a little retrocast about Mars and Curiosity as we mourn the loss of Opportunity.

Goodbye, sweet rover.


Episode 180: Blues For Planet Mars
(Featuring a selection of songs about Mars, and dedicated to the Curiosity Rover and the amazing people that helped make it all happen.)

I have always been a fan of space exploration, and as a young kid I even wanted to be an astronaut.  But as time went on, and it became clear that I would not be the first man to Mars, I started to let my mind wander toward the stars instead, and soon became extremely interested in music, writing, and art.  Now, in honor of the successful Curiosity Rover landing on Mars on the 6th of August, I present an audio essay dedicated to that success, filled with music about Mars, and information about exactly how hard it was to get there from here.

There is no shortage of music about our neighbor in the sky, and it was very easy…

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