Moon Voyage (#98)

Moon Voyage (#98)
(Originally aired 30 September 2010 on KPSU.)

This all-vinyl exploration of our journey to the moon only makes sense, in light of the impending alien invasion. But will we get there… and how? Find out as we play a number of records that are about our trip, and the difficulties we will encounter along the way.


Spinitron Playlist


Moon Voyage

This program contains samples for the Moon Voyage LP by Herb Galewitz, originally released on Sunset Records.


Part I: Longer, Stranger

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Phantom Limb * Hovercraft * Experiment Below * Mute Records
03.) Manmtn * Thrones * Thrones * Kill Rock Stars Records
04.) Longer, Stranger * Universal Order of Armageddon * Universal Order of Armageddon * Gravity Records

Part II: Au Clair de la Lune

05.) Moon Diver * WILT * Nocturnal Requiem
06.) Black Sea * fennesz * Black Sea * Touch Records
07.) Pirates Mix * Bruce Gilbert * Meltaot / Souls On Board Split 12″ * Ash International Records
08.) One Lick Less * Unwound * Leaves Turn Inside You * Kill Rock Stars Records
09.) Au Clair de la Lune [1860] * Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville * Parlortone 7″ * Parlortone Records

Part III: It Never Stops

10.) Title Music From “A Clockwork Orange” * Walter Carlos * A Clockwork Orange: Music From The Soundtrack * Warner Bros. Records
11.) Hole-Workers At The Mercies of Nature: The Ultimate Disaster (Won’t You Keep Us Working? / First Warning / Back To Normality? / The Sky Falls! / Why Are We Crying? / The Tunnels Are Filling / It Never Stops) * The Residents * Mark Of The Mole * Ralph Records


Part IV: Vote Fraud On The Moon Base

12.) Operating Room Of An Ancient Roman Doctor / The Slow Down / Flexible Skulls Flapping In Black Winds of Insect Agony [Excerpt] * Sinking Body * Grappling With The Homonids * Vermiform Records
13.) D: Contamination * Man… Or Astro-Man? * EEVIAC: Operational Index And Reference Guide, Including Other Modern Computational Devices * Touch and Go Records
14.) American Woman * Butthole Surfers * Rembrandt Pussyhorse * Touch & Go Records
15.) Big Eyed Beans From Venus * Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band * Clear Spot * Warner Bros. Records
16.) Vote Fraud On The Moon Base * Men’s Recovery Project * Resist The New Way * Vermiform Records

Part V: Stratosfear

17.) Stratosfear [Excerpt] * Tangerine Dream * Stratosfear * Virgin Records
18.) Pharaoh’s Dance * Miles Davis * Bitches Brew
19.) 3 [Excerpt] * Negativland * Negativland * Seeland Records
20.) Favorite Things * John Coltrane * The Best Of John Coltrane: His Greatest Years * Impulse! Records

Part VI: Sister Ray

21.) Chemical Marriage * Mr. Bungle * Disco Volante * Plain Recordings
22.) Sister Ray [Excerpt] * Putting On The Ritz * White Light / White Heat * Hot Cup Records

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